NetSquared Athens: Hail to the Mail - Why your Nonprofit Needs an Email Newsletter

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Hosted by NetSquared Athen's Matteo Sisto.

This is a sentence I hear often: “Email is dead, everyone is now on social media”.

I beg to differ. And it’s not just me. Data speak louder than words

Actually, email has never been more alive and effective. And this is particularly true in the nonprofit sector.
Email marketing is the number one way for brands to consistently deliver a worthy return on investment (ROI). In fact, email marketing produces a 4400% ROI, which breaks down to 44€ for every 1€ spent. Email consistently delivers close to double the ROI of any other digital marketing channel.

So join for this recording of the 30th April Online NetSquared Athens to learn how to start up and improve your communication with digital tools.

NetSquared is a free, casual get together where NGOs, funders and people interested in technology for social good can connect with each other and share ideas and tips.

Chat Log

01:50:59    Matteo Sisto:    Hello everyone
01:51:12    Matteo Sisto:    We are going to wait few more minutes to wait for some more people
01:53:21    Matteo Sisto:    If you have any question in meantime feel free to ask
01:54:44    Matteo Sisto:    3 minutes and we start :)
02:07:38    Louise T:    Louise
02:07:55    Louise T:    Brighton Hove Library
02:08:18    Redmi:    Eirini
A21 - NGO against human trafficking
First time here 
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02:32:11    Eli van der Giessen:    Hi! It’s Eli the NetSquared Community Manager. I’m in Vancouver Canada.
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02:58:20    Sameer Hajee:    we’ve been evaluating hootsuite, but it looks like mail chimp can also do social media posting…can you comment on the differences between mail chimp and hoot suite?
03:12:28    Sameer Hajee:    ok thanks!
03:12:56    Ben Reilly:    When you said publish the mail chimp sign up form everywhere, did you mean promoting the link?
03:14:48    Ben Reilly:    Thanks!
03:15:38    Alex:    Thanks so much, really good presentation! 
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01:57:03.180 --> 01:57:12.270
Matteo Sisto: So, hello, everyone. Thank you for being here. I am your host Mattel I'll show myself for a brief moments before my internet connections dropped

01:57:13.410 --> 01:57:16.320
Matteo Sisto: And thank you very much for the people who joined us.

01:57:17.490 --> 01:57:26.820
Matteo Sisto: I know that for some somebody is like a bit overwhelmed by other webinars and stuff, but like, I promise you. Today we are going to be quite

01:57:27.720 --> 01:57:33.570
Matteo Sisto: Important. So today's topic is nonprofit email marketing. I'll try to bring you through a small

01:57:34.380 --> 01:57:43.230
Matteo Sisto: Let's see journey on what are the most interesting tricks that you can use to make your email marketing. The most successful way possible. And to do that.

01:57:43.800 --> 01:57:49.080
Matteo Sisto: I'm going to start to look a little bit of introduction about 40 is going to beach day so fundamentally

01:57:50.010 --> 01:57:56.130
Matteo Sisto: This is a. Net Squared events. I got to speak your piece about that square it fundamentally some volunteer led community.

01:57:56.670 --> 01:58:10.770
Matteo Sisto: That tries to bridge the gap between nonprofit organizations and technology do it does that through these sort of events which like there is a speaker or more speakers and to speak about something that relates to technology and nonprofits.

01:58:12.210 --> 01:58:17.490
Matteo Sisto: That we're going to go a bit fruit zoom and introductions, try to understand why do people today with us.

01:58:18.270 --> 01:58:24.690
Matteo Sisto: Then there is a park today intelligible communication and 21st century, meaning that communication has changed a lot.

01:58:25.500 --> 01:58:34.470
Matteo Sisto: In the last 30 years since like it started the boom of technology and whatnot. And there are some things that, like, it's important to keep in mind.

01:58:34.980 --> 01:58:45.660
Matteo Sisto: Lastly, we've gone dive into the main topic today that is like the best of all possible emails going to conclude with a Q AMP. A I recommend us these all

01:58:47.400 --> 01:59:05.490
Matteo Sisto: This whole webinar will last about one hour and a half. If you have any questions, I'll be more than happy to reply that, feel free to write that into the chat. There is, um, is my colleague and CO that will take your questions and we'll try to reply to all of them. So

01:59:07.020 --> 01:59:19.830
Matteo Sisto: We don't, without further ado, we can start. So I'm speaking of net square. Just give me a few seconds that I need to do a new share and we go over here.

01:59:21.150 --> 01:59:35.250
Matteo Sisto: You should be seeing this fun not right didn't assume. Yeah. So, so what is net square and square is a problem of tech soup. As I was saying you before remote my face because it was my internet doesn't do very well.

01:59:35.910 --> 01:59:45.720
Matteo Sisto: Let's not square is our program of tech Soup Soup is one of the main organization in the world that is trying to bridge the gap act as an intermediary between nonprofits and technology.

01:59:46.260 --> 01:59:55.260
Matteo Sisto: Like soup fundamentally provides validation services that are necessary for nonprofit organizations to access heavily discounted software and hardware.

01:59:55.740 --> 02:00:07.980
Matteo Sisto: As I'm selling you live last week, not last event was recently, Google has extended his nonprofit program also to Greece, which allows you to get full access to the G sweet on

02:00:08.820 --> 02:00:15.780
Matteo Sisto: G. Sweet. That includes to, you know, to try lots of fantastic emails, and most importantly, there is

02:00:16.290 --> 02:00:29.880
Matteo Sisto: Any words that allows your nonprofit organizations to us up to $10,000 per month of credit that you can use to, you know, promote your organization. And this is a great thing. So what is next square

02:00:32.340 --> 02:00:49.020
Matteo Sisto: So I mean look on that score organizer, I'ma tell us. I was telling you this for this is a program of texture that square is a global network of people, the one tech for good tech super is a nonprofit that helps other nonprofit organization implements and you stuck effective

02:00:51.390 --> 02:00:54.000
Matteo Sisto: Is a global network. As you can see from all these dots.

02:00:54.840 --> 02:01:03.510
Matteo Sisto: It's almost everywhere. This is not updated because it doesn't include our next square offense that they sear. I see somebody else joining. Thank you very much for being here.

02:01:04.050 --> 02:01:13.830
Matteo Sisto: And we're just making a small introduction about who does net square. And so what are their community values so net square. So, welcome everyone.

02:01:14.250 --> 02:01:22.410
Matteo Sisto: It's very important for us, everyone is welcome in these sort of events with with community fears. We are a community. We believe in the power of people. And we're here to support each other.

02:01:22.920 --> 02:01:33.270
Matteo Sisto: We build stronger nonprofits because nonprofits are the backbone of our society. It's important for them to thrive and to be able to do their job as effectively and

02:01:34.560 --> 02:01:44.940
Matteo Sisto: As possible, and technology is like a very strong tools to support this. Some this nonprofit sector, the public sector to be more effective, we invite participation.

02:01:45.270 --> 02:02:00.600
Matteo Sisto: I'm pretty sure that I'm not an expert on a lot of a lot of things and we invite participation, I strongly believe that everybody has something to learn and to contribute and last week we treat each other with kindness and respect. Those are our base.

02:02:03.090 --> 02:02:08.220
Matteo Sisto: And so, stealing your so last week. And this is the second event of offense not squared.

02:02:09.210 --> 02:02:16.950
Matteo Sisto: Meaning that like before I started this thing. There was nobody doing that. And in order for a group to thrive. We need your help.

02:02:17.610 --> 02:02:27.480
Matteo Sisto: We need all sorts of people that think that technology can be a factor in supporting nonprofit organizations, both from the nonprofit sector and for the

02:02:27.930 --> 02:02:37.740
Matteo Sisto: From the technology ones. So if you guys have any sort of help that you want to lend, feel free to reach out to me. My email is almost everywhere right me on Facebook or on

02:02:38.700 --> 02:02:47.850
Matteo Sisto: Our Meetup. I'm always happy to hear from you and speak and see if we can collaborate. So our local partners to increase his Impact Hub.

