NetSquared Athens: Making Sense of Your Data - Using Insights, Analytics and Dashboards

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Recorded by NetSquared Athen's Matteo Sisto on May 27, 2020.

Nowadays data is everywhere. We all know that there is a huge amount of data. A famous quote from 2013 stated that 90% of the world’s data was generated in the previous two years. About 2.5 Quintillion Bytes of data are created each single day, and this number is only meant to grow.

Many nonprofit organisations report that they are collecting data but, they are struggling to make sense of them.
Besides, organisations that are successful in harnessing insights from social media and their website consistently show higher impact and sustainability.

But where should you start? What can a small nonprofit organisation do to make sense of the data it collects? What is the optimal set up for Facebook and Google Analytics?

In this video Matteo covers:

  • Facebook Insights
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Data Studio

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Unfortunately, this was my last event with NetSquared in Athens, as I am going back to Italy.  If you liked the format, believe in #tech4good and would like to be part of the fantastic NetSquared family, send a message to Eli (the best community manager!) or signup HERE and you can be the next leader of NetSquared Athens!

That’s all folks. See you on the other side. ;-)


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00:15:10.830 --> 00:15:19.770
Matteo Sisto: Love, unlike any way. The first part is bitter archery on why HERE. WHAT IS NEXT. WHAT IS NEXT squared. So it's not going to be too.

00:15:20.640 --> 00:15:34.560
Matteo Sisto: Important to be here. So welcome, everyone was here enzyme on time. I'm very happy to see you all here and this is my unfortunately my left event with texts.

00:15:35.190 --> 00:15:49.740
Matteo Sisto: That squared items, it's, it's been a nice experience. But of course, everything finishes at a certain point and I'm bound to come back to my country that is literally where I'm going to be definitely continue to host

00:15:51.030 --> 00:15:54.930
Matteo Sisto: That squared events. So today's topic in our

00:15:56.100 --> 00:16:03.930
Matteo Sisto: journey towards making sense of technology and like digital transformation for small, medium or nonprofit organizations.

00:16:04.650 --> 00:16:21.750
Matteo Sisto: We are going to speak about making sense of your data. So like the three main arguments and treatments topic we're going to be speaking about our coaching use Facebook insights, how to use Google Analytics and what our dashboards and how to make best others.

00:16:22.950 --> 00:16:35.130
Matteo Sisto: So this is our menu. As you can see, fundamentally, like starts with net squares trying to give you an idea what is network and why I love it and web came parts of this fantastic community.

00:16:35.910 --> 00:16:48.540
Matteo Sisto: And then we're going to go a bit into the introductions. If you guys want to, we're going to be, you know, sharing a bit of information in the charts, not be so complex and it's going to be asking you to present itself.

00:16:49.080 --> 00:17:07.020
Matteo Sisto: So it's a bit, you know, you never know what how long it's going to take and might be not necessary. And then we're going to speak about 40 status. I'm going to show you, as you know, somebody has to follow the whole process. I'm not an expert. I want to say that all the time.

00:17:08.040 --> 00:17:14.820
Matteo Sisto: I'm a person who likes technology. But most importantly, I'm connected and collaborating with loads of different nonprofit organization.

00:17:15.330 --> 00:17:23.490
Matteo Sisto: And most of the time it's my presentations. What I present it is based on an actual need I had with an organization so recently.

00:17:24.210 --> 00:17:35.220
Matteo Sisto: I even open up new organization was in January and like we're starting up now. So in order to you know to be efficient and to be effective and to

00:17:35.670 --> 00:17:53.400
Matteo Sisto: work properly in the 21st century. I tried to set up everything to make sense to my data and I'm going to show you guys would have done. And hopefully, will that will be helpful for you now without to go to present our fantastic

00:17:55.620 --> 00:17:56.190
Matteo Sisto: Not square

00:17:58.350 --> 00:18:02.760
Matteo Sisto: So what is net square and square is an international community.

00:18:04.080 --> 00:18:13.050
Matteo Sisto: Volunteers volunteers to think that technology can be an enabler for nonprofit organization and profit organization already doing one of the most important job in the world.

00:18:13.980 --> 00:18:20.340
Matteo Sisto: You know, trying to fight the real challenges the real search economical problems of our life and that square

00:18:21.030 --> 00:18:33.180
Matteo Sisto: It's a volunteer community that meets usually in person when coronavirus doesn't allow for women in line and we talk about technology, we share our experience we share our, you know, our knowledge.

00:18:34.890 --> 00:18:46.710
Matteo Sisto: Most of the time, those kinds of events are a participant ID and like it's an important part. And these slides makes me introduce myself. I'm your local Net Squared organizer and Mattel

00:18:47.790 --> 00:18:55.740
Matteo Sisto: And we're a program of textual if you don't know about texture, you should definitely check it out. It's them intermediate to organizations between organization between

00:18:57.000 --> 00:19:16.410
Matteo Sisto: software and hardware vendors and nonprofit organization they provide validation services for accessing this Council software discounted hardware and lots of interesting to that you can use that square, as I was saying before, it's a global network of sex, sexual good meta, it is

00:19:17.490 --> 00:19:24.480
Matteo Sisto: It is in lots of countries, as you can see 128 CDs 41 countries. This is, I think it's a little bit

00:19:25.530 --> 00:19:28.470
Matteo Sisto: Familiar with them in January. So there are some points are not

00:19:29.490 --> 00:19:36.510
Matteo Sisto: Currently, for example, there is no Greece, while I am actually in Greece, and I'm pretty sure that like there is a net squared in Greece.

00:19:37.620 --> 00:19:42.960
Matteo Sisto: So what are the values of x squared. I'm very simple. I mean like it.

00:19:44.940 --> 00:19:55.290
Matteo Sisto: We like people we are people powered community and like adding the word we welcome everyone. We put Community Affairs. First, we're here to support each other.

00:19:55.830 --> 00:20:09.180
Matteo Sisto: And of course, our objective is to build stronger nonprofits that use technology deeply and most of the time, don't spend too much. This is my, my goal as well. We invite participation and like that. I will

00:20:09.210 --> 00:20:09.900
BJohnson: Of course,

00:20:09.960 --> 00:20:19.230
Matteo Sisto: To you guys if you feel like jumping in asking questions, or like maybe you can contribute more than I do to free to jump in and say something more, you know, like

00:20:19.740 --> 00:20:28.470
Matteo Sisto: I strongly believe that everybody has something to learn or to contribute and most important things for me right we treat each other with kindness and respect.

00:20:29.760 --> 00:20:44.100
Matteo Sisto: So as I was saying, this is my last event here and nothing but we're always looking for trying to build up a bit. This group. If you guys are interested, you would like to continue the sessions, even, you know, not so frequent as we were doing.

00:20:45.360 --> 00:20:53.850
Matteo Sisto: Please feel free to reach out to LA to me or to anybody of the nuts squared community of us like it's really important thing. It doesn't need to be

00:20:55.350 --> 00:21:05.490
Matteo Sisto: It's not onerous. It's not something that takes a lot of time is something that is on me and like anyone can plan an event. Those are and I will tell you. A lot of times, this is

00:21:06.000 --> 00:21:16.350
Matteo Sisto: I'm the only person in in Athens, and that's where the essence and I am doing all these things by myself. So like not super amazing so if you guys want to join, please.

00:21:17.340 --> 00:21:29.190
Matteo Sisto: Send me an email. Our local partner here tech soup on his face to the Impact Hub Athens and if you guys don't know about that. It's great. It's great place

00:21:30.180 --> 00:21:45.180
Matteo Sisto: They recently also open up access and Google recently partners to give Google for nonprofits to increase, which is great. Lots of interesting T shirts out of that differentiates to do just drop me an email. I'm like, I'll let you know.

00:21:46.320 --> 00:21:55.200
Matteo Sisto: So this is some of them tools from the software that are available through tech sue you know most of them already.

00:21:56.880 --> 00:22:08.130
Matteo Sisto: And our sponsor here increase your chances been Hicks exceeds the accelerator incubator for nonprofit organization that is trying to improve the impact through capacity building.

00:22:08.820 --> 00:22:10.170
Matteo Sisto: To nonprofit organization.

00:22:12.030 --> 00:22:16.710
Matteo Sisto: The next event. It's not going to be here because I can change the slide.

00:22:17.940 --> 00:22:27.300
Matteo Sisto: Unfortunately, but if you follow the meetup page you will find a lot of interesting other events are going to be organized by the meetup by the medical community.

00:22:28.050 --> 00:22:35.400
Matteo Sisto: So as I was saying, we're looking for organizers and feel free to reach out to me if you want to. This is my, you know,

00:22:36.270 --> 00:22:48.510
Matteo Sisto: Over time I from a pride myself to reply to everybody. And I actually do it. So if you have any sort of message itself. The questions feedback or anything you need of the around for you guys.

00:22:49.680 --> 00:22:51.900
Matteo Sisto: Now we go to

00:22:53.910 --> 00:22:58.620
Matteo Sisto: Our main topic today. We work with

00:23:00.510 --> 00:23:00.960
Matteo Sisto: Because

00:23:07.410 --> 00:23:08.220
Matteo Sisto: I see. So

00:23:09.900 --> 00:23:17.670
Matteo Sisto: Housekeeping rules from soon mute your microphone when others are speaking to the standard standard again right in the shot. If you have

00:23:17.760 --> 00:23:20.970
Matteo Sisto: Any sort of question. If you want, you can also raise your hand.

00:23:22.380 --> 00:23:30.000
Matteo Sisto: I'll try to, you know, pick it up. There is a panacea here with me that she's going to help me a bit. If you have any questions that I cannot see.

00:23:31.290 --> 00:23:50.130
Matteo Sisto: You know, feel free to use the multi cones or reactions to acknowledge that you are alive. So we started this Net Squared in offense, they went about two months ago, some collective the beginning of March, before the whole coronavirus mission exploded and my idea was trying to create

00:23:51.420 --> 00:24:05.460
Matteo Sisto: Space for people to discuss about technology and how technology is actually something that we created, not the other way around. So we shouldn't be afraid of it will just try to prove that the best use

00:24:06.810 --> 00:24:14.310
Matteo Sisto: Now we go with something that I saw recently and I really liked and if you guys want to participate. That's really nice. So

00:24:14.850 --> 00:24:20.910
Matteo Sisto: It's just a small way to introduce itself is called Chuck. Wonderful. I've been seeing that in other meetings and we did not

00:24:21.540 --> 00:24:39.780
Matteo Sisto: So I worked like that you write in the chat. But you don't do not send it yet. And those are the information that you should put this your name. It is your organization and whether you participate to previous events, yes or no. So if you want to join us and just let us know.

00:24:40.890 --> 00:24:43.260
Matteo Sisto: I'll do it myself. We got it. So what's good

00:24:47.640 --> 00:24:51.810
Matteo Sisto: Yes. And if you're ready, you can click send.

00:24:56.670 --> 00:25:01.320
Matteo Sisto: Hi, Pedro. Thank you very much, Doris some topics of being

00:25:02.430 --> 00:25:03.750
Matteo Sisto: One word community.

00:25:05.370 --> 00:25:05.910
Matteo Sisto: Okay.

