#Net2Houston - Own Your Data (or it will own YOU!) - Data Management for Nonprofits

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By Dhruv Khattar, NetSquared Houston Organizer

Are you a nonprofit leader often struggling with (or tiptoeing around) questions of how to manage your data, wondering why you're collecting all this information that doesn't tell you anything, or simply wondering what people mean when they talk about "Information Management" and whether it's worth your attention? Read on...

An Introduction to TechSoup Courses for NetSquared Organizers

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This is a recording of the webinar "An introduction to TechSoup Courses for NetSquared Leaders".

TechSoup offers over 100 paid online courses teaching skills from tech planning to Google Analytics to fundraising. BUT NOW THE COURSES ARE FREE FOR NETSQUARED ORGANIZERS!

In this recording you will learn about TechSoup Courses. We covered how you can use the Courses to build your skills, grow your career, and educate your group members. 

The webinar is hosted by TechSoup's amazing Daphne Lagios.


Create your free account at and start browsing the catalog. Contact the NetSquared Community Manager for your private 100% discount code. 

Highlights From the Last Six Months of NetSquared

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What are the recent highlights from the NetSquared community? Here’s my 2.5 minute summary video

  1. We measured our impact — and we’re making a difference!
  2. The community continues to grow, with Nigeria emerging as the newest hotspot
  3. NetSquared leaders are hosting conversations on the necessity of responsible technology use.

Start your own NetSquared group — it's super fun!


#Barcelona: Facebook & Instagram Ads para ONG

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Puedes encontrar más contenidos y contactar con nosotros en
¿Necesitáis llegar a nuevos simpatizantes que apoyen a vuestra organización?
¿Organizáis un evento solidario y queréis que más gente en vuestra ciudad se apunte?

Seguro que sabes que las redes sociales son el medio natural para vuestra entidad, porque podéis tener conversaciones, relaciones con personas que os apoyan y generar la confianza, pero vuestras publicaciones en Facebook cada vez las ven menos personas.

Hoy en día para tener este alcance y llegar a estas personas es necesario invertir en publicidad de pago, y esto no es sencillo al principio, ni en nuestro sector una práctica muy habitual.

Por este motivo te invitamos a esta próxima meetup, donde Javier Quilez, Consultor de Facebook Ads para ONG, nos dará consejos y una guía clara de como dar nuestros primeros pasos.

¿Sabes que todas las grandes Organizaciones sin ánimo de lucro ya hacen uso de Facebook Ads?

En este meetup vamos a aprender de sus campañas y sus anuncios, y saldrás con las ideas claras para poder dar los primeros pasos de forma segura. Una de las grandes ventajas de la publicidad en Facebook Ads es que puedes controlar el presupuesto de una forma muy sencilla, ven y te lo explicamos.

Te interesa este meetup si:
- No conoces Facebook Ads y necesitáis conocer su potencial antes de dar los primeros pasos.
- Ya has dado los primeros pasos pero no acabas de ver resultados.
- Quieres sacar más provecho a Facebook Ads.

NCTech4Good: Virtual Meetings 101

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How can the virtual workplace help to not only redefine but maybe create one of the best environments for hosting meetings? Ben Bisbee, co-author of The Unashamed Guide to Virtual Management, is going to help frame the future of virtual meetings at NCTech4Good: Virtual Meetings 101, Wed, Jan 15, 6:30 PM at UNC-TV, 10 UNC TV Dr, Research Triangle, NC 27709. Join us. RSVP

January Update for NetSquared Organizers — What Does the Future Hold for Nonprofits?

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It's 2020! If you are old like me you might remember a time when the future was so bright we had to wear shades. But now that the future is here it's actually just confusing. ;-)

Let's help nonprofits find some clarity by hosting a series of events to help them decode the big changes in digital, starting with a digital marketing and technology trends meetup.

Suggested Event Topics

@sftech4good: Dec. 18th — Positive Impact Party IV

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It's the holiday season, which means it's Positive Impact Party (PIP) time! Follow the link or scroll down for the date, details, and to RSVP!
If you want to help SFTech4Good by volunteering, please send a message to, and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can. (Remember I volunteer to do this.)

If you want to help SFTech4Good with practical things like food and beverage, support the group here!

This is the link to sign up for the newsletter, and this is the link to get event info and join the group. Feel free to forward this message if you know anyone who wants to know more, and thank you for being a part of this great community!

E-Learning Resources

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At the NCTech4Good gathering onNovember 20, Alicia Light did a great job highlighting a variety of resources for Developing E-Learning Courses on a Limited Budget and providing insights about which ones are most user-friendly and affordable. Her presentation slides with all the details are now available online at

Many thanks to Alicia and the Center for Family and Community Engagement for this excellent presentation and sharing these valuable materials.


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