02:02:49.530 --> 02:02:54.780
Matteo Sisto: And as I was telling you before there is lots of technology that you can get for

02:02:55.530 --> 02:03:02.280
Matteo Sisto: Really reasonable price. There's a horse whole Microsoft suits on Tableau software that is a very powerful bi.

02:03:02.760 --> 02:03:15.990
Matteo Sisto: DocuSign that supports on digital signatures that are authenticates the defender is for antivirus and box is like a storage cloud service. So our sponsors to increase has been Hicks.

02:03:17.190 --> 02:03:26.670
Matteo Sisto: Of course, ideally, we would have been up their physical location of Phoenix, which wasn't possible because of Corona virus, but we hope that very soon that will happen again.

02:03:27.750 --> 02:03:29.790
Matteo Sisto: The next event. This is one of the next month.

02:03:30.780 --> 02:03:41.820
Matteo Sisto: The next one will be on the 13th of May and the topics we're going to discern a topic together. So feel free to reach out to me and like let me know what you guys are interested to learn. I'll try to, you know,

02:03:42.390 --> 02:03:49.890
Matteo Sisto: Research better the topic. And if I'm not up to speed. I will definitely try to find another another speaker to speak about that.

02:03:50.190 --> 02:03:56.520
Matteo Sisto: Those are some ideas that I jot down in the last days. So digital marketer marketing and technology trends and then we will speak about

02:03:57.120 --> 02:04:11.940
Matteo Sisto: Digital fundraising serum for no profits and finance are really helpful or Google Analytics. But if you have any other suggestions, feel free to call me. So as I'm standing

02:04:12.960 --> 02:04:23.130
Matteo Sisto: Looking for other hosts because like at a certain points as we have might have guessed, I'm not Greek and my permissions here is not some long term.

02:04:23.820 --> 02:04:31.200
Matteo Sisto: So like who need to find I will love to find somebody who wants to continue this sort of appointments and if you guys want to

02:04:31.620 --> 02:04:40.980
Matteo Sisto: Reach out and like are interested about that, please, please, please do reach out to me. Lastly, this is my contacts, feel free to, you know, take

02:04:41.610 --> 02:04:57.420
Matteo Sisto: A picture or whatever and contact me really no problem about that. And without further ado, I think we can move back to our real presentation that should be in this sector, let me just which super sure about that.

02:05:02.490 --> 02:05:06.120
Matteo Sisto: Assume. Sure. And now, yes, you should be seeing the manual

02:05:09.300 --> 02:05:10.860
Matteo Sisto: And we're two

02:05:12.450 --> 02:05:18.990
Matteo Sisto: Housekeeping rules for zoom. So fundamentally, I guess most of you have already gets used to what is like thunder.

02:05:20.070 --> 02:05:28.380
Matteo Sisto: coronavirus I never had loads of meetings and other things online. There is some rules or like some you know etiquette, that we should be following all of us.

02:05:29.070 --> 02:05:36.930
Matteo Sisto: If you're not speaking please mute your microphone and this is important to the ones we have a lot of background noise that can annoy everything

02:05:37.320 --> 02:05:46.380
Matteo Sisto: If you have questions, feel free to write it in the chat box or raise your hands if you want to ask a question. My colleague and CO will

02:05:47.010 --> 02:05:57.780
Matteo Sisto: Try to knock on my, on my shoulder and let me know about that. And if you want to use some article and reaction to signal your life. That would be really necessary for me because

02:05:58.050 --> 02:06:09.570
Matteo Sisto: Last time I felt like I was being too old for a long time, and it's not super easy for me anyway. Apart from that, this is a serious that I like to call clicking. Sure. And it's a way for

02:06:10.470 --> 02:06:19.740
Matteo Sisto: For me to say that technology is something we invented. Okay. It's not the other way around. We shouldn't be slave to technology, but try to find a way to use it our best

02:06:22.350 --> 02:06:34.590
Matteo Sisto: So introduction. I'm full time experienced he adopted a bit my presentation. The first one was a bit more participants live and I felt that there was a needs.

02:06:35.010 --> 02:06:40.710
Matteo Sisto: A little bit more explanation on the slides because lots of people didn't party couldn't participate or had to leave before so like

02:06:41.280 --> 02:06:50.610
Matteo Sisto: These slides will be a little bit more text heavy in this way, you know, you can be able just to look at the slides and be able to get the main idea behind the topic.

02:06:52.410 --> 02:07:00.960
Matteo Sisto: I wanted to play a game with you. I don't know how many people are with us on the zoom. There is surely some more people on Facebook Live

02:07:04.110 --> 02:07:12.090
Matteo Sisto: So I wanted to do this exercise that equal shot waterfall. You should write in the chat, but do not send yet and

02:07:13.290 --> 02:07:23.370
Matteo Sisto: Your name your organization. And if you participate in the previous events and just Y or N if you if you

02:07:24.900 --> 02:07:31.110
Matteo Sisto: And when you give you some more 10 seconds, something like that. And you can

02:07:32.490 --> 02:07:39.780
Matteo Sisto: Just leave those information for me in the chat box. That would be really helpful. Great. Thank you, Louis.

02:07:42.120 --> 02:07:43.020
Matteo Sisto: Please raise it up.

02:07:50.250 --> 02:07:50.730
Matteo Sisto: Okay.

02:07:58.860 --> 02:08:16.650
Matteo Sisto: Good stuff. I like that's done this new formats on the online format to get people coming from all over the world actually and like it's not anymore as on locate location based as it was in, you know, a physical event which really really empower lots of organizations to gets

02:08:18.060 --> 02:08:18.780
Matteo Sisto: Challenging

02:08:20.550 --> 02:08:32.130
Matteo Sisto: And really empower a lot of organization to share ideas and together better what is out there in terms of technology. I will suggest you guys to take a new course.

02:08:32.820 --> 02:08:44.670
Matteo Sisto: There are less square. Thank you, Ben 10 QR code. Oh, and there is no more, no more people here in the participant shots. I will just move forward to our topic.

02:08:45.510 --> 02:08:51.960
Matteo Sisto: So communication in 21st century. The word is surely different than it was. Let's say 30 years ago.

02:08:52.530 --> 02:08:59.640
Matteo Sisto: I can still remember the word before computers. I'm lucky enough to be born in 1986 and I experienced a huge change across my life.

02:09:00.180 --> 02:09:09.420
Matteo Sisto: And as the word has changed communication has changed to today. Today's topic is digital marketing, especially on email marketing.

02:09:10.200 --> 02:09:26.250
Matteo Sisto: And I just want to like to start with a little bit of history, but like it's going to be just very brief. To give you an idea of what has changed. And so the first attempt at digital marketing, which actually a male. There was something in 1978 and this is what it looks like.

02:09:27.390 --> 02:09:48.840
Matteo Sisto: This guy was called the Gareth work is called the father of spark fundamentally he sends one of the first email. It wasn't on the internet. It was on our planet something slightly different. And this email resulted in about 13 $13 million worth of sales and also a lot of complaints.

02:09:49.920 --> 02:09:57.750
Matteo Sisto: And of course it wasn't as mass emails as it is today. This was just very few people, and at that time 1978

02:09:58.830 --> 02:10:18.330
Matteo Sisto: We go to this. Okay, look at this slide. Okay, this is the number of marketing technology tools that are available in April 2020 years this has been updated like two days ago, three days ago, something like that. I had the previous slice of 2019. As you can see there is like

02:10:18.330 --> 02:10:30.960
Matteo Sisto: An enormous number of technology tools. This is almost incredible. And I know like it's very small slide, but it's just give you an idea how many are there. OK.