00:25:07.020 --> 00:25:18.930
Matteo Sisto: Let's go in the real point of today. So what is data. So we often find the nonprofit organizations and also profit organizations are quite intimidated by data.

00:25:19.800 --> 00:25:30.570
Matteo Sisto: It is hard to define what it is. Everybody speaking about depth, but the most important point that I'll try to tell you today, or like that. I'll try to give you is hello Bernadette thank you much for that's

00:25:32.010 --> 00:25:38.550
Matteo Sisto: The most important point that I want to raise this. That's why some are successful collecting data, there are often failing to use it.

00:25:39.330 --> 00:25:53.700
Matteo Sisto: Or to review it to learn and improve it. The word. Some are collecting bus amounts of data of struggling, struggling to turn that into insights and others are the whys of gleaning insights from data, but not acting on them.

00:25:54.990 --> 00:26:08.490
Matteo Sisto: So I don't know if you're familiar with this, but like it really helped me a lot. Think about what is data. So this is a pyramid, the sort of tries to give you an idea of what is data.

00:26:09.960 --> 00:26:19.110
Matteo Sisto: So data alone is not useful. This is what I wanted to say it just roll number and attractive to make use of it. You need to have meaning and make it information.

00:26:19.620 --> 00:26:37.350
Matteo Sisto: Okay information turns into knowledge when you add your understanding and analysis within your content. What is the area of your organization. The last step. Wisdom is a former teacher oriented exercise. Um, I thought thing before. And like mean field or

00:26:38.430 --> 00:26:57.930
Matteo Sisto: The main topic of this webinar this event that is the only resource, we're getting more everyday. This is a fact. Okay. And this research is growing in volume in quality and the most important thing value. If you manage it properly, it can ride on a competitive advantage.

00:26:59.340 --> 00:27:09.900
Matteo Sisto: Nowadays we are seeing that organization that treats analytics in a proper way as a collection of good intentions from those and industry related by committed to discipline.

00:27:10.680 --> 00:27:29.280
Matteo Sisto: discipline, discipline, discipline deliberate platform governance and delivery model, the most important point for me is that data people. It is a way to understand better who I your order and how to do the best relationship possible. That is what we're trying to do as nonprofit organization.

00:27:31.050 --> 00:27:31.950
Matteo Sisto: So this is

00:27:33.750 --> 00:27:45.480
Matteo Sisto: This pyramid on the right. So selling you that are our symbol, it just like wrote it simply exist without any sort of significant behind its existence. Okay.

00:27:46.680 --> 00:28:01.260
Matteo Sisto: Information, where this information. Information is data that a process to be useful if we provide an answer to who to want to, you know, what will circle question where and one question. I'm information data.

00:28:02.640 --> 00:28:12.930
Matteo Sisto: Sorry, information is started has been giving meaning by way of national action this meaning can be useful, but does not have to be and

00:28:13.950 --> 00:28:23.550
Matteo Sisto: So just to give you an example that are represents a fact or a statement of event without relation to other thing. For example, It is raining. Okay.

00:28:23.910 --> 00:28:34.620
Matteo Sisto: Well, information and bodies, the understanding of a relationship of some sort and a possible cause and effect. So in the example before on our data that it's rainy

00:28:35.190 --> 00:28:44.010
Matteo Sisto: The temperatures dropped 15 degrees and then it started raining going upwards on the pyramid. You see that the risk note there is knowledge, knowledge.

00:28:44.970 --> 00:28:52.770
Matteo Sisto: And the process and generate provides a high level of predictability as to what is described over what will happen next.

00:28:53.490 --> 00:29:10.470
Matteo Sisto: So again, in our example, if they humanity is very high and the temperature drops. Essentially, the atmosphere is often unlikely to be able to hold the moisture so it's raining. The last one wisdom. Wisdom embodies more of an understanding of fundamental principle.

00:29:12.030 --> 00:29:21.180
Matteo Sisto: Within the knowledge that are essentially the basis for the knowledge being what it is we some is essentially system. So it's making all the other connection.

00:29:21.630 --> 00:29:34.410
Matteo Sisto: So you're in a range because it's raining and this encompasses and understanding all the interactions that happen between rainy operation. Eric current temperature radiant changes and rain. This is with them.

00:29:35.190 --> 00:29:46.980
Matteo Sisto: So let's go back. Let's go to why it is important. So as I was saying before, nonprofits face a myriad of challenges in today's operating environment, including growing needs for programs in terms of

00:29:47.970 --> 00:30:00.900
Matteo Sisto: increased competition for resources there is so many organizations out there and it's working the development field, you'll see that also a lot of social enterprise or just business, business are taking on big part of depth.

00:30:02.100 --> 00:30:13.140
Matteo Sisto: And those are factors that are raising the bar for performance. Okay. And like savvy nonprofit leaders respond with what they respond with data driven decision making. Okay.

00:30:13.800 --> 00:30:31.470
Matteo Sisto: So that that can help you answer questions from them and collecting, analyzing and reporting data to Robert robust discussion and rapid resolution communicates valuable information to stakeholders matter most, and empowers you know profit to achieve its ultimate goal.

00:30:32.490 --> 00:30:34.950
Matteo Sisto: OK, I can help you answer.

00:30:36.360 --> 00:30:48.600
Matteo Sisto: Important questions that are just fundamental to your organization, instead of relying hasn't seen many times on guesses or go to government policy data can arm you to plot a course of action that you content.

00:30:49.680 --> 00:30:57.450
Matteo Sisto: That you confidently know with produce the results you want whatever they may be. So if you're a small nonprofit organization.

00:30:58.140 --> 00:31:10.950
Matteo Sisto: You want, and you want to make a big impact Dropsy dream of how much more you could accomplish with, you know, more stuff or like more money or of course those are the two things that will help you a lot, but

00:31:12.180 --> 00:31:29.970
Matteo Sisto: But like things are a little bit different. Right now. Okay. And like we can actually be starting using technology in order to to do more things with less. This is what what we are trying to think about these days. So, and when when used properly south, I can help you.

00:31:31.050 --> 00:31:39.930
Matteo Sisto: Especially because like it can help you to understand the needs of your users. Okay, the quality of your services and the difference. You're making to people's life.

00:31:42.570 --> 00:31:52.080
Matteo Sisto: With this information with data, you can create a better strategy you can design better services and allocate your resource more efficiently.

00:31:53.370 --> 00:32:01.590
Matteo Sisto: I know their points in which data can help you is support this stuff in professional development based on what works in Project Delivery. Okay.

00:32:02.040 --> 00:32:10.320
Matteo Sisto: You can actually try to understand if you ask questions while you're working on your sentence, you'd be able to answer questions or what word

00:32:10.710 --> 00:32:22.050
Matteo Sisto: And like in cases of working, you'd be able to people and change a bit the course of action. Okay. And the last part that is really important nowadays is a trend that we're seeing everywhere in the world.

00:32:22.770 --> 00:32:38.250
Matteo Sisto: Started probably in the US. What we're seeing that also here in Europe and, most importantly here increase it to be more accountable and transparency and transparent to users and the general public. This will improve your reputation improve the sector in general.

00:32:39.600 --> 00:32:52.530
Matteo Sisto: Like it's it's good thing. So I just wanted to give you a small case study. Okay, of an organization that like I've been using data to their advantage. This is strictly it's some

00:32:53.040 --> 00:33:00.450
Matteo Sisto: It's a British organization that works to raise youth unemployment rate employment opportunities for youth through sport.

00:33:03.210 --> 00:33:14.550
Matteo Sisto: What's really really interesting as a process, they have been they've been having this this services related to sports and a certain point they still that

00:33:16.770 --> 00:33:26.400
Matteo Sisto: That they were engaging mostly men, and at the same time, they discovered that the few females. The few female participants were there.

00:33:28.080 --> 00:33:34.020
Matteo Sisto: Were were performing much better who were being able to you know to actually go into

00:33:35.490 --> 00:33:39.180
Matteo Sisto: Into a formal employment for formal education Pfeiffer

00:33:39.540 --> 00:33:53.910
Matteo Sisto: To what did they do using those data that they accumulate over time they managed to create a complete different service in which they actually managed to bring much more women and overall increasing their impact and let's get some more money, which is good.

00:33:56.640 --> 00:34:05.100
Matteo Sisto: So collect, analyze and report. This is really simple framework that can be applied to anything there is data related and

00:34:06.090 --> 00:34:18.960
Matteo Sisto: I tsunami already like, this is my first suggestion, every time it was something. So, start small. Um, this is a very nice quote that I used to repeat all the time, a journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step. So

00:34:20.070 --> 00:34:29.010
Matteo Sisto: You need to start small and the sun which data, you already collect okay measured measurements doesn't have to be complex. In fact, I always recommend to start small.

00:34:29.520 --> 00:34:37.800
Matteo Sisto: Start with what's you know what's you know it's usually the simplest and most relevant place to start if you know how to count program participants.

00:34:38.400 --> 00:34:58.770
Matteo Sisto: In graphic start there. If you know what that you want to grow your database by 5% the year start there started a base set of goals and metrics that you can wrap your head around some of these data points can include don't or grantee profiles, giving histories service.

00:34:59.970 --> 00:35:10.020
Matteo Sisto: And many, many, many other things, understanding what are you using data for is the first step. You want to avoid. And it's really important to collect data that want to use

00:35:10.470 --> 00:35:16.440
Matteo Sisto: First of all, is lots of lots of times. And second of all, you know, like it makes everything much more complicated don't

00:35:17.310 --> 00:35:25.830
Matteo Sisto: Start with doesn't matter if your nonprofit is manually are locking those data from those into different sources. It can be really, really a problem.

00:35:26.310 --> 00:35:43.920
Matteo Sisto: Okay. The reality is that the more you leave your efforts open to human error, the more likely it is your data will be mismanage. So I strongly prefer everything that is sort of automate or like as much as possible done through

00:35:45.030 --> 00:35:54.450
Matteo Sisto: Programs or software or phone or anything, but I understand that sometimes it's not possible. And I'll give you a couple tricks on that too. So

00:35:56.010 --> 00:36:11.910
Matteo Sisto: Another another strange just simple global strategy. I've got a strategy helps you to define why data is important to your charting and the value that can be gained. Okay, from data sources and the kind of data approaches that can be used to help your organization. So she was mission.

00:36:13.290 --> 00:36:19.770
Matteo Sisto: A simple framework like this one that like explains why. What is your goal.

00:36:20.220 --> 00:36:34.050
Matteo Sisto: What are the metrics that will show success and especially with the idea in mind what to measure, you know, and especially especially especially what is easy to measure. Don't try. We're not looking for, you know, randomized trial controls, if

00:36:34.830 --> 00:36:38.730
Matteo Sisto: That's the gold standard in terms of analogies and in terms of

00:36:39.150 --> 00:36:50.100
Matteo Sisto: impact evaluation, but like it's it's not our scope right now it is impossible to reach that level, it requires a lot of time. So try to go a little bit down and think about your

00:36:50.670 --> 00:37:03.420
Matteo Sisto: theory of change, you know, how do you create change. What is your idea behind it. And from there, try to define what our data that you can actually collect the level of activity so that you have control on that.

00:37:04.920 --> 00:37:09.480
Matteo Sisto: Those are other points in a simple strategy. So what trends or information.

