Net2 Toronto: Digital Donor Acquisition — Tips, Tricks, Pitfalls & Problem-Solving

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Slides from NetSquared Toronto's April 29 meetup. The event was hosted by Shabs and features Claire Kerr.

Here's Claire's slides from the event. Learn how to choose and leverage acquisition channels that reach the right donors. The presentation will help you design sophisticated targeting that attracts more qualified fundraising prospects across all your digital channels.

You will leave with tactical tips to apply to your 2020 digital strategy, no matter which database, content management system, fundraising tool, or email platform you're currently using.

[Net2 Toronto] Taking Events to the Next Level with Tech

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Do you plan conferences, fundraising events, workshops, or other program events at your nonprofit? Do you also have 1,000 other things on your plate?
For this session of Toronto Net Tuesday, Fanny Martin, an experienced event planner at Art of Festivals, and Ben Raffi, the CEO of Uniiverse, looked at how technology can improve your event and reduce your stress.


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