02:10:32.280 --> 02:10:44.100
Matteo Sisto: Just to give you another idea of comparison in 2011 just nine years ago the tools were only 150 what today we got 4000, if I'm not mistaken. Okay.

02:10:45.420 --> 02:10:45.630
Redmi: So,

02:10:46.830 --> 02:10:48.390
Matteo Sisto: Something has clearly changed.

02:10:48.960 --> 02:10:56.130
Matteo Sisto: That's pretty much true and like there are a couple of things that I want to point out because are relevant to our conversation. The first one, it's

02:10:57.300 --> 02:11:03.330
Matteo Sisto: It's a personalization that have happened so fundamentally like them the ability to gather and collect and to

02:11:03.540 --> 02:11:14.940
Matteo Sisto: Manipulate and analyze big chunks of data had had that huge impact on the level of personalization and customization that is possible. And what's your audience expect from their interactions with brands.

02:11:15.360 --> 02:11:24.510
Matteo Sisto: Okay. Another trend that has really changed is omni channel I'm pretty sure you can name like on top of your list on top of your mind, just like five different

02:11:25.080 --> 02:11:42.210
Matteo Sisto: Channels in which your communication can happen. And the amazing thing is that now all those channels can be integrated and people are actually sort of expecting that that your brand has consistency in like in the two way communication that happens in across all the channels.

02:11:45.240 --> 02:11:48.090
Matteo Sisto: Okay, let's go for, for those who is a boy you

02:11:49.290 --> 02:12:05.220
Matteo Sisto: What does it mean for the nonprofit sector. So people are expecting to have more meaningful connections with their brands and this happens through stories and emotions and through sending them unique experience. Okay, I'm really struggling about that because he

02:12:06.300 --> 02:12:13.770
Matteo Sisto: I don't hate, but like I'm upset from the fact that a lot of for profit organizations are leveraging that very, very successfully.

02:12:14.100 --> 02:12:25.410
Matteo Sisto: And you know, I mean, like the comparison between like a for profit organization and nonprofit organization in terms of emotions should be really skewed towards like the nonprofit. Okay, let's try to use it more

02:12:25.740 --> 02:12:31.980
Matteo Sisto: And the second thing is really, really important to be consistent. Okay, and to provide value to your

02:12:33.120 --> 02:12:45.240
Matteo Sisto: To your users, your audience all across the whole them across the whole journey that they were going to have a little even idea later on about what I mean quite sure. Okay, so before

02:12:46.200 --> 02:12:54.930
Matteo Sisto: Before starting with today's topic email. I just want to introduce a couple of concepts can make all the difference when you want to communicate in 21st century.

02:12:55.440 --> 02:13:03.480
Matteo Sisto: So, as I told you at the beginning I'm Italian. This is something use a lot, and B, which means not bad, you must always keep in mind that even though

02:13:04.170 --> 02:13:14.220
Matteo Sisto: We have a an incredible number of technologies that can help us communication still follow some rules or structures and that we need to keep in mind to be effective.

02:13:14.610 --> 02:13:25.110
Matteo Sisto: The following the things that I'm going to show you are some brief tips that will be beneficial. No matter what kind of marketing, you're going to perform. So fundamentally, always remember to keep

02:13:25.800 --> 02:13:34.350
Matteo Sisto: In mind the fundamentals of communication and like to have a strategy aligned to the goals for starters acquisition and retention.

02:13:35.160 --> 02:13:48.720
Matteo Sisto: Okay. So as I was telling you before stories. So it's like a super powerful. Nowadays, but don't are super powerful nowadays. And there is this trick that I've been using with like a grassroots organization in Malta, that was really helpful.

02:13:50.220 --> 02:14:05.160
Matteo Sisto: So fundamentally, I, we were struggling with external communication and to create a storytelling that could engage their audience and their community, much more so like we asked the other volunteers to create a shared documents and on that shared documents.

02:14:06.180 --> 02:14:23.850
Matteo Sisto: They had to report and right up anytime happens like a positive story, something that is inspirational should impact in their community and like in this way, there is every, every week, every month there is like a quite interesting chunk of real life stories from the field or from

02:14:24.960 --> 02:14:32.130
Matteo Sisto: From the beneficiaries or from the members that are working organization that can really break through and that can really have

02:14:33.180 --> 02:14:42.390
Matteo Sisto: An important impact in terms of communication are left to these two links that you will you will receive all the recording and the slides up

02:14:43.080 --> 02:14:49.050
Matteo Sisto: About tomorrow, I think, or like a as soon as I have time to process. Some more links that I want to give it to you.

02:14:49.710 --> 02:15:06.720
Matteo Sisto: And so there are two clear example of how stories are used in nonprofit organizations Habitat for Humanity is very interesting organization, but like I want to pointed out, you especially Charity Water is one of the most innovative or at least one of the most

02:15:08.280 --> 02:15:16.650
Matteo Sisto: Successful organization in terms of using stories to channel to try donations, and in general.

02:15:19.380 --> 02:15:22.560
Matteo Sisto: To promote better their, their impact.

02:15:23.730 --> 02:15:35.220
Matteo Sisto: Second part. Okay, so there is something very important I always like to have a strategy or a method that I follow fundamentally a funnel is a toolbox pipe.

02:15:35.790 --> 02:15:47.190
Matteo Sisto: That is used to move water from or liquid into a small opening in a marketing sense it symbolizes the journey from unknown to ambassador.

02:15:47.850 --> 02:15:57.180
Matteo Sisto: From the slides can be a little bit more comprehensive. So, it usually starts with awareness, a person gets aware that you are congestion exists.

02:15:57.570 --> 02:16:06.180
Matteo Sisto: From there, there are different phases that are triggered by the user action giving a meal is usually a good signal that the person is moving down the funnel.

02:16:06.720 --> 02:16:22.890
Matteo Sisto: Your objective is to bring that's the person that just met you up to like the rule evangelist, or like an ambassador. So like to be so happy with what your two way relationship is giving them that they will be starting to promote your organization. Okay.

02:16:23.880 --> 02:16:25.110
Matteo Sisto: So I'm saying, like, there are

02:16:25.200 --> 02:16:29.880
Matteo Sisto: Thousands of different funnels, you can use this is a bit complex and understand

02:16:29.910 --> 02:16:32.160
Matteo Sisto: What I wanted to give you like a clear idea of what

02:16:32.220 --> 02:16:32.910
Matteo Sisto: It's up there.

02:16:34.530 --> 02:16:36.750
Matteo Sisto: So personas. This is something

02:16:37.830 --> 02:16:39.480
Matteo Sisto: This is something also really important

02:16:41.160 --> 02:16:47.760
Matteo Sisto: In terms of target decision and personalization, the more you're able to understand who is your

02:16:48.330 --> 02:17:00.180
Matteo Sisto: Your donors who are who are the people in your email list. And in general, who are the people behind the social connections and the more you'll be able to connect with those people fundamentally people connect with people, not with data.

02:17:01.620 --> 02:17:15.090
Matteo Sisto: So what is personas personas personas are nothing more than a tool to help you better understand with your heart. What motivates people to donate to, volunteer and general to support your organization.

02:17:15.510 --> 02:17:21.990
Matteo Sisto: For example, you can use our personas to write some fundraising emails that have more impact and in general.

02:17:22.950 --> 02:17:41.160
Matteo Sisto: The better you define your marketing personas, the easier it will be to create social media content website copy email messages, etc. I promise you like it doesn't take too long and like it doesn't need to be perfect but like it's something that it's really delivering on date on

02:17:42.300 --> 02:17:42.810
The results.

02:17:44.130 --> 02:17:51.840
Matteo Sisto: This is like an example of a persona from finance organization and like I see it's like it just a personification of like your audience.