00:37:10.920 --> 00:37:14.610
Matteo Sisto: Identify goal achievement. This, again, it's really your proxy.

00:37:16.170 --> 00:37:24.690
Matteo Sisto: Lastly, who should you share the outcome with as you remember them. The different more constraints give you it collects analyze and report.

00:37:25.170 --> 00:37:32.580
Matteo Sisto: I think all of them are important stages and the fundamental to be all of them. So like you need to be able to run

00:37:33.000 --> 00:37:44.790
Matteo Sisto: From the very start to know who you should share the outcome. Who should you should share the data. Those information. Those this measures that we've done it is very important that it's shared

00:37:46.020 --> 00:37:49.350
Matteo Sisto: across the organization or like just few people need to have it.

00:37:50.700 --> 00:37:54.480
Matteo Sisto: Lastly, what is the timeline for measurements always try to have

00:37:54.960 --> 00:38:11.070
Matteo Sisto: Some different periods and which should be doing the circle measurement and try to review it. You know, you can always improve, you can always gather more information or you can understand better yield data or your services or internet what you wanted to buy measuring. Okay.

00:38:12.480 --> 00:38:27.660
Matteo Sisto: So we, I try to give you like a very, very, very brief overview of what this will be a data, it is not super easy. This like it's quite complex can get really complex really easy and so

00:38:28.500 --> 00:38:37.500
Matteo Sisto: I hope you understand why it is important. We saw simple data simple model for data strategy and when you suggested to start or whatever you do.

00:38:38.340 --> 00:38:49.260
Matteo Sisto: To free to ask questions in the chat again and now we're going to get into where to find your data and how to set up two main sources of data, you already have, namely Facebook and Google Analytics.

00:38:49.860 --> 00:39:08.130
Matteo Sisto: So data sources there is online and offline stuff so helpful quick first step is to take an odd to take a stock of all your different data sources just list out all the systems that receive data electronically, you know your your

00:39:09.360 --> 00:39:18.900
Matteo Sisto: Your website your social media pages, your emails and everything else you might tell you know like if you have a events that's also like lots of stuff.

00:39:19.920 --> 00:39:33.540
Matteo Sisto: memberships take account of all the data sources that are manually maintained also, you know, if you have a spreadsheet in which you put down all the data or contacts or any sort of financial information.

00:39:34.050 --> 00:39:50.340
Matteo Sisto: Just put it that, no, no. You need to know what you have. Okay. The best you can do in this face is to think how all those sources can be integrated how you can create if possible. Sometimes it's not possible one single repository for all your data.

00:39:52.260 --> 00:40:02.640
Matteo Sisto: There are plenty, plenty, plenty of powerful tools that can help you with that. And most of them have the possibility to pull the data directly from your own source.

00:40:03.360 --> 00:40:22.260
Matteo Sisto: But if you're starting small also properly formatted except for the work. Okay, so there are five main kinds of data that are collected by nonprofit organizations, there are uses data engagement data feedback data outcome data and impact data as I was telling you before.

00:40:23.670 --> 00:40:28.950
Matteo Sisto: This is sort of explained the level of complexity in terms of measurement.

00:40:30.330 --> 00:40:39.300
Matteo Sisto: I'll start to be through giving you an idea what this user data is like how many people are using a service. You know who they are, what is their age, the gender they need city.

00:40:40.050 --> 00:40:47.610
Matteo Sisto: Where they live these sorts of stuff. The second part is the second kinds of data, you can collect this engagement data management data is

00:40:48.120 --> 00:40:59.670
Matteo Sisto: Often people will use service and for how long feedback that data. On the other hand, is what people think of the service and their experience with from user. Okay.

00:41:00.570 --> 00:41:09.240
Matteo Sisto: And also it can be done through an internal assessment of the quality of their service provided and this is internal who can be done by the staff and the volunteers.

00:41:10.200 --> 00:41:21.120
Matteo Sisto: And the fourth level we have outcome data. Those are the capabilities. The strengths and assets, the knowledge that people gain as a result of the intervention. So it's what happened.

00:41:22.320 --> 00:41:36.840
Matteo Sisto: In potato again. So saying this is a little bit harder to down in a frame of a small or medium nonprofit organization, but it's the long term change the users experience beyond the lifetime of the intervention.

00:41:38.460 --> 00:41:49.410
Matteo Sisto: Don't get to stress about that. So send your local resources to try to make a little bit more sense, of course, or information. So don't worry about that so that i mean this is something that like I personally

00:41:50.670 --> 00:42:04.770
Matteo Sisto: Advocate very strongly. You need to ensure that every member of your team who engages directly with your database or with any sorts of data, like the person responsible for inputting and then like doing data entry.

00:42:05.310 --> 00:42:10.290
Matteo Sisto: Follows the same set of standardized data entry and management protocols. Okay.

00:42:11.400 --> 00:42:14.940
Matteo Sisto: It's very important to go all the time through.

00:42:16.980 --> 00:42:23.130
Matteo Sisto: Every once in a while to try to eliminate everything that is double entries or like inconsistent data.

00:42:24.750 --> 00:42:26.550
Matteo Sisto: What else we should be

00:42:27.780 --> 00:42:42.060
Matteo Sisto: duplicate entries to avoid wasting time and money. I don't know if you use any sir. Have any programs that like it some for member. So for each member you have up on the amount of money just delete everything that you want to use.

00:42:44.190 --> 00:42:57.360
Matteo Sisto: Again, if you have users in your database or email or like whatever list, you have to remove. They're inactive users if they haven't engaged with your work in the last two years, this probably hardly able to it now.

00:42:58.200 --> 00:43:17.550
Matteo Sisto: And backup is really important. If everything it's in the cloud, right now or should be like I always keep a physical hard drive with most important information. So I have with our hands. Let's see. Create a schedule for conducting regular audience.

00:43:19.260 --> 00:43:25.290
Matteo Sisto: So tracking and more and better. So these are some specific

00:43:27.390 --> 00:43:35.010
Matteo Sisto: There are many tools that are specific greater to truck thing okay in the internet. We get a lot of data entry points for some

00:43:36.030 --> 00:43:44.310
Matteo Sisto: We don't take all the information we should, for example, anytime you share a link or you

00:43:46.080 --> 00:43:47.910
Matteo Sisto: Or you send something on your

00:43:49.020 --> 00:43:55.920
Matteo Sisto: People, it's really important to religious really helpful to have some sort of truckers in action to understand how many people are actually

00:43:56.550 --> 00:44:06.840
Matteo Sisto: Open that read that was done something there are two very simple tools are free access to the basic level, that is basically and rebrand Lee, but there is like

00:44:07.200 --> 00:44:12.990
Matteo Sisto: Loads of them. I just made a research, some days ago and like it really didn't know there were so many nights now.

00:44:13.380 --> 00:44:27.540
Matteo Sisto: And if you're a bit more into basic coding basic, basic, basic coding. You can you can play around with Google custom URL builder that will allow you to create some custom URL.

00:44:29.430 --> 00:44:39.960
Matteo Sisto: That will help you to take track of where people are coming from and going where it's quite interesting. And if you have some coding background visiting is a loophole send you the link for that as well.

00:44:40.530 --> 00:44:50.490
Matteo Sisto: So now we go into them. The real part then integrated. So we have identified some other sources. We know that data IGN it's really, really important and

00:44:50.910 --> 00:44:59.910
Matteo Sisto: Such over the next slides will go through the optimization of to the most common places where you can find some interesting data, the Facebook and Google Analytics.

00:45:01.350 --> 00:45:01.830
Matteo Sisto: So,

00:45:03.600 --> 00:45:04.440
Matteo Sisto: This is not like a

00:45:06.150 --> 00:45:16.440
Matteo Sisto: Fake flight or like I left it there for a reason. I personally love cooking. Okay, I don't know about you guys, but I like to prepare quite complex five courses meal for my friends and family.

00:45:17.010 --> 00:45:24.600
Matteo Sisto: And I'm not, I'm not a great chef, but I really like cooking and definitely you know other as the grid chefs.

00:45:25.170 --> 00:45:36.870
Matteo Sisto: I know that the most important aspects of preparing a meal. It is actually the preparation. Okay, you need to have every ingredient 3D ready for this specific use. You will need it later on.

00:45:37.950 --> 00:45:41.310
Matteo Sisto: This is the only trick that there is a kitchen. This is a place where they feel about

00:45:41.880 --> 00:45:48.930
Matteo Sisto: I didn't want just and brag about my culinary skills. I'm saying this because the analogy holds very much true also for your data.

00:45:49.650 --> 00:46:05.040
Matteo Sisto: So you will need to prepare them accordingly. If you want to make sense of your data, make sure that they will serve the intended purpose will make you save a lot of money and make the data work for you instead of the opposite. And this is extremely important because

00:46:06.690 --> 00:46:16.860
Matteo Sisto: I don't know how many of you have done some statistics or playing a bit around with data any professional that has ever been working with a database or some for like

00:46:17.310 --> 00:46:33.270
Matteo Sisto: Any sorts of CSV file or Excel that is more than five columns will tell you that this is the most annoying parts of the job and it takes so much time. So I'm definitely learning is the process of detecting and correcting or removing

00:46:34.380 --> 00:46:56.130
Matteo Sisto: Everything that it's not done well. So it is a way to create data sets of standardized uniform to allow for the IT business intelligence analysis and to access this data and find right data for each query. So in order to avoid losing a lot of time.

00:46:57.210 --> 00:47:02.760
Matteo Sisto: After it is better to paraphrase appropriately your data. So

00:47:04.170 --> 00:47:14.970
Matteo Sisto: Items out a small survey before starting all of these, and most of the organization's you increase told me that they weren't using facebook business manager.

00:47:16.320 --> 00:47:16.680
Matteo Sisto: So,

00:47:17.820 --> 00:47:27.840
Matteo Sisto: To increase. It's quite great the situation regarding social media because there is not for many that are used. I mean, there is not a huge percentage of the progression. There's in Twitter or

00:47:29.220 --> 00:47:35.550
Matteo Sisto: Other social network are really, really limited in terms of audience and

00:47:36.840 --> 00:47:37.740
Matteo Sisto: And what's great

00:47:38.820 --> 00:47:46.980
Matteo Sisto: Is you don't need to have multiple accounts, you know, multiple strategies and going created trying to reach effectively all different users have different platform.

00:47:48.090 --> 00:47:59.700
Matteo Sisto: Between that and like it really can get easily complex. So for this sucks. I strongly believe that some it's really useful to send spend some time learning how to use Facebook.

00:48:00.720 --> 00:48:01.080
Matteo Sisto: And

00:48:02.250 --> 00:48:13.590
Matteo Sisto: Personally, I'm not a huge fan of it, but I'm aware that like it's about two point something billion people are there, it is important for our organization want to reach out to people.

00:48:15.180 --> 00:48:21.840
Matteo Sisto: So, and the more I was getting my head around it more. I've always let us realizing the level of sophistication behind the product.

00:48:22.230 --> 00:48:29.370
Matteo Sisto: It's not so easy as it seems. You know, like you just have something and share things with your friends, but there is so much more. Okay.

00:48:30.330 --> 00:48:38.520
Matteo Sisto: You definitely don't need to get a degree in computer science or digital marketing to be using Facebook and having an impact.

00:48:39.300 --> 00:48:48.480
Matteo Sisto: My goal here my idea for this part, to give you an idea what can be done. OK, I will leave you again. More information on on the

00:48:48.870 --> 00:48:53.010
Matteo Sisto: The follow up email. I'm doing so don't worry too much about getting everything right, it's just

00:48:53.700 --> 00:49:04.710
Matteo Sisto: A lot of things that I'm going to tell you about. So we start with benchmarking, I strongly like this word. It means, you know, comparing your business performance against certain references or okay

00:49:05.460 --> 00:49:09.930
Matteo Sisto: It is power popular and it's potentially powerful way to glean insights that can lead to improve certain

00:49:10.500 --> 00:49:21.720
Matteo Sisto: And for that I'm facing content, very, very easy to to use that. It's called pages to watch. Okay, it's always helpful to know what our organization, similar to yours are doing

00:49:22.530 --> 00:49:31.170
Matteo Sisto: And it doesn't take much time to set it up so you just go on the main page. You don't even have to set up facebook business manager you just go here.

00:49:31.620 --> 00:49:36.720
Matteo Sisto: In insights, if I'm not mistaken, at the bottom of the page, you will find pitches to watch

00:49:37.560 --> 00:49:50.340
Matteo Sisto: Three, four pages that are, you know, similar organizations and try to follow them try to understand what they're doing, how the glow coming across to do so in this way you can benchmark yourself and create a strategy for your future.

00:49:51.630 --> 00:50:00.480
Matteo Sisto: Now we go into Facebook business manager. So creating an account, then this is definitely the education that is already on their page.

00:50:01.410 --> 00:50:11.130
Matteo Sisto: This is manager serves as a one stop shop to manage BUSINESS TOOLS business houses houses and employee access to be sir. Okay.

00:50:12.030 --> 00:50:19.500
Matteo Sisto: It is a place to manage all your Facebook marketing and advertising activity. It is a place where you can also add

00:50:20.310 --> 00:50:34.830
Matteo Sisto: Different people if you have like volunteers or to collaborate with other organizations that can be other there and you can actually co create a collaborative in the creation of advertisement or any sort of mature, you will want to share on Facebook. Besides,

00:50:36.660 --> 00:50:47.820
Matteo Sisto: There is, um, there's a couple of things that I love when it's in the analytics. There is a whole section that is much more complete than one, you will get on the normal Facebook and

00:50:49.140 --> 00:50:52.740
Matteo Sisto: And establish really really great improvement from the basic one.

00:50:53.400 --> 00:51:01.230
Matteo Sisto: If you want to create speech business manager, just go on the website on facebook business manager and you can create an account for your page.

00:51:01.560 --> 00:51:08.880
Matteo Sisto: Or send you some more information that will give you step by step guide on how to do it. So you don't want, you don't have to go crazy.

00:51:09.810 --> 00:51:20.220
Matteo Sisto: Now inside facebook facebook business manager you created your account and you're ready to start. Not yet. We have site in order to be able to receive any sort of data.

00:51:21.270 --> 00:51:29.910
Matteo Sisto: You need to make some setup the first apart from, you know, creating your account and putting some people on that. The first thing I will suggest you is to create

00:51:30.570 --> 00:51:44.940
Matteo Sisto: A pixel pixel. It's a bridge between your website and your facebook business manager. Okay. It can help you to optimize your Facebook advertising, which is important and

00:51:46.290 --> 00:51:50.400
Matteo Sisto: The same time, it will will help you to understand better. Will this your audience.

00:51:51.960 --> 00:52:13.380
Matteo Sisto: So it was quite easily. It proves cooking the food truck users as they interact to your website and Facebook up again. Here I will send you some more information. But even though this is more for advertisements, I strongly suggest to set up the Facebook pixel right away.

00:52:14.850 --> 00:52:21.960
Matteo Sisto: Because, like, the more it is on the more you will gather information about your audience and the more you'll be able to create

00:52:23.910 --> 00:52:26.880
Matteo Sisto: Campaigns is our targets on them. Okay.

00:52:29.130 --> 00:52:31.950
Matteo Sisto: So how do you set up the the pixel

00:52:33.300 --> 00:52:36.480
Matteo Sisto: You go on to your main dashboard. On the right you should be already seeing

00:52:37.620 --> 00:52:45.960
Matteo Sisto: This is the menu and on the right to get user's account data sources and what's not in the data sources you have pixels.

00:52:47.640 --> 00:53:02.850
Matteo Sisto: And just click on that and her name. There's not too much and through your, your website so that Facebook will actually managed to connect and provide you the best recommendation, how to set up. So, and then click continue.

00:53:04.080 --> 00:53:09.180
Matteo Sisto: And click cap pixel and you will get here. Okay.

00:53:11.010 --> 00:53:12.360
Matteo Sisto: Set the pixel now.

00:53:13.500 --> 00:53:30.750
Matteo Sisto: And you're right here just way to install your pizza. This is still easy. Um, there is only one passenger is a bit trickier. Okay, that it needs to be completed on unless you're using Facebook pixel helper, which for some reasons I couldn't find

00:53:32.220 --> 00:53:41.430
Matteo Sisto: It a lot of time or wasn't won't kill my website. So I had to go on a different tool. The tool that I use is called Google Tag Manager. I don't know how many of you know about that.

00:53:43.110 --> 00:53:53.250
Matteo Sisto: It is a way to create another interaction construct better what is happening on your website apart from what is already there in terms of Google Analytics. Okay.

00:53:54.870 --> 00:54:10.920
Matteo Sisto: I understand that setting up a new tools, if I can. Knowing learning and what's not. But since it's really, really easy to read them super simple procedure to follow is about copy pasting something on Facebook.

00:54:12.780 --> 00:54:19.560
Matteo Sisto: Sorry copy something on Facebook basis something on the Google Tag Manager and like will be really good for you.

00:54:21.390 --> 00:54:38.310
Matteo Sisto: So setting up our pixel we have here is how the code will be will be for you. Okay. And like you copy paste this code into your task manager manager is one of the many products software Coco marketing platform.

00:54:39.390 --> 00:54:48.720
Matteo Sisto: Some of them you know it already. I'm pretty sure most of you should have analytics setup. We're going to be speaking goats. A bit about better studio, which is crazy things.

00:54:50.190 --> 00:55:01.890
Matteo Sisto: love Google marketing platform business as usual. I'm always trying to find solutions that are free and easy to use and integrate easily with my data. So Google is a list like a good solutions so

00:55:03.840 --> 00:55:15.840
Matteo Sisto: No matter what type of sites you have is essential to understand how people are interacting with that. Okay. And as I was saying, Google Analytics is amazing. I love it a lot, but some

00:55:16.890 --> 00:55:29.940
Matteo Sisto: But it does have some limitations. Okay. And when you use Google Tag Manager in conjunction with Google Analytics, you'll be able to collect much more data that you cannot work. So just give it a go. It's not as hard

00:55:31.980 --> 00:55:33.000
Matteo Sisto: Took me out.

00:55:34.080 --> 00:55:46.860
Matteo Sisto: To do this, it took me two minutes and a half, but to set up on a couple of events to truck. What were the important things that were happening on my website. Took me a little bit more, but it was also something that I learned that was funny.

00:55:48.690 --> 00:55:48.960
Matteo Sisto: So,

00:55:50.850 --> 00:56:04.020
Matteo Sisto: I think, again, I'm not going too much into details here are that we are allowed for more info on the follow up email. So the process is set up the pixel on your website managers are saying it's really straightforward.

00:56:06.210 --> 00:56:11.970
Matteo Sisto: This is like some information on what is Todd controllable stuff fundamentally it's like a way to

00:56:13.500 --> 00:56:18.930
Matteo Sisto: Collect any information that is not passive but active. So it's person clicks.

00:56:20.790 --> 00:56:32.370
Matteo Sisto: So be it helps you to create heat map it understands how much people are scrolling down your, your website. So for example, if they just read the first

00:56:33.030 --> 00:56:37.770
Matteo Sisto: Three lines and then they drop like if they go to the very bottom, and this is

00:56:38.130 --> 00:56:48.510
Matteo Sisto: Really, really useful information because like in that way you will understand that maybe there is a problem in your article like in your informations or, you know, you can actually act on that topic.

00:56:49.320 --> 00:56:56.250
Matteo Sisto: And there is a lot of different topics. Again, it's not that easy to do it alone.

00:56:56.670 --> 00:57:08.640
Matteo Sisto: And with the Tag Manager, it makes it really, really simple. It's like user friendly as web based interface simplifies the process of working with tags and you will able to

00:57:09.450 --> 00:57:17.790
Matteo Sisto: Edit are disabled tags without having to touch the source of the code which can actually break your websites. We don't want that.

00:57:19.530 --> 00:57:19.920
Matteo Sisto: So,

00:57:21.360 --> 00:57:25.740
Matteo Sisto: It's super simple to create accounts just go Google Tag Manager.

00:57:27.090 --> 00:57:29.310
Matteo Sisto: gets created an account, um,

00:57:30.690 --> 00:57:41.250
Matteo Sisto: Then you will have. There are two steps for setting up big so you set up the, the basic goals at the beginning by clicking on new thoughts and open the custom HTML section.

00:57:41.850 --> 00:57:55.290
Matteo Sisto: Copy, paste the code from your Facebook pixel and other trigger on every page. So there are fundamentally two main components to create a job where is the configuration and there is a trigger. Okay.

00:57:57.360 --> 00:58:00.660
Matteo Sisto: The triggering is like an action that will actually make

00:58:01.890 --> 00:58:12.390
Matteo Sisto: The data comes into the Google the Google Tag Manager. Okay. After you set up the code base, safe and always test if it's working.

00:58:13.380 --> 00:58:20.760
Matteo Sisto: You can go back to the business manager and check it straight from there. It might take some minutes but his work. Eventually, don't worry.

00:58:21.630 --> 00:58:24.420
Matteo Sisto: After you website is connected with the code base coat

00:58:25.020 --> 00:58:40.950
Matteo Sisto: You will need to select relevant events that you want to track. Okay. And like I was really, really, really pleased because I have been doing this since 2018 last time 2019 and I discovered that Facebook introduce a new link. Nice. Nice way to do it.

00:58:43.860 --> 00:58:58.140
Matteo Sisto: So the system. Someone wants to show you this is how park manager looks like this. My personal accounts and there's not many trucks that you can see but like you click on new tab over here are the new talk

00:59:01.890 --> 00:59:08.100
Matteo Sisto: This is what will happen. You see the top configuration and it's not triggering you will need to select

00:59:09.240 --> 00:59:25.710
Matteo Sisto: Type, for example, here you will go to have some HTML that is provided completely by Facebook. So it's just like that line of code to. So before we just copy paste that touches here and Dr. Such go with the first part.

00:59:26.880 --> 00:59:43.890
Matteo Sisto: Then we'll need to call this important you need to select the triggering on all pages for the wife on Tag Manager or the pixel will work only on one page if it works on one page. Um, it depends on you, but like i think it's best if it works in all the pages.