02:17:52.710 --> 02:18:12.120
Matteo Sisto: Can be done on different levels can be done for different kinds, different type of personas, the more you have, the better to be a bum to too many. Otherwise, of course, like will be a bit redundant. So, okay, AFTER THIS SHORT intro, we can jump into today's topic.

02:18:13.200 --> 02:18:31.140
Matteo Sisto: I told you last week that some I like a bit philosophy and I can try to paraphrase the philosophy of life needs to to say how you guys can get the best of all possible evils. So why, why is it important for me that you guys as a nonprofit professional or

02:18:31.140 --> 02:18:31.380
Redmi: Like

02:18:31.410 --> 02:18:39.660
Matteo Sisto: Some small medium organizations working in the nonprofit sector have a nonprofit have a an email and like especially why you should have

02:18:40.020 --> 02:18:51.210
Matteo Sisto: A newsletter. So I tend to work collaborate volunteer will small nonprofit organizations that have big ambitions and limited resources that's more or less. There's more or less all of us.

02:18:51.510 --> 02:18:58.080
Matteo Sisto: So my main goal is always to offer the cheapest and most effective solution to increase their impact.

02:18:58.710 --> 02:19:04.770
Matteo Sisto: And and usually answer is always my first suggestions. Also, because it's not rocket science. You know, like, you don't need to be

02:19:05.700 --> 02:19:17.640
Matteo Sisto: You don't need to be a rocket scientist in order to use it. So why it is simple. It is cheap and is effective and it's not me that I'm speaking as me like there is a huge amount of data that will tell you that

02:19:18.180 --> 02:19:26.580
Matteo Sisto: So through emails you do hit all the bases for your external communication and it's a perfect tool to start experimenting

02:19:27.870 --> 02:19:41.160
Matteo Sisto: Your needs as an organization, and if you, you know, like if you want to grow a bit more and start using one of the other 7999 other technologies that are available for digital Mar.

02:19:42.780 --> 02:19:52.470
Matteo Sisto: Sort of time. And most of the time that most nonprofits and Lucy are faced with me that marketing is one of the best ways to connect with support.

02:19:52.890 --> 02:20:03.630
Matteo Sisto: through chemo. You can shoot on us, the impact they're making, making and the gratitude organization as always remember. So here's some are heavy dense form for the skeptical.

02:20:04.530 --> 02:20:14.970
Matteo Sisto: So there is stuck in 3.8 billion email users worldwide. And I think this is not an update number. So, like this is by far the biggest number of

02:20:16.170 --> 02:20:23.520
Matteo Sisto: There is biggest possibility to reach people. There's no other place where there is so many. Okay, second like

02:20:24.150 --> 02:20:33.150
Matteo Sisto: Email is like is better. The acquisition is more effective acquisition than Facebook and Twitter combined. And this is, again, it's hard data. Okay.

02:20:33.720 --> 02:20:54.690
Matteo Sisto: And everything you invest in email if you will to do so will produce crazy 4,400% of return on investment, it means that, like if you invest one euro on like your email marketing efforts, you will reach 4444 euros of

02:20:56.130 --> 02:21:06.960
Matteo Sisto: Room results. Lastly, I'm fundamentally email marketing is is yours. You know, like, well, some social media have their own

02:21:07.470 --> 02:21:20.520
Matteo Sisto: Channels as you still no Facebook, there are, there might be some privacy issues that might be a lot of different and like you still you still need to depend on something with email marketing. You are in control.

02:21:21.930 --> 02:21:36.570
Matteo Sisto: Okay, let's start with the basics. So as a non profit organization, you will probably have a website or some social media fundamental there is somebody who wants to listen to you and like you want to engage with that audience because like

02:21:37.860 --> 02:21:47.430
Matteo Sisto: They can become your beneficiaries, they can become your donors volunteers members are in China can bring you some some positive in terms of your inbox.

02:21:48.870 --> 02:22:06.840
Matteo Sisto: What is the newsletter okay newsletter is not a secret email sent to all your contacts. This is a mass email is something different, a newsletter is a way to build a relationship. Your audience by providing them interesting content and engaging them farther within your organization.

02:22:07.860 --> 02:22:23.160
Matteo Sisto: Okay, this is something I'm struggling for when I speak about engagement always try to additional sort of journey we start to the first content that says I will simply for can happen on your website on your social media.

02:22:23.670 --> 02:22:39.270
Matteo Sisto: And events. The Sn or any activity organize a referral for somebody that knows you're ready. So the more you're able to imagine this person physical as it was the first time this person just met you.

02:22:41.940 --> 02:22:48.990
Matteo Sisto: You know, like, even though it is mediated by technology. This first contact is still much based on human psychology

02:22:49.320 --> 02:23:01.110
Matteo Sisto: This new person that visit you, for the first time will have different motivations and interests and for him to become your best friend forever. That is your objective, so like to become

02:23:01.470 --> 02:23:10.650
Matteo Sisto: An ambassador of yours. You will need to show that the two of you can get along by providing concrete in meaningful ways of interaction, when you showed that this new person.

02:23:11.250 --> 02:23:12.420
Matteo Sisto: They have the same interests.

02:23:12.450 --> 02:23:23.250
Matteo Sisto: You same values or you can offer a solution for for two snakes. For example, like, I don't know, um, this happens, this happens by creating some sort of content.

02:23:23.730 --> 02:23:29.010
Matteo Sisto: That will provide provide value during the spirits in production. If you did a job.

02:23:29.880 --> 02:23:44.910
Matteo Sisto: This first come content will come back to you. And after several positive interactions, your relationship with this person will be stronger and we time is meant to become your best friend forever. Okay. Um, this is another concept and quite strong for so

02:23:45.420 --> 02:23:48.150
Matteo Sisto: Since learned about strategy. I thought that like

02:23:48.210 --> 02:23:48.480
Matteo Sisto: I

02:23:48.540 --> 02:23:57.060
Matteo Sisto: Always try to create strategies for each and every one thing I wanted you don't get too stressed out about finding the perfect strategy. Strategy. There is no such thing.

02:23:57.900 --> 02:24:08.820
Matteo Sisto: Just strictly follow a simple scheme and put into action as your results. See what worked and what didn't. And just and and and then work on the next strategy for this. Okay.

02:24:09.900 --> 02:24:10.950
Matteo Sisto: So a newsletter.

02:24:12.000 --> 02:24:19.980
Matteo Sisto: And use that as I was saying before, it's like a tool that will support the journey from. Nice to meet you too. Best Friend forever.

02:24:21.090 --> 02:24:28.320
Matteo Sisto: And there is a lot of arrows in your quiver, meaning there is a lot of opportunities that we can use as I was saying, like, I'm

02:24:28.710 --> 02:24:29.460
Matteo Sisto: The word

02:24:29.490 --> 02:24:39.750
Matteo Sisto: Is pretty nice towards nonprofit organizations for lots of reasons. And I'm really happy about that. But the most important is that they provide. See all this content to

02:24:41.220 --> 02:24:45.120
Matteo Sisto: Help with all the aspects of the email marketing.

02:24:45.510 --> 02:24:46.260
Matteo Sisto: Those are some

02:24:46.800 --> 02:24:52.380
Matteo Sisto: Those are some names. They're quite famous but all of them should be offering some sort of free

02:24:53.160 --> 02:25:11.190
Matteo Sisto: A free or discounted access but like the one I'm going to be speaking today it is MailChimp. So I've been using MailChimp since quite a long time. I do not get paid from them. But as you can see, also from the slide, there are some nice features of course being free. It's my favorite

02:25:12.900 --> 02:25:17.040
Matteo Sisto: there or not all the features available on the free account as usual.

02:25:18.660 --> 02:25:25.020
Matteo Sisto: But like what you're going to see today. It's like my process. I recently started my own nonprofit organization in Italy.

02:25:25.440 --> 02:25:26.400
Matteo Sisto: And I went through.