00:59:45.300 --> 00:59:45.720
Matteo Sisto: So,

00:59:48.090 --> 01:00:05.730
Matteo Sisto: Something not this is after this, how it looks like after you get done all this parts. Okay, you will arrive at the point that if I had an event called. This is really, really great. And as I was telling you this new way of doing it. So I don't think

01:00:07.320 --> 01:00:12.570
Matteo Sisto: It's more than four months. And that's it. So part of the new appearance from Facebook.

01:00:13.590 --> 01:00:14.790
Matteo Sisto: After you click on that.

01:00:16.260 --> 01:00:24.270
Matteo Sisto: You will actually open up your website and you will decide and we will decide which actions you will want to

01:00:25.380 --> 01:00:37.410
Matteo Sisto: Put you want to track with the codes on except for example than you have your website open and there are some buttons or there is some scrolling, you can actually tell Facebook's instructors even

01:00:38.010 --> 01:00:45.150
Matteo Sisto: Really really neatly and without much problem. So our suggestion to go with that is the simplest option. And I don't think will make

01:00:46.380 --> 01:00:49.980
Matteo Sisto: Will take too much time to do it like that didn't take much time for me.

01:00:51.420 --> 01:01:01.050
Matteo Sisto: So after that, you're good to go after you are the event codes and your pictures should be working on needles with to check that screen.

01:01:01.890 --> 01:01:10.080
Matteo Sisto: And you can start to make after that you can start to make full use of additional functionality in Facebook business manager like lookalike audiences.

01:01:10.740 --> 01:01:16.950
Matteo Sisto: So what are look alike. And if you're not facing critical people friggin loads of people and

01:01:17.670 --> 01:01:26.610
Matteo Sisto: This is the last six other cities are around 2.5 billion this numbers changes a bit. There are definitely some both, but it's still, it's like a huge

01:01:27.090 --> 01:01:40.050
Matteo Sisto: Number of people and all of them are different. Okay, but at the same time, since they are providing information about themselves. Google is able to characterize them to create

01:01:41.940 --> 01:01:51.180
Matteo Sisto: shared interests between groups and look alike audience who's actually those data from a source and scan Facebook to

01:01:52.290 --> 01:01:56.520
Matteo Sisto: Scan the Facebook data to find similar people, for example, you know already that

01:01:57.720 --> 01:01:58.620
Matteo Sisto: Your

01:01:59.640 --> 01:02:05.760
Matteo Sisto: Your people your target audience is composed by a certain kinds of people. Okay.

01:02:06.210 --> 01:02:15.660
Matteo Sisto: And through look like you can actually ask Google to take your community. If the people you already following or from an external source that can be your email.

01:02:16.500 --> 01:02:27.480
Matteo Sisto: And protests create something that looks similar to them. And this is great because like, it allows you to target people that are much more interested to what you're going to give them

01:02:28.290 --> 01:02:45.570
Matteo Sisto: Okay, and like, this is really important. If you follow the previous conversations we had is like a Dr. Boom. Done. And like the impression in terms of content, it's really, really hard to get people to sanction like people will react only two what is relevant to them. Okay.

01:02:46.890 --> 01:03:01.620
Matteo Sisto: In this way, you'll be able to targets on points and to be on go and understand and find people who have the same characteristics of your target audience. So this will improve the possibility that you messaged me be relevant.

01:03:03.060 --> 01:03:03.390

01:03:04.530 --> 01:03:16.260
Matteo Sisto: There are not there are two other things. I haven't really had the time or the necessity of Main Event Tracking but this is something that I've been out that's quite recently as well.

01:03:17.490 --> 01:03:20.130
Matteo Sisto: Supported possibility to truck also physical event.

01:03:22.350 --> 01:03:30.750
Matteo Sisto: Train train yourself and let me know how to work because I have no idea. And that was telling you before there is improved analytics improved analytics.

01:03:31.890 --> 01:03:47.760
Matteo Sisto: It's really, really nice. I don't know if you saw it. I'm like, I'm not super happy with the Analytics, you have the insight you have Facebook or normal users don't provide doesn't provide too many information. It doesn't provide any sort of marriage or anything, and it's

01:03:48.930 --> 01:04:03.990
Matteo Sisto: It is to basic okay to understand something, it shows you the likes shows you the people that are following you and the last period. Some demographic information or like if you set up them business manager and you have all this information already

01:04:05.040 --> 01:04:13.410
Matteo Sisto: You will be able to access improve them led that will make them understand much better why your audience how everything is going in terms of

01:04:15.450 --> 01:04:21.630
Matteo Sisto: Growing of your brand crowing or your page and what's not so visible. So

01:04:23.190 --> 01:04:34.710
Matteo Sisto: Now we go on your websites as I was telling you before. This is the other big source of data, you will have I'm pretty sure or you should at least have Google Analytics installed and

01:04:35.880 --> 01:04:43.530
Matteo Sisto: As their singles is like most organizations do have Google Analytics, but very, very few are taking full advantage of it.

01:04:44.490 --> 01:04:53.850
Matteo Sisto: I had a couple of instances conversations recently on this specific topic and I don't want to say I was appalled. But like I was like why do you even use it.

01:04:54.600 --> 01:05:05.730
Matteo Sisto: Don't if you if you don't just want to see how many people viewed your website. This is the only for Mr. You want to get. Why do you need Google Analytics.

01:05:06.420 --> 01:05:18.570
Matteo Sisto: And you know they had no idea of like we sat down and told them you know like these are the important things. Those are some other things you can do. And afterwards they thanked me. So what's good process within this way.

01:05:20.130 --> 01:05:27.480
Matteo Sisto: So I'm just, just a little bit of explanation of how does Google work. If you guys don't know

01:05:29.010 --> 01:05:35.280
Matteo Sisto: Have you ever worried though. Have you ever heard the word SEO, search engine optimization

01:05:36.000 --> 01:05:42.420
Matteo Sisto: As you can see from this line, already I give you a little bit of ideas, of course, Google is a search engine is

01:05:43.020 --> 01:06:04.530
Matteo Sisto: I think it is about 93% of all the stuff like that like a huge percentage of all searches online are made on Google, there is a small share of the market that is from being like, if you want to be efficient and effective. You need to know a bit. How does Google work. Okay.

01:06:06.360 --> 01:06:11.910
Matteo Sisto: Fundamentally, you ask for something on Google and it will bring you back down through. Okay.

01:06:13.710 --> 01:06:24.240
Matteo Sisto: The capacity to do that rests on an algorithm. So without getting too technical on each page on the internet is indexed according to certain information.

01:06:25.770 --> 01:06:40.680
Matteo Sisto: And Google mission is to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful. So from telling me that their objective is to give the right answer for each user question. Okay.

01:06:42.210 --> 01:06:49.050
Matteo Sisto: And SEO stands for search engine optimization, which is the process through which you can actually

01:06:49.800 --> 01:07:04.440
Matteo Sisto: Make your site appears in a high position in terms of organic search result, meaning that every time you will ask about question to Google and like if it's relevant for your website, you will be the first or like on the higher

01:07:06.210 --> 01:07:13.920
Matteo Sisto: In the top ranks in terms of organic searches. This is extremely important because, again, statistics say that

01:07:14.910 --> 01:07:28.020
Matteo Sisto: I think I'm the only person that goes after the second page of Google, and I'm there is very, very, very, very few people that go after the first page and actually the first five results so

01:07:28.860 --> 01:07:37.140
Matteo Sisto: It's really important to be able to be as high as possible. Of course, there is a huge competition and what's not, and

01:07:38.040 --> 01:07:46.920
Matteo Sisto: Well as nonprofit organizations we have something that we can actually make useful if you use SEO properly and will link that with some

01:07:47.220 --> 01:07:57.420
Matteo Sisto: Other great products from the Google family that is a big grants that it's again 10,000 euro sorry dollars a month free advertisement.

01:07:57.990 --> 01:08:14.370
Matteo Sisto: Which supports you, the whole process. So if you played. Well, you'd be able to be ranked top not in the organic search on their search, which is a little bit different. So going back to them to it can get a bit technical.

01:08:15.900 --> 01:08:29.010
Matteo Sisto: On this stuff and I personally don't know enough, but some my websites, all of them. There is always your that is one of the most popular plugin that will support you to optimize

01:08:30.870 --> 01:08:35.790
Matteo Sisto: Your whole website to be Google Grady and

01:08:37.110 --> 01:08:43.140
Matteo Sisto: The first thing is, so the plugin that will be almost automatically done. So there is really nothing you need

01:08:43.620 --> 01:08:52.140
Matteo Sisto: To tell you and like takes a little bit of more time to get into the details, but like, take a look and try to do what they say, because they actually have

01:08:52.500 --> 01:09:02.430
Matteo Sisto: You know that they they're good at this. They seem very nice and like they they have a lot of webinars and trainings to make use of their software.

01:09:03.840 --> 01:09:04.320
Matteo Sisto: So,

01:09:05.430 --> 01:09:22.590
Matteo Sisto: basic setup for Google Analytics, of course. First step is always creates an account and then you need to link these accounts with your website, there is a small bits of code that will be given to you. This is some a single identifier that you have to

01:09:24.360 --> 01:09:31.800
Matteo Sisto: Directly put into websites. Again, I don't want to make things too complex. I always use plugins for the sorts of things.

01:09:34.110 --> 01:09:36.180
Matteo Sisto: Just like the disclaimer on the plugins.

01:09:37.380 --> 01:09:39.180
Matteo Sisto: For two years, use the plugins that are

01:09:41.220 --> 01:09:57.420
Matteo Sisto: Not bad. There are some plugins that are have a lot of security issues and all them all the plugins are mentioning here are sort of proven that don't have problems, or at least like the last version. They don't have problem see a question.

01:09:58.860 --> 01:09:59.040
Matteo Sisto: Now,

01:10:00.840 --> 01:10:03.000
Matteo Sisto: And so

01:10:04.800 --> 01:10:09.660
Matteo Sisto: I thought saying I use my plugin that is called GA Google Analytics.

01:10:12.000 --> 01:10:18.600
Matteo Sisto: I'll send you the link to worry. I don't think it's called like that, but it's it supports the insertion of this code, it does only that

01:10:19.140 --> 01:10:30.870
Matteo Sisto: There's like you need again you need to insert this tracking codes in all your websites in every each page and like to do it manually. You can broke the code which you don't want to do it so

01:10:32.370 --> 01:10:41.880
Matteo Sisto: You finally have your Google Analytics account is tracking your website, but it's not a word basic setup. Okay, the first step you should do the depth.

01:10:43.020 --> 01:10:58.620
Matteo Sisto: Is to connect your Google Search Console to your account. Search Console. It's a gives you other data for your website and like is specifically related to how people are connected. What are people searching in order to arrive to you whatsoever.

01:10:59.790 --> 01:11:10.320
Matteo Sisto: If reports on organic search keywords and shows you how your site is performing on this specific aspect on Google search. And it also gives you a lot of interesting

01:11:11.220 --> 01:11:15.900
Matteo Sisto: ideas on how to improve if there is any problems related to

01:11:16.890 --> 01:11:28.380
Matteo Sisto: The visualization on your bile, or like if there is something related to speed on your website to get stronger comments into it and you know once you you create your account on Google Search Console.

01:11:28.710 --> 01:11:39.810
Matteo Sisto: And linked that with your Google Analytics account all the information out there. There is nothing else, you should be, you know, checking all the time. And it's pretty great support.