02:25:26.580 --> 02:25:32.490
Matteo Sisto: All of this of setting up searching. Okay. The following information on my

02:25:33.510 --> 02:25:34.020
Matteo Sisto: Work.

02:25:34.110 --> 02:25:45.960
Matteo Sisto: Into creating my newsletter are taking here and there, from other sources. But the most important thing to keep in mind as there is there is no one size fits all solution. Okay.

02:25:46.410 --> 02:25:54.420
Matteo Sisto: Some of the things I say will work for your organization to some others might be completely of truck. But, you know, you won't know if you don't try

02:25:57.600 --> 02:26:06.840
Matteo Sisto: Starting up with a major you start with creating an account and getting acquainted with the environment much equal to the initial direction and support you to build your first can pay

02:26:07.620 --> 02:26:08.580
Matteo Sisto: Straight from straight

02:26:08.640 --> 02:26:11.940
Matteo Sisto: The beginning, but I will suggest you to do a bit later, we use like

02:26:12.330 --> 02:26:28.350
Matteo Sisto: That would still first needs to do some other things. So start with creating accounts and get acquainted with them environment. This is how the environment looks like okay at the top bar will have the menu on the left side there is create these campaigns automate

02:26:29.400 --> 02:26:36.300
Matteo Sisto: Automate, I just want to spend a couple of words here. Um, so it is the reason why you love this sort of platforms. Okay.

02:26:36.840 --> 02:26:53.220
Matteo Sisto: Automate to let you create males, they're automatically sent whenever your audience performance certain tasks like subscribe for the first time, or burn or not opened an email, click or not really click in an email is a great time saver. I use it quite

02:26:54.570 --> 02:27:07.350
Matteo Sisto: Widely but some in the free version or MailChimp is you. You can only set one one logic behind the automation. So it's not as powerful, but I still if you're starting with this.

02:27:07.590 --> 02:27:08.250
Matteo Sisto: Is amazing

02:27:08.760 --> 02:27:18.450
Matteo Sisto: Okay. On the right side, you can see lots of other thing. If you click on upgrade. Now, you get the paid version and go forward. So

02:27:20.370 --> 02:27:21.600
Matteo Sisto: When you click on the audience.

02:27:22.980 --> 02:27:31.380
Matteo Sisto: Then click on View contacts on the right and you will get to the audience, please click on the Settings and then on audience name and the false to create

02:27:32.580 --> 02:27:44.280
Matteo Sisto: Your first your first audience. So in this section you can set your audience. Name, please be simple minded schooled Obama newsletter because they were Obama's name. Oh, my organization.

02:27:45.420 --> 02:27:49.830
Matteo Sisto: I would strongly suggest you to enable all the forms settings as in the following emergent

02:27:51.570 --> 02:27:55.650
Matteo Sisto: And fundamentally, like the main objective for your email is to reach

02:27:56.220 --> 02:28:06.870
Matteo Sisto: The user, the audience inbox. Okay. And, like, in order to do so, your email doesn't need to be recognized. Or like doesn't need to be flagged as spam. This is the most important part

02:28:07.350 --> 02:28:22.380
Matteo Sisto: So all these features together will support the fact that your email want ends in their spam box of your audience. Okay. Of course, there is also GDPR that is compulsory here in Greece, like

02:28:23.430 --> 02:28:25.500
Matteo Sisto: Machine pool supports this feature.

02:28:27.690 --> 02:28:28.230
Matteo Sisto: So,

02:28:29.850 --> 02:28:39.150
Matteo Sisto: We want you to set the default name from and the default address for your campaigns is always best to use a very recognizable name and, you know,

02:28:39.600 --> 02:28:48.780
Matteo Sisto: And please, guys. Don't forget to save everything at the end of the page. I've been doing this five times before realizing that I lost. So my work is to save at the end.

02:28:49.740 --> 02:29:02.610
Matteo Sisto: So I'm also saying a few minutes ago, like the foundation of great email is a clean up to date List of subscribers who have opted in to receive your email campaigns. Okay.

02:29:03.390 --> 02:29:13.860
Matteo Sisto: Machines makes it really easy to present your donors your volunteers and supporters with a variety of methods to sign up and receive email updates.

02:29:14.340 --> 02:29:24.480
Matteo Sisto: So that they can keep up with everything happening within your organization since my organization had a radio list, but it wasn't so clean, I decided to start a new one from scratch.

02:29:25.830 --> 02:29:26.250
Matteo Sisto: And

02:29:27.420 --> 02:29:29.100
Matteo Sisto: This is what I've done so.

02:29:30.270 --> 02:29:41.610
Matteo Sisto: The more fields, you will ask your subscriber to feel the least signups you will have. It's quite standard you know like you asked 500 information or therefore sign up to your newsletter, you won't have any

02:29:42.810 --> 02:29:58.200
Matteo Sisto: And like the second thing that I feel strongly but like it's not suggested so much in other parts of the word depends a lot on the context is like your branding. Okay. You can English should be integrated and always reflect your brand in terms of color and voice.

02:30:00.840 --> 02:30:03.930
Matteo Sisto: So signing up. This is how it looks.

02:30:05.010 --> 02:30:15.660
Matteo Sisto: Like them signup forms. There is four different sections, there is form builder embedded form subscriber pop up form integrations lots of different options, but we'll go with an easy form builder. Okay.

02:30:17.970 --> 02:30:23.280
Matteo Sisto: So after you click on form builder. There are three different steps there is build it, you have to decide.

02:30:23.910 --> 02:30:31.980
Matteo Sisto: Which field, as I was saying before, are going to be on your forms as those are the options you have you can use the drag and drop and as

02:30:32.370 --> 02:30:40.860
Matteo Sisto: As much text as you want. If you need specific things but like I personally prefer to go with like the option email name and surname.

02:30:41.160 --> 02:30:51.150
Matteo Sisto: I like these sort of things. Somebody dropped the surname, but like I don't want to have too many people call with the same name. He tried to have want to have some people that I will be able to recognize after all. Okay.

02:30:52.200 --> 02:31:01.050
Matteo Sisto: Again, don't forget to flood the option and said the Phils every time you make a change to learn that the bad way. And the last thing on my form is the GDPR concerns.

02:31:02.220 --> 02:31:13.350
Matteo Sisto: They the standard one that is on MailChimp is a bit too heavy, meaning that like it supports a lot of other activities but I get its own little emails to make it as easy as possible.

02:31:13.890 --> 02:31:26.910
Matteo Sisto: So the second phase is the sign. Okay, click on it and this is what will be on and design your give the chance to change the color and fundamentally the visual appearance of your form. There are lots of options.

02:31:27.870 --> 02:31:35.010
Matteo Sisto: But again, my aim is to be functional. I'm not a graphic designer. So I would just suggest to create a basic good looking for

02:31:36.600 --> 02:31:48.780
Matteo Sisto: Let's begin with the page option on starts with the background color, try to think about some if you have already some color branded color or whatever and use that color, you know, what is your principal color.

02:31:49.650 --> 02:32:06.180
Matteo Sisto: The second thing I did was go for the header. I tried to put my logo as the header, but it didn't look nice at all. So I just decided to use a simple sentence. If you click on the header, you will have the option to edit it as you look for them.

02:32:07.980 --> 02:32:08.820
Matteo Sisto: Just need some water.

02:32:14.190 --> 02:32:14.700
Matteo Sisto: Okay.

02:32:17.640 --> 02:32:22.020
Matteo Sisto: So we'll see. Um, I didn't touch the other options for the header here.

02:32:22.680 --> 02:32:30.690
Matteo Sisto: So have used them edit function I sent her the text, put it in black, to make it more readable and highlighted in yellow, another one on my brand core

02:32:31.320 --> 02:32:37.950
Matteo Sisto: I haven't touched them. The outer rapper too complicated and like not so useful for me.

02:32:38.790 --> 02:32:46.920
Matteo Sisto: The second part is the body here just made a few changes likely my brand colors were included white. So I left the body of the signup form and white.

02:32:47.580 --> 02:32:57.060
Matteo Sisto: And forums help you change the colors. Okay font and order small things related to the for in order to maintain consistency with my brand.

02:32:57.780 --> 02:33:04.710
Matteo Sisto: Or the buttons are yellow with black text, apart from. Okay, the last part is monkey rewards.

02:33:05.280 --> 02:33:11.400
Matteo Sisto: Unless you have a paid account MailChimp. You may will include the bottom in the footer to promote managing this is fine for me.

02:33:11.820 --> 02:33:24.480
Matteo Sisto: Here just change the color as it was more along with my branding, which was the black image. The third step that like if you are not in an English speaking country. This is really important for me was to translate it. Okay.

02:33:25.920 --> 02:33:30.270
Matteo Sisto: I translate everything in Italian, and then a double checked if the transmission was all right.

02:33:33.030 --> 02:33:48.660
Matteo Sisto: And. Okay, those are the two differences between their standards, sign up for and the one I created I was pretty happy with the result, unfortunately, I couldn't translate the GDPR but the most important things are translated and I'm really, really happy about the results.

02:33:50.730 --> 02:33:52.050
Matteo Sisto: Also because of the numbers we received

02:33:53.370 --> 02:34:01.080
Matteo Sisto: So now you have a nice nice looking for them to build up your list, but don't use it. Yes. As I was saying before, you know, like

02:34:01.650 --> 02:34:12.690
Matteo Sisto: I strongly believe that like we can automate a little bit of things and like I want to introduce this a welcome email welcome email is a great way to start engagement with your beneficiaries.

02:34:13.830 --> 02:34:18.630
Matteo Sisto: It is a male that is automatically sent to the person that just subscribed.

02:34:20.310 --> 02:34:32.490
Matteo Sisto: I was telling you before, in order to be successful in new marketing affords you need to know about your audience who they are, what do they do, and most importantly, why they have subscribe to your newsletter.

02:34:33.240 --> 02:34:41.490
Matteo Sisto: Asking them to provide additional information that will that will help you to better target your audience is the kind of activity that will set up.

02:34:42.510 --> 02:34:51.330
Matteo Sisto: For engagement success. That's how a welcome email come Sunday. Okay, besides the automated part will make you look good and save tons of time.

02:34:51.810 --> 02:34:59.010
Matteo Sisto: So let's start by clicking on ultimate at the top of the menu, select made and you have different options like

02:34:59.850 --> 02:35:12.270
Matteo Sisto: The one we're looking for is label welcome new subscribers so subscribers. Click on it gives a name and select the relevant audience, the one for which you created the sign up for it can begin.

02:35:13.260 --> 02:35:25.410
Matteo Sisto: So every time you create something on the Hill a campaign on MailChimp will treat it as a campaign. And this is how the screen will look like for all your campaigns, we have four main fields.

02:35:25.830 --> 02:35:30.780
Matteo Sisto: As you familiar with that sense to his school to send your campaign, you have

02:35:31.560 --> 02:35:43.980
Matteo Sisto: Lots of options for segmentation here, but we are going to skip it for later as we're now creating an automated email that will be received by each and every new subscribers. As soon as they join the newsletter. Okay. The from filled

02:35:45.180 --> 02:35:54.030
Matteo Sisto: Important parts here is make sure that both the name and mail are the ones you want to appear new subscriber box. The more you can personalize and Brenda up the whole

02:35:55.290 --> 02:36:06.930
Matteo Sisto: The whole experience, the better will be LASTLY, THERE IS NOT. Lastly, but almost lastly is the subject. I'm sexual. You can create the subject line and the preview text for the campaign.

02:36:07.980 --> 02:36:14.850
Matteo Sisto: I used to just to be as personal as possible. Okay, and what I tend to do is to use on questions.

02:36:17.460 --> 02:36:29.340
Matteo Sisto: And then content, here's the main part, click on the sign and we'll start creating the email. This is how it looks like at the beginning, it's a bit too boring for me.

02:36:29.850 --> 02:36:42.420
Matteo Sisto: And but it's really, really easy as I was telling you before, to use the drag and drop menu or similar editor to make all the changes needed to make it look as good as your signup forms manually.

02:36:43.110 --> 02:36:57.300
Matteo Sisto: Okay. Each mail in MailChimp is created in blocks. So you can see at the top you have a space to include your logo or a certain local then there is body of the email where there is the texts usually or like some other parts.

02:36:58.440 --> 02:37:14.850
Matteo Sisto: Here, especially or like every like sorry one, a very interesting feature of MailChimp and other lots of other clients is them is the tog the merge talk. Okay. You can see here from like the the header.

02:37:15.570 --> 02:37:29.970
Matteo Sisto: Hi, if name all the word stuff fundamentally it's a short code that will pick up the first name of your subscriber and use it to address it directly in each email. Okay. Of course, if you have this information. This is a conditional one

02:37:31.530 --> 02:37:34.620
Matteo Sisto: There is a lot of ways to use it nicely in

02:37:35.730 --> 02:37:41.700
Matteo Sisto: And I strongly suggest you to use it because they will save you time and, like, make your email, much, much, much, much more effective.

02:37:42.480 --> 02:37:54.750
Matteo Sisto: Okay. Then we go down after the body. There is a social follow those are the links to your website and social media, the last part is the footer is obligatory. There's a lot of merge stocks. As you can see a lot of weird.

02:37:55.980 --> 02:37:56.730
Matteo Sisto: Short codes.

02:37:57.750 --> 02:38:06.060
Matteo Sisto: But they are required, both by GDP or privacy and by rules from mentioned again save every change. Guys, please, please, please, please, to say

02:38:07.440 --> 02:38:07.830
Matteo Sisto: Okay.

02:38:09.030 --> 02:38:16.020
Matteo Sisto: As I was saying, each emo is part of email is clickable and edible and you can edit everything to you needs.

02:38:17.640 --> 02:38:24.480
Matteo Sisto: To my only know I changed the background to blue put some salt borders in yellow, the food are also in yellow.

02:38:25.110 --> 02:38:40.410
Matteo Sisto: I played a bit with the colors of the texts, change the image, the Eco icons connect them them with our website and Facebook and occur after a short message that looks as if it was written by human not a robot and other the soft

02:38:41.460 --> 02:38:52.770
Matteo Sisto: Soft task is a small action that you're asking your audience. Super for. Okay. In this way you can be sure that if they completed it. There are more willing to be your friends, as you know, like continuing our analogy.

02:38:53.550 --> 02:39:05.640
Matteo Sisto: I also put a button with a link to my soft ass can assume myself task action. And the last thing I did. I played a bit with the food or to be as simple as possible and not too invasive and you can see

02:39:07.950 --> 02:39:08.640
Matteo Sisto: But don't

02:39:10.140 --> 02:39:15.960
Matteo Sisto: Okay, here you can I find a resort with marriage target work chama Dell

02:39:16.470 --> 02:39:23.820
Matteo Sisto: And you see my first name is it was supposed to. If you like you, if you like your result, you can save it as a template for future. He knows this is what I've done as well.

02:39:24.600 --> 02:39:32.340
Matteo Sisto: And and if you're ready, you can save a schedule your main to work automatically everyone every, every time somebody new sign up

02:39:34.080 --> 02:39:45.420
Matteo Sisto: So this is very important and it always tried to do it before trying a new thing, ask for a test drive. I asked three to my friends to my volunteers.

02:39:45.780 --> 02:39:56.550
Matteo Sisto: To do a test drive to sign up and see if everything was working correctly. Okay. And that's this is the last part published the sign up for everywhere. I mean, everywhere. Okay.

02:39:57.840 --> 02:40:06.870
Matteo Sisto: And there is this function, then you can activate a top on the desktop parts of Facebook which like there is a sign up form for your newsletter.