01:11:41.730 --> 01:11:57.330
Matteo Sisto: And again, if you using Google for Nonprofits and you have an account, you should link that to this is, again, it's a bit technical and not going to go into details. So the wise is digging for $500 and

01:11:59.790 --> 01:12:12.300
Matteo Sisto: So this is very important. And this is the first thing that like strikes me when people don't have the surgery permission but like Google Analytics trucks. Things are not truck. As I was saying,

01:12:13.890 --> 01:12:26.280
Matteo Sisto: Only trucks positive action. Okay, if you want to be tracking active behaviors, the users complete. So the actual people what they're doing on your website.

01:12:27.420 --> 01:12:37.710
Matteo Sisto: You need to set up goals. Okay, and goals are a way for you to tell Google what is important for you to truck. For example, you want

01:12:39.000 --> 01:12:47.160
Matteo Sisto: You just created a new report or you have something to download or you have something affection for membership.

01:12:47.790 --> 01:13:00.120
Matteo Sisto: Newsletter anything literally anything can be a goal, anything can be created a cool I was telling you before. It's like, how much people are scrolling down your websites, you know, like they're reading all the information they really are only some of them.

01:13:01.410 --> 01:13:06.540
Matteo Sisto: And this is great information. First of all, will tell you if people are doing what they're supposed to do.

01:13:07.260 --> 01:13:23.070
Matteo Sisto: So if you want them to register for an event and they're not registering. We will say, you, you, you will know how many people are not like that people are not registered registering and like you be able to change the course of action or, like, try to find a solution to that.

01:13:24.600 --> 01:13:24.930
Matteo Sisto: So,

01:13:26.580 --> 01:13:33.210
Matteo Sisto: This is rather important and I will go get some ideas about what you should be tracking. Okay.

01:13:35.400 --> 01:13:46.140
Matteo Sisto: I don't think Google Analytics doesn't track goals, unless you set it up and golf is very dependent on your organization.

01:13:48.300 --> 01:14:02.550
Matteo Sisto: The two main things you should be tracking the course as I was saying is signups definitely it is when a user leaves an email. And if you're collecting donations. This is not very, very common here in Greece, like it's something that you should still

01:14:03.600 --> 01:14:15.720
Matteo Sisto: Be trying to do use, it's important to start providing that sort of mentality donations are important that they contribute of revelation that contribute to society and like to make things better and

01:14:16.860 --> 01:14:18.570
Matteo Sisto: Some other ideas. I want to keep you

01:14:20.130 --> 01:14:25.650
Matteo Sisto: If you're serious about trucking, you should also set up events.

01:14:26.940 --> 01:14:36.480
Matteo Sisto: Events are a little bit more complex dish satellite and what and how your users are doing. Again, I'll send you something on that.

01:14:37.080 --> 01:14:50.970
Matteo Sisto: But let's say that we Tag Manager, you can create any sort of go, okay, or any sort of events, it's it's unique. It's really, really, what are some example again is outbound clicks. So for example, when a user leaves you website.

01:14:52.500 --> 01:14:53.250
Matteo Sisto: For another one.

01:14:54.780 --> 01:15:00.690
Matteo Sisto: That it might or might not connected to your organization. Simple, of course downloads.

01:15:03.270 --> 01:15:12.630
Matteo Sisto: This is good. Um, how much time people spend on your website and it is important things like it is a great proxy for engagement.

01:15:13.110 --> 01:15:25.560
Matteo Sisto: You know, maybe he doesn't sign up donates or to give you an email but like to spend 10 minutes for like 25 minutes exploring what you do and what is the causes 30

01:15:26.220 --> 01:15:41.460
Matteo Sisto: Okay, and you might want to track when someone spends five six whatever means on your website to the idea of interest and you can definitely set the amount of time you want. And it will depend on this on your website content fundamentally

01:15:42.900 --> 01:15:45.570
Matteo Sisto: Again, new user rich account registration.

01:15:47.340 --> 01:15:56.730
Matteo Sisto: If you allow to create any sort of account, you should you should also truck. Every time sometimes every time someone creates

01:15:57.480 --> 01:16:09.960
Matteo Sisto: A new account will help you understand the top channels or times of data registration happens, okay because food that's you get all the information about that specific action that happened and

01:16:11.010 --> 01:16:24.600
Matteo Sisto: On that I will send you also some templates that are automated so like the very same moment you import that into your Google Analytics account, they will be creating already

01:16:25.560 --> 01:16:36.090
Matteo Sisto: Events and gold for certain very common thing and that's also very useful. And I'll go back to the unit short one. So what is here.

01:16:39.360 --> 01:16:42.270
Matteo Sisto: This is some of the information I was telling you about.

01:16:43.620 --> 01:16:52.680
Matteo Sisto: But, Don. So, and this is related mostly to organization that create content. I'm, I'm pretty fond of Russians, they

01:16:53.250 --> 01:17:08.490
Matteo Sisto: Provide some information. Much better than, you know, just like raw numbers. That's number of pages us and sessions and whatnot, to try to get or with their permission in this way so pages divided by session gives you an idea.

01:17:09.720 --> 01:17:16.620
Matteo Sisto: How much things are going well okay time on page we spoke about that scroll depth, meaning how

01:17:17.340 --> 01:17:36.390
Matteo Sisto: Down people go, how many videos of us like if videos. Watch 200% was recently checking IE turn some videos last time for my meditation on Facebook and I was taking a look at their analytics for business on Facebook and they're pretty pretty nice.

01:17:38.190 --> 01:17:57.180
Matteo Sisto: Again videos are one of the most engaging for more content at the moment, and it's extremely, extremely important, be able to do it. However, it is really hard to make it relevant for your, for your audience. So

01:17:58.260 --> 01:18:00.990
Matteo Sisto: Try to balance the two things because it takes a long time.

01:18:02.820 --> 01:18:08.400
Matteo Sisto: Okay, now we go to analytics and dashboard. So

01:18:09.750 --> 01:18:10.920
Matteo Sisto: As I was saying before,

01:18:11.940 --> 01:18:18.180
Matteo Sisto: You share this information with relevant in them. Okay, and

01:18:19.530 --> 01:18:29.100
Matteo Sisto: We're going on and it is pretty cool because like you can share directly the dashboard from the menu or you can decide to create automatic report.

01:18:30.450 --> 01:18:43.530
Matteo Sisto: With a bail that will include a PDF, the relevant information you're tracking. Okay. Um, what is the dashboard. It is fundamentally a way to visualize the main data for you what sites.

01:18:44.610 --> 01:18:49.950
Matteo Sisto: And most importantly, and like we go through. That's not too much time it is

01:18:52.170 --> 01:18:54.900
Matteo Sisto: It is a way. I'm sorry.

01:18:58.740 --> 01:19:13.110
Matteo Sisto: But you can also create your own dashboard with the data that are relevant to you again. You don't need to reinvent the wheel. There are many, many templates, there's Google community that it's very nice and friendly and

01:19:14.190 --> 01:19:26.940
Matteo Sisto: If you look at Google Analytics solutions. There is a lot of these progressions that you can just import or in your own Google Analytics account and create dashboard auto depth and it's pretty easy.

01:19:33.660 --> 01:19:42.810
Matteo Sisto: Um, this is also a new feature that like I haven't used it much, but like when I discovered was pretty nice. So, um, if you ever notice I think there is

01:19:44.820 --> 01:20:00.720
Matteo Sisto: Yeah, there is this. So, um, I don't know if you ever notice on the right side of your Google Analytics panel you have this inside. If you click on inside they will open the analytics intelligence and this is great because like them. It is an automatic

01:20:02.280 --> 01:20:03.420
Matteo Sisto: It's automatic

01:20:04.470 --> 01:20:05.070
Matteo Sisto: As you can see,

01:20:07.050 --> 01:20:18.270
Matteo Sisto: It gives you an idea of what are the important data and how to take meaningful action in that. So you can ask questions through the insights and like will explain your friends.

01:20:19.350 --> 01:20:28.560
Matteo Sisto: Try to understand what things are going. For example, you see here. I was telling me that in April, I had a very low bounce rates from Instagram.

01:20:28.860 --> 01:20:40.590
Matteo Sisto: Like coming up or four months are there is a logo on if you click on that they will give you more insights and follow ups and ideas on how to improve. So be sure to take a look at that, because it's

01:20:41.670 --> 01:20:42.690
Matteo Sisto: disgraces reason

01:20:44.460 --> 01:20:56.730
Matteo Sisto: So this is some of you have been speaking about some Facebook and Google Analytics, but there is a lot more stuff, which we can collect data, of course.

01:20:57.210 --> 01:21:07.260
Matteo Sisto: On one strength that we are seeing right now they've moved by data collection. Okay, so it means gathering data using forth from what other mobile devices.

01:21:08.370 --> 01:21:16.320
Matteo Sisto: And this is something that is extremely useful in again in the you might have a reaction. So, like when

01:21:17.370 --> 01:21:31.020
Matteo Sisto: practitioners are actually on the field, and they are and when working with them, low income and homeless populations. Okay. The for most of them. There is no way for accessing

01:21:32.520 --> 01:21:47.130
Matteo Sisto: Computer for like most of the world. That seems like the numbers like 97% so has a mobile, maybe it's not a smartphone. Maybe it's not like a love iPhones or like they will have a mobile

01:21:47.580 --> 01:21:57.540
Matteo Sisto: It means that you can send them an SMS and for that SMS, you can actually get information. There is a lot of interesting up

01:21:59.490 --> 01:22:03.630
Matteo Sisto: For mass texting give you some names if you want to write it down.

01:22:04.770 --> 01:22:19.560
Matteo Sisto: Group me coal fire text. It's awesome. Your again all this up for the email. So the worry of like the one that is I think the most interesting to try it out now is called Twilio for the noisy overheard them it's

01:22:20.610 --> 01:22:31.590
Matteo Sisto: An offers a lot of nice discounts nonprofit organization which is always what I'm aiming for. And so Twilio fundamentally allows for messages.

01:22:33.540 --> 01:22:33.810
Matteo Sisto: But

01:22:34.950 --> 01:22:45.360
Matteo Sisto: But it's not super easy to set up. But again, it's something that's like we've definitely had to collect more data to want to ensure working with this advantage or in the field groups.

01:22:46.230 --> 01:23:05.790
Matteo Sisto: Online 30 of course on and this can be done internally. And like we said some information from the people you your organization serves. There's plenty of online surveys and definitely they're cheap. Pretty sure all of you know about Google Form. I love it and

01:23:06.870 --> 01:23:16.590
Matteo Sisto: But there is many more the survey monkey. And there are some there are paid software for online surveys and they will, you know, support the whole

01:23:17.190 --> 01:23:29.760
Matteo Sisto: Understanding better. What are the people behind what are the people behind those data. And what happens. Okay, you will send you the beginning that are not a big fan of paper based

01:23:32.160 --> 01:23:47.220
Matteo Sisto: Data because like it can get pretty messy very easily and but we have something that can help you in the site and there is some notes. You ever heard of optical character recognition software.

01:23:48.300 --> 01:23:57.240
Matteo Sisto: This is like a big words fundamentally is just come as no more than that. That's take a picture. Take a picture of this piece of paper.