02:40:07.320 --> 02:40:25.650
Matteo Sisto: This is bonus points to do it. But this is the most important thing for me okay for your own sanity. Do not duplicate do not multiply the number of signup form. So there was you be going crazy, both for your the management of your audience and in general for

02:40:27.570 --> 02:40:42.150
Matteo Sisto: Target is a space is to avoid that. Okay. Is there any questions or something. You guys want to ask on this first part. The second part will be more into creating the most. I'll give you some ideas. And I'll tell you how I implemented a couple of interesting things. Any question.

02:40:45.510 --> 02:40:51.300
Matteo Sisto: Okay, I'll drink a little bit more water because I'm dying. And I'll be happy to answer any question it yet.

02:40:58.080 --> 02:41:07.410
Matteo Sisto: Okay, so let's go into creation, what we had done before was just like introductory and sort of setting the stage. Okay.

02:41:09.300 --> 02:41:16.680
Matteo Sisto: I campaign so selling it before it just an email sent to your audience, you can have a loss of interesting Rafiq some

02:41:18.390 --> 02:41:22.230
Matteo Sisto: Can have a lot of different features that you put on your remote, but it's fundamentally that

02:41:23.850 --> 02:41:34.800
Matteo Sisto: Okay, remember what you're doing. Mm hmm. You're trying to build a relationship. In order to do that you will need to provide a value to your audience.

02:41:36.270 --> 02:41:40.920
Matteo Sisto: And like you need to think what is valued by your audience. Okay.

02:41:42.300 --> 02:41:52.890
Matteo Sisto: If you're lucky or if you've done a good job in setting up your signup form a new email Euro or like if you had already a good relationship with your audience because maybe you have been

02:41:53.730 --> 02:42:03.120
Matteo Sisto: Having different kinds of connections they will tell you why they joined and what they would like to get from you. This is really, really easy when you have. It's already done.

02:42:04.680 --> 02:42:12.000
Matteo Sisto: Okay, this is a pro tip the learning. Couple of years ago was really, really interesting and I try to suggest that to as many people as possible.

02:42:12.540 --> 02:42:23.160
Matteo Sisto: So if you're not getting many replies to your welcome email suggest you to create more automation that are triggered by actions or inaction in this case of your audience to this email.

02:42:24.120 --> 02:42:36.900
Matteo Sisto: So you just go to automation and select Custom okay, give it a name that who reminds us always and then change the trigger to campaign activity.

02:42:39.180 --> 02:42:45.540
Matteo Sisto: Here are all the options you have you can see like it's plenty. They're all very interesting, but this is what we are trying to look his campaign activity.

02:42:46.350 --> 02:42:56.220
Matteo Sisto: Will suggest you to create some not an automated campaign for these three things do as you like, but like I usually do it for not opened not clicked and clicked.

02:42:56.670 --> 02:43:05.460
Matteo Sisto: Okay, for the most part, I will suggest you to send the very same mail, but with a different subject of the about four or five days from the initial one

02:43:07.140 --> 02:43:13.470
Matteo Sisto: You know, like you need to watch out from spamming too much your audience and separate all the emails you send at least five days.

02:43:14.610 --> 02:43:22.650
Matteo Sisto: Well, for the first for the click email, I will suggest first review if the just clicked or to perform yourself task, then

02:43:23.370 --> 02:43:33.480
Matteo Sisto: To check what they wrote, and only then to actually send a thank you, or some other content that can be relevant for them. So, set it with enough time to perform all these tasks. Okay.

02:43:35.190 --> 02:43:43.740
Matteo Sisto: So after we're done that, we also try to improve on our welcome email. We go through the creation of the first campaign. Okay.

02:43:44.190 --> 02:43:51.030
Matteo Sisto: So, like, the first thing you will need to do is decide the content. Think about your target audience. Okay. Like, as I was saying before,

02:43:51.690 --> 02:43:59.190
Matteo Sisto: Marketing persona would really help you but if you don't say we try to picture a person that you met or a person that you engage with

02:43:59.970 --> 02:44:11.220
Matteo Sisto: A year ago in session on social media. What is who's going to read it. Who's going to read this email without them interested disperse the more influence you have, the more targeted will be your campaign any result. Okay.

02:44:11.760 --> 02:44:19.680
Matteo Sisto: Um, I usually suggest people to start with an invitation to an event. It's really easy. There are lots of other things. Of course, you can share

02:44:21.030 --> 02:44:24.810
Matteo Sisto: Like content on your websites or announcements will news.

02:44:26.310 --> 02:44:32.820
Matteo Sisto: Okay. After you decided what is the content of your email and remember also you have a strategy.

02:44:34.170 --> 02:44:54.090
Matteo Sisto: Let's start creating it. This is what this screen will look for. Okay. As you can see, there are different options on the left MailChimp as I was telling you before. It's not just market email marketing tool, it's actually like our automation software marketing and has lots of other options.

02:44:55.140 --> 02:45:09.450
Matteo Sisto: Um, but, like, we're going to use mostly emails, because it's free. And if you need some more help on the bottom right. Let us guide you will support you not find the right instruments for the objectives of your campaign so

02:45:13.560 --> 02:45:15.780
Matteo Sisto: You will be here and okay

02:45:16.920 --> 02:45:21.690
Matteo Sisto: The first thing you have to do after you decided which kind of email you sent is to set the two field.

02:45:22.110 --> 02:45:38.370
Matteo Sisto: he'll hear you have the option to personalize the the field and again like lots of research experiments have shown that the more personnel is your email, the more targeted the better results or was always, always flood that's personalized to field.

02:45:39.570 --> 02:45:54.840
Matteo Sisto: I usually use first name because it's more personal but depends a lot on your audience depends a lot sorts of like the cultural context, I strongly believe, though, that like personalization is the key to improve your engagement. Okay. It's not just a belief. It's also reality.

02:45:55.890 --> 02:46:10.410
Matteo Sisto: Okay. The second part is setting the form field so that according to your needs, always tried to use the innovate, a name that like resonates with your audience and an email address that will actually be receiving replies, in case. Okay.

02:46:12.510 --> 02:46:26.760
Matteo Sisto: Okay, this is the most important part of writing our captivity and subject. I'm 90% of US received so many emails that like we just tend to look at the subject. Okay. The small part that appears before clicking on email.

02:46:27.990 --> 02:46:29.700
Matteo Sisto: I as I was telling you before.

02:46:30.870 --> 02:46:31.260
Matteo Sisto: Oh,

02:46:32.310 --> 02:46:40.500
Matteo Sisto: I as I was telling you before, try to use questions. But let's first best test different things and

02:46:41.640 --> 02:46:51.030
Matteo Sisto: And, you know, like it was try different thing. As you can see MailChimp and try to provide some suggestions and you can also check how big is such clients at performance.

02:46:51.570 --> 02:47:00.420
Matteo Sisto: And again, in the subject line I suggested to use personalization with merge dogs. I was recently watching another webinar on

02:47:01.140 --> 02:47:18.660
Matteo Sisto: Engagement in email marketing to provide you a little bit more context and stuff. And I saw a lot of interesting research has shown that it's always bet best to put them the name the personalization at the beginning of your subject line, so keep it in mind next time.

02:47:19.800 --> 02:47:35.790
Matteo Sisto: Okay, now we have to design your email. Again, you will be brought to a page with several templates. I personally quite like the basic like layouts are offered by MailChimp even do even though some of them are only for paid accounts.

02:47:37.230 --> 02:47:43.650
Matteo Sisto: But again, with a drag and drop it super easy to make it one that fits your needs so don't worry too much.

02:47:43.860 --> 02:47:58.470
Matteo Sisto: You can always go to themes, but there are ready made newsletter. They look great to copy and luck for your campaign. Try to get inspiration from other nonprofit organizations or for profit organizations. I think that some it's always great to

02:47:59.550 --> 02:48:05.910
Matteo Sisto: See what the, you know, like bigger organizations are more advanced organizations are doing and imitate, sort of, you know,

02:48:06.480 --> 02:48:14.970
Matteo Sisto: Implement their best practices. Let's within this way. Okay. So, always keep in mind that if you will, that I'm trying to be effective.

02:48:15.420 --> 02:48:25.800
Matteo Sisto: But I don't want to lose too much time. So my suggestion is to create a campaign template that will all that you will able to reuse for your footer of future campaigns.

02:48:26.220 --> 02:48:34.260
Matteo Sisto: And could be could be good. Also To Create more than one depending on different objective of your campaign where they tend to do is always to have, um,

02:48:34.950 --> 02:48:47.310
Matteo Sisto: I don't know, like about 200 300 words of text and one single couple of action. I'll give you some some more suggestions later on. I don't want to rush out so

02:48:48.840 --> 02:48:49.620
Matteo Sisto: Fundamentally,

02:48:51.330 --> 02:49:04.200
Matteo Sisto: I cannot tell you how to design a single campaign. Okay. It is really, really dependent on your objective, what you are doing physically. So what is the content of your email and your mission, but I can give you some suggestion.

02:49:05.850 --> 02:49:10.770
Matteo Sisto: As I was telling before. Keep it simple. Don't try to put too much on an email.

02:49:11.100 --> 02:49:22.800
Matteo Sisto: If I do, if you ever received an email that like a seven pages. Yes. Like, it must might be the most interesting mo ever but like it's gonna be really, really hard for you to engage with all the content that is there.

02:49:23.100 --> 02:49:35.520
Matteo Sisto: So keep it simple. Okay, and try to divide it in paragraphs follows not standard rules of internet era speaking and communication.

02:49:36.990 --> 02:49:37.500
Matteo Sisto: Or more

02:49:38.760 --> 02:49:51.000
Matteo Sisto: Always remember you're a person speaking with a single person. Okay, no matter how much technology. There's between us with Sue humans and and this is a fact that we tend to engage more when we connect with others, on a personal level.

02:49:53.880 --> 02:50:05.640
Matteo Sisto: Some more tips as I was telling you before I tend to use one single call of action call to action, the download read here, learn more, follow us.

02:50:06.390 --> 02:50:16.230
Matteo Sisto: replied to the to the survey give the European, you know, anything that is short and sweet and by make people click Make people taking actions. Okay.

02:50:16.590 --> 02:50:30.540
Matteo Sisto: Whatever the action you will think will help your audience to step up on your engagement letter to get a little bit closer to be an ambassador of yours. Okay. As I was saying, include at least one but not too many or people will be confused.

02:50:32.640 --> 02:50:35.340
Matteo Sisto: I'm always check how to some more by their is

02:50:36.630 --> 02:50:47.970
Matteo Sisto: Nowadays people are mostly using their mobile phones. I saw some data recently or my own campaigns, like I'm bit 5050 on this stuff battle is

02:50:48.600 --> 02:51:00.180
Matteo Sisto: Just to see how it works. And I mentioned allows you to see it looks like a normal inbox, or, you know, mobile and also if it's a couple of more tests to your college feedbacks is not a bad idea.

02:51:01.560 --> 02:51:05.040
Matteo Sisto: And an image is worth 1000 words does something

02:51:06.240 --> 02:51:10.560
Matteo Sisto: There's not a clear agreement on that and I'm pretty sure that if there is any American

02:51:11.580 --> 02:51:24.210
Matteo Sisto: Would be a bit different today to twist. This is what the researchers suggested there, but I think it depends a lot on the context and depends on the audience depends a lot on their maturity of the usage of certain tools.

02:51:24.540 --> 02:51:40.770
Matteo Sisto: Okay, I love pictures. Pictures can convey much larger and instantaneous signal meaning then like than all the words you can write down and people will spend, you know, like there would be much more able to understand what's going on there.

02:51:43.080 --> 02:51:55.470
Matteo Sisto: You have health okay yeah experiment, experiment, experiment. This is not just related to market in is not related to the email gets yourself.

02:51:56.820 --> 02:52:03.240
Matteo Sisto: That's yourself to experiments. Okay. It's not easy to determine what will work for your audience without experimenting

02:52:03.570 --> 02:52:15.360
Matteo Sisto: make small changes each time and see what works better. And you can play around with lots of different things, as I was telling you before subject line. This is the first thing you'll notice you'll see. So try to make it good.

02:52:17.430 --> 02:52:19.800
Matteo Sisto: Some dates and sometimes. Okay.

02:52:21.330 --> 02:52:27.120
Matteo Sisto: What when is your audience up more, you know, like when there are more responsive when they are more

02:52:28.620 --> 02:52:38.670
Matteo Sisto: Able to reply to email or to do actions on your emails test it and see what it works can change it. Also, other times depending, you know, I'm pretty sure it's summertime will be different from

02:52:40.170 --> 02:52:41.220
Matteo Sisto: winter nights.

02:52:43.290 --> 02:52:45.390
Matteo Sisto: What else, okay.

02:52:46.650 --> 02:52:58.770
Matteo Sisto: Again, I'm a lot of the ideas or a lot a lot of information. I found on email marketing comes from our next after is a great research they fundamentally are

02:52:59.460 --> 02:53:10.740
Matteo Sisto: a nonprofit organization that is trying to answer in the most scientific way. Why do people give their been doing research in this specific topics.

02:53:11.760 --> 02:53:21.450
Matteo Sisto: For sometimes and have a collection of a lot of experiments in which you can see what works best. You know, like, should I put my, I don't know, like

02:53:22.170 --> 02:53:28.230
Matteo Sisto: Should I use these strategies, tactics of these other tactics. So, for example, what I was telling you before about the personalization in the subject.

02:53:28.620 --> 02:53:36.480
Matteo Sisto: If the personalization is at the beginning or at the end, like the numbers are striking. You know, like there is a 55%

02:53:37.320 --> 02:53:57.030
Matteo Sisto: Increase in opening rates if people did at the beginning 55 minutes huge so like try to take a look at that. I really loved the website. It's really easy. If you're a bit nerdy as me. You can also make your own experiments. So either look won't be wasted time. I promise that

02:53:58.710 --> 02:54:01.860
Matteo Sisto: And lastly, of course, there are some that are you

02:54:03.390 --> 02:54:12.540
Matteo Sisto: haven't sent email to my own audience in the last 10 days before writing this presentation, but

02:54:14.700 --> 02:54:22.710
Matteo Sisto: I'm really disappointed scored a really recent change happened in MailChimp that do not allow any more. The free plan to

02:54:23.160 --> 02:54:30.570
Matteo Sisto: Schedule campaign so like he anytime you will have to, you want to send your email, you will have to, you know, send it now.

02:54:30.960 --> 02:54:41.100
Matteo Sisto: And that can be quite a problem because sometimes working nights and like it's not the best time to do it. So I'll continue personnel continue using MailChimp because like I

02:54:42.180 --> 02:54:55.920
Matteo Sisto: Have I have invested a lot of time intense and like I said that quite easily. But all the other tools are very, very easy to use and like they will be supporting most of the things we spoke about so

02:54:59.100 --> 02:55:09.240
Matteo Sisto: This is the last part I'm going to be a little bit more facilities area because there's so much you can tell your boss, but I want to hear some questions if you got to set up the end

02:55:09.630 --> 02:55:23.940
Matteo Sisto: So I'm really strong, as I said before, an experiment. Okay. And like MailChimp supports on a lot of interesting analytics. That's. You can also integrate to social media and like your websites you can really do other things.

02:55:26.310 --> 02:55:28.980
Matteo Sisto: With a certain degree of

02:55:30.570 --> 02:55:43.620
Matteo Sisto: Hardship fundamentally