01:23:58.350 --> 01:24:10.800
Matteo Sisto: With handwritten graffiti and they will automatically extrapolate the data from the piece of paper. This is a view quite a lot of time if you're successful on I've been using that

01:24:12.360 --> 01:24:15.180
Matteo Sisto: Since quite a long time, especially for business cards.

01:24:16.740 --> 01:24:21.210
Matteo Sisto: I was living in a parking the word and wish business cards were quite important.

01:24:21.900 --> 01:24:41.220
Matteo Sisto: And like I was accumulating so many business cards and never had the time to prove them or like I was using a little time putting them into my database. So this OCR to just allow you to take a picture of that and will automatically creates a nice entry your daughter be another option.

01:24:42.840 --> 01:24:49.680
Matteo Sisto: For that it is when it's worth base is not just on paper. For example, you have an open ended question.

01:24:50.130 --> 01:24:58.800
Matteo Sisto: And there is a lot of words. There is a lot of words and what can you do in order to make sense of those words and how to make sure that

01:24:59.340 --> 01:25:08.100
Matteo Sisto: You know, you can get some useful data. There is a lot of interesting software. Some of them are a bit too technical. So I'm not going to go into depth, but some

01:25:09.000 --> 01:25:31.500
Matteo Sisto: I always use Word clouds for these sorts of things. So like I get all my information I gathered and I put it down into my word clouds that creates a not I eliminate all the common words like articles or like small small words that don't carry too much money.

01:25:33.270 --> 01:25:39.090
Matteo Sisto: And then I create the world cloud. And that's already gives me an idea or what are the main

01:25:40.200 --> 01:25:43.740
Matteo Sisto: The main stories behind those fate of this have behind this word.

01:25:46.380 --> 01:25:48.660
Matteo Sisto: don't think there's anything else use it or

01:25:49.830 --> 01:25:57.780
Matteo Sisto: Not okay this is another thing that I'm quite fond that's be where what vanity metrics. Okay.

01:25:59.160 --> 01:26:07.200
Matteo Sisto: Sometimes, and it's not just our fault. It's also under fault sometimes we get stuck with numbers that don't carry any sort of meaning.

01:26:09.450 --> 01:26:15.720
Matteo Sisto: So, for example, have you ever read the phrase I we served xx xx people last year.

01:26:16.740 --> 01:26:30.720
Matteo Sisto: So fantastic many members so bug bounty metrics are numbers that sound impressive, but they don't really tell you much about how effective these program organization.

01:26:32.430 --> 01:26:35.430
Matteo Sisto: The number of people in an organization cert as an example.

01:26:36.720 --> 01:26:39.990
Matteo Sisto: Reveals nothing. Fundamentally, we don't know.

01:26:42.930 --> 01:26:44.220
Matteo Sisto: What does serve me

01:26:45.300 --> 01:26:57.180
Matteo Sisto: Oh, like, and all the people that's all those people have done like a full cycle have been completed in like a long careers have been complaining, just one short session.

01:26:57.750 --> 01:27:08.940
Matteo Sisto: Okay, so you just social impact organization must struck metrics that conveys specific outcomes and results. You know that showed donors that your programs are three advancing your mission.

01:27:09.390 --> 01:27:16.830
Matteo Sisto: Don't fold proper that things and you know try always to equate meaning to all the metrics you will ever want to collect

01:27:17.940 --> 01:27:19.980
Matteo Sisto: So now we go into how to measure.

01:27:21.120 --> 01:27:22.710
Matteo Sisto: The teeth.

01:27:24.300 --> 01:27:30.690
Matteo Sisto: This is a bit tricky is like definitely and analysis, it is it is

01:27:31.710 --> 01:27:36.300
Matteo Sisto: It is a science that's required quite a lot of

01:27:37.980 --> 01:27:43.830
Matteo Sisto: competence in many in many, many respects and there are a lot of techniques that can be used.

01:27:46.830 --> 01:27:55.200
Matteo Sisto: But it's, it's not the point of today's four hours, one hour and a half workshop to beginning your idea. What is that analysis.

01:27:56.790 --> 01:28:12.000
Matteo Sisto: I'll just give you two words. So we are moving from that collection of data we've been trying to set up the best possible way Facebook and Google Analytics and and later on we'll see how to create dashboard.

01:28:13.770 --> 01:28:15.750
Matteo Sisto: But this is just the beginning.

01:28:18.510 --> 01:28:18.840
Matteo Sisto: So,

01:28:20.040 --> 01:28:22.140
Matteo Sisto: There are different level of depth analysis.

01:28:24.120 --> 01:28:28.620
Matteo Sisto: This is the simplest one and like, That's the one we should all be doing that, like,

01:28:29.130 --> 01:28:47.430
Matteo Sisto: Gives us a picture of what happened. Okay. It is a descriptive analytics is introductory it is retrospective speaks about the past, and it is the first step behind the funding multiple earnestness and the identifying will happen regarding any sort of answer.

01:28:49.200 --> 01:28:52.590
Matteo Sisto: So for example, this type of analysis may point towards

01:28:53.640 --> 01:29:00.300
Matteo Sisto: Declining website traffic or an uptick in social media engage just gives you an idea what happened. No.

01:29:01.320 --> 01:29:24.090
Matteo Sisto: Then we go into a little bit more complex things diagnostic okay and like it replies to the question, why did it happen. So we move it to death. It is still in the past. As you can see on the pricing of like it then defies the why company may have a cord is a more in depth and and

01:29:25.350 --> 01:29:29.070
Matteo Sisto: We should apply some data mining techniques to the right context, this sort of virus.

01:29:32.100 --> 01:29:48.240
Matteo Sisto: So the third step is predictive. This is like will be supported in the future. It's enough time to forecast likely to happen next to in the future based on historical data so

01:29:49.620 --> 01:29:57.180
Matteo Sisto: Again, this is not something it's out of the scope, just tell you the last one I'm prescriptive analytics.

01:29:59.640 --> 01:30:12.090
Matteo Sisto: It is a way to understand from what my top the next. It is like, how can we make it happen. Like, what are the steps that we need to do in order to arrive at this level.

01:30:14.070 --> 01:30:20.790
Matteo Sisto: This is much more interesting and like a little bit less heavy. So no matter what kind of analysis, you're going to preferred

01:30:21.270 --> 01:30:26.310
Matteo Sisto: In order to make sense for your data and it's much better to visualize it. Okay.

01:30:27.030 --> 01:30:45.480
Matteo Sisto: I don't know if you have like this big spreadsheets with loads of columns completely gray like strain your eyes and what's not. I prefer to visualize thing. It helps me to understand that the patterns to see coalition. If I put them into two different on the same page, and what's not.

01:30:47.040 --> 01:30:56.940
Matteo Sisto: Again on this part and how to visualize your data. I'll give you some more resources system where it's much, but those are the main one of the main ones sort of this, like the ones that are

01:30:57.420 --> 01:31:11.760
Matteo Sisto: More confident that you can reproduce easily comparisons proportions on relationships within stuff your key. So what is ranked first after whatnot distributions, one of my favorites, actually.

01:31:13.350 --> 01:31:21.780
Matteo Sisto: A good thing fixing this. This context. So it gives me an idea of frequency and how data is spread out over and

01:31:22.740 --> 01:31:33.120
Matteo Sisto: I was saying there is many, many, many, many other more and there is a lot of different visualizations that you can use. So reporting dashboards what our dashboard.

01:31:34.050 --> 01:31:46.890
Matteo Sisto: So was selling it before. It's a visualization of your data. Okay. Um, I don't know if your machine. If your computer, you probably would love your Excel file, but if you're like me, won't work well.

01:31:48.300 --> 01:31:56.670
Matteo Sisto: If you want to understand your data. The goal of any dashboards and I'll show you some example is deliver the right data to the right people.

01:31:57.000 --> 01:32:06.390
Matteo Sisto: In the right time frame to that as a decision can be made. This is really important and like this why I think it's data should be shared. Like, especially

01:32:06.900 --> 01:32:17.370
Matteo Sisto: Everything you collect should have a meaning for your own processes druggie activities and whatnot. Um, there is a lot of free products.

01:32:18.090 --> 01:32:35.280
Matteo Sisto: That you can use to create a dashboard. Some of them are already inside Mosler tools you use you familiar with zoom. There is no the functionalities that shows you what has been going on on your platform or like if he's a sauna to there is a very nice dashboard there.

01:32:37.050 --> 01:32:40.680
Matteo Sisto: But I would suggest is go with Google Data studio

01:32:42.180 --> 01:32:53.640
Matteo Sisto: First of all, just like getting the grades really nice really nicely with Google Analytics data. And second of all, because like it's it's really easy to poo other data sources.

01:32:55.500 --> 01:33:07.800
Matteo Sisto: And insert your dashboard. So consider that. And fundamentally, there are lots of other tools that are free for nonprofit organizations would like have very cheap price.

01:33:08.730 --> 01:33:22.980
Matteo Sisto: You can try to sell one is called the microphone Microsoft API web based application or software that even the load and the does smaller, same thing. I think of like the the business intelligence part which will make

01:33:24.780 --> 01:33:28.380
Matteo Sisto: Some sort of correlation or statistical analysis. This tableau.

01:33:29.670 --> 01:33:33.810
Matteo Sisto: Key view, if I'm not mistaken. The next slide will be with Tableau.

01:33:35.250 --> 01:33:53.970
Matteo Sisto: Just to show you why I think is dashboards are important fundamentally dashboard make etc to monitor and report on the performance. Okay. Like, it gives you an idea what are their key metrics, the charts your progress and suggest what works and what not, what doesn't.

01:33:56.070 --> 01:34:06.420
Matteo Sisto: Fundamental improved one one is a shirt, especially improve transparency and accountability. I don't expect everybody my team being volunteers to being

01:34:07.080 --> 01:34:18.960
Matteo Sisto: Staff members to be proficient in reading and analyzing data that everybody has highs. So to make them visually appearing, there will be much more engaging from them.

01:34:19.560 --> 01:34:40.200
Matteo Sisto: So, um, you can pretty much everything under notes here. Um, the other important point I want to raise here without getting into too many details is their most effective dashboards reports on your metrics of specific importance to the audience. Okay.

01:34:41.340 --> 01:34:51.120
Matteo Sisto: And they can illustrate current status friends and performance indicator prospect progress against schools, maybe your objective is to raise

01:34:51.720 --> 01:35:04.200
Matteo Sisto: $5 million online and you can track it easily with dashboard. How much is going, how many people engaged so far and what's not. And it supports us a reflection that it's I think one of the cardinal

01:35:05.430 --> 01:35:06.390
Matteo Sisto: Part of

01:35:08.010 --> 01:35:19.320
Matteo Sisto: Improving your organization and it supports all the other stuff. So let's go back to our fantastic strictly strictly dashboard.

01:35:20.760 --> 01:35:29.910
Matteo Sisto: So why I suggest dashboard is like it's really, really easy. They're interactive and like it supports a lot of simplicity and like it's really

01:35:31.440 --> 01:35:33.540
Matteo Sisto: Easy to. Sorry, just in a second.

01:35:35.340 --> 01:35:35.820
Here. Yeah.

01:35:45.600 --> 01:35:46.110

01:35:47.340 --> 01:35:47.550

01:35:49.380 --> 01:35:58.740
Matteo Sisto: So this is a dashboard made on business intelligence. This is from street League, the organization. I was telling you about last day.

01:36:00.780 --> 01:36:17.730
Matteo Sisto: One hour ago, and like it shows you a lot of information. This is how it starts, and like his throat on the website is embedded on the website. But the most interesting thing apart from showing you know like a very, very nice way to think about how to have impact and how to support

01:36:19.620 --> 01:36:24.510
Matteo Sisto: And again, organization, but like, it's really really nice work.

01:36:26.250 --> 01:36:30.120
Matteo Sisto: Okay, you see the data and you see two numbers over here.

01:36:31.140 --> 01:36:34.860
Matteo Sisto: To this filtering it allows for filtering. Just click

01:36:38.370 --> 01:36:42.270
Matteo Sisto: And I think like it's really, really helpful here is divided will support to graphical scope.

01:36:43.440 --> 01:36:53.310
Matteo Sisto: Mine. This is over a year. It is like, it is a way to be doing like an annual reporting much more effective and I think

01:36:54.090 --> 01:37:02.130
Matteo Sisto: The sort of information in this sort of way. And at the same time, you can share it easily with your friends. It's not 500 pages so densely

01:37:02.730 --> 01:37:15.300
Matteo Sisto: Britain stuff that you know nobody reads, I'm sure you and and apart from, you know, being able to understand what's going on. You can actually make your own. You remember about the female part

01:37:18.120 --> 01:37:18.990
Matteo Sisto: There was interesting.

01:37:20.220 --> 01:37:28.620
Matteo Sisto: Anyway, I'm not going to go too much into that, but it's a great source. Just give it a look when you have time to learn what you can do and

01:37:30.150 --> 01:37:30.570

01:37:32.040 --> 01:37:32.970
Not received

01:37:34.470 --> 01:37:41.490
Matteo Sisto: So the interactivity message really really helpful for for you is it allows you to make from any sort of

01:37:43.440 --> 01:37:52.890
Matteo Sisto: Division filtering segmenting directly on your dashboard without having to play around with the main sources of data. If you've done your job nicely.

01:37:54.390 --> 01:37:55.500
Matteo Sisto: You will have to

01:37:56.580 --> 01:38:02.790
Matteo Sisto: You have funds, lots of information. There are different kinds of dashboards. This is just like three main

01:38:03.960 --> 01:38:11.040
Matteo Sisto: I can think of right now there is strategic and business intelligence BI dashboard that will truck KPI

01:38:12.240 --> 01:38:29.460
Matteo Sisto: The construct the whole organization or the construct of the small departments, I think, like, it's especially important in fundraising is becoming more and more database and then we didn't have operational or accountability dashboard.

01:38:30.750 --> 01:38:31.260
Matteo Sisto: And that's

01:38:33.090 --> 01:38:38.430
Matteo Sisto: The show the data. Now what's happening now and can support the whole

01:38:39.690 --> 01:38:42.750
Matteo Sisto: Organization on the Sunday and better. What is going in terms of operation.

01:38:43.950 --> 01:38:48.630
Matteo Sisto: And if they need to make some change it reports usually

01:38:50.130 --> 01:38:56.070
Matteo Sisto: Stuff activity volunteers engagement web based on social media, the discussion about

01:38:56.970 --> 01:39:07.800
Matteo Sisto: Lastly, but not most, there is analytical dashboard show data now whether that allow users to identify trends or time or segments which itself.

01:39:08.730 --> 01:39:17.610
Matteo Sisto: There are important parts the spelling before to have clean consistent data that connects with databases or other platforms and Google don't studio

01:39:18.960 --> 01:39:22.590
Matteo Sisto: It's really helpful. So this is my

01:39:23.820 --> 01:39:45.840
Matteo Sisto: So this is the data from my social media, it is one month of Facebook in January and I don't know if you ever exported that file into your computer. But if I'm not mistaken, is about 1000 something column, and it is be really hard to make any sort of

01:39:46.950 --> 01:39:57.840
Matteo Sisto: Interesting point. So what I've done a cleaner bit the data because we're not so clean in certain parts were not able to be

01:39:58.890 --> 01:40:15.450
Matteo Sisto: pulled into my data. And this is what it looks like there is more or less the same information. But like a gave meaning to the blue line. So you can see it's a lifetime to the likes this growing. Fortunately, and me an idea. Also on the daily new life.

01:40:17.100 --> 01:40:24.270
Matteo Sisto: This was especially useful for me it's like a correlated that with them engagements. I was receiving on other

01:40:26.280 --> 01:40:41.940
Matteo Sisto: On the pulse. So I got through this simple, simple, simple data visualization, I can understand if my posts were engaging enough to people. I wanted to and it definitely looks nicer if you have to present it that way instead of that.

01:40:42.990 --> 01:40:56.790
Matteo Sisto: What is here. Here is my Google Analytics for the word sites, if I'm not mistaken. Yes, and like it is typically are relevant to the mccroskey can the location of the people, so

01:40:57.660 --> 01:41:08.760
Matteo Sisto: As you can see yourself is helps me to understand better the geographical distribution of my are the people that came into my website and

01:41:09.720 --> 01:41:22.200
Matteo Sisto: So my organization this specific organization is based in Italy, and we only speak Italian, meaning that our target is pretty defined is the young people under 3034 here and

01:41:23.700 --> 01:41:39.270
Matteo Sisto: Brother and like from this really simple thing. I can see that I haven't been successful in reaching some parts of Italy, and that's what is going to be my next campaigns, you know, like a bit definitely try to target those gray region and make them blue

01:41:40.470 --> 01:41:46.890
Matteo Sisto: Another important and interesting parts, it is related to the distribution age distribution of my visit

01:41:47.940 --> 01:42:05.010
Matteo Sisto: So serving you work smoothly with younger people under 34 and this is more or less reflective what's on the distribution or the in the future I will need to tweak a bit and my campaigns in these like we would like to include also like some someone this man.

01:42:06.720 --> 01:42:15.150
Matteo Sisto: And like for that. So I understand already that like I'm doing well in that segment and like I need to change something in order to reach out to other second

01:42:16.530 --> 01:42:16.950
Matteo Sisto: So,

01:42:19.080 --> 01:42:24.630
Matteo Sisto: Running reports, we could go to other studio. Simple as the other things and

01:42:26.670 --> 01:42:47.550
Matteo Sisto: Okay, you create an account. Super simple. You first thing you do is you connect to Google Analytics. If you have multiple accounts and this is my problem, a stronger Comanche tweets on an incognito window. It's always best because you you will be able to access their

01:42:48.900 --> 01:43:03.270
Matteo Sisto: Accounts and not being going crazy because you shared that with yourself, but you don't know which yourself, did you share that with and I promise you can be very traumatic and so do it in incognito.

01:43:04.530 --> 01:43:14.550
Matteo Sisto: Third thing would be to put all your data in Excel or shifts us otherwise it won't be possible for them to be told. And this is great.

01:43:15.090 --> 01:43:23.280
Matteo Sisto: This is also a new thing that wasn't there a couple of months. Some months ago when I started using Google Data studio full of little sorial

01:43:23.880 --> 01:43:43.500
Matteo Sisto: That is great. It really gives you an idea of what are the possibility behind that and it is not just, you know, a tutorial that say do this, it shows you how to do things. It is some interactive, as well as any dashboard on who does a studio. So I strongly recommend you to follow it.

01:43:46.800 --> 01:43:48.870
Matteo Sisto: Check for templates and I will

01:43:50.430 --> 01:43:55.560
Matteo Sisto: Times doesn't, then they may push that data into you. So

01:43:57.750 --> 01:44:08.730
Matteo Sisto: One of the coolest things I like about some Google Data studio as you can add multiple sources to your records. Okay. You can seamlessly sort of

01:44:10.080 --> 01:44:13.800
Matteo Sisto: Mix and match Google Analytics Google grants.

01:44:15.120 --> 01:44:17.280
Matteo Sisto: Facebook, Twitter,

01:44:18.600 --> 01:44:30.600
Matteo Sisto: Everything fundamentally every sort of like surveys. If you have been doing events all the registration forms. Everything, everything that can be inputs into a cautious.

01:44:32.370 --> 01:44:34.110
Matteo Sisto: Into crush it. You can be done.

01:44:35.250 --> 01:44:36.210
Matteo Sisto: And

01:44:37.500 --> 01:44:40.920
Matteo Sisto: Again, there is a lot of templates free to use it.

01:44:42.180 --> 01:44:57.720
Matteo Sisto: You can have those are those are my, my main points of what you would have to do so you can create comprehensible and understandable report that they if I manage to do it. Everybody should be able to, you can pull data from multiple sources.

01:44:59.340 --> 01:45:05.550
Matteo Sisto: To report, I can use data from two or more sources that can be really, really valuable in certain situations.

01:45:06.390 --> 01:45:20.010
Matteo Sisto: And also, like, if you want to make sure to have very high level or what's going on in your organization. This is important. You can create dynamic reports, if everything is done nicely Google Analytics, for example, call analytics.

01:45:21.120 --> 01:45:25.920
Matteo Sisto: Connects perfectly with Google Data studio like you can have data for today.

01:45:26.370 --> 01:45:38.760
Matteo Sisto: And like OCC share your rapport with somebody your dashboards with somebody, they will have the most updated version. So every time will be dynamically that the data will change according to what were the main points.

01:45:40.260 --> 01:45:49.410
Matteo Sisto: In the last week or last day in real time from the mental. It's not something that is started. It's all a PDF. Okay. It's a drag and drop

01:45:50.190 --> 01:46:09.330
Matteo Sisto: Nowadays most of the things that we can drag and drop because it's easy. That's the main points and you can create our late fully customizable reports that you can get updates in real time, which great unlimited. There is no sort of limitation about. That's my favorite word. It's free.

01:46:10.860 --> 01:46:13.440
Matteo Sisto: So this is more or less it for

01:46:15.540 --> 01:46:28.920
Matteo Sisto: Quite I'm fine, really happy about that. Just to plug my computer and very much for that tension. I know that this topic is not super easy to share

01:46:30.120 --> 01:46:49.380
Matteo Sisto: With words. It's much easier to share it with showing you what to do, and as such I created like I compiled a lot of resources that will explain you by step how to do it and. But again, if you have any questions or you want to share your own experience. This is the right time to eat.

01:46:50.880 --> 01:46:51.540
Matteo Sisto: Drink some water.

01:47:17.700 --> 01:47:18.090
Matteo Sisto: Okay.

01:47:21.330 --> 01:47:21.810
Somebody said,

01:47:22.950 --> 01:47:25.950
Matteo Sisto: She has to go. Thank you. Thank you, guys.

01:47:27.390 --> 01:47:32.430
Matteo Sisto: Again, like this is just like a very basic overview. I made sure to send you all

01:47:33.540 --> 01:47:35.040
Matteo Sisto: The compilation of if

01:47:37.050 --> 01:47:44.190
Matteo Sisto: Resources that are used to pull this out and yes yes definitely send your guys from

01:47:45.210 --> 01:47:55.710
Matteo Sisto: That should be done in very short time. Thank you very much for being here. Think about net squares work on your nonprofit organization and make the world a better place or we

01:47:56.760 --> 01:47:57.390
Matteo Sisto: Have a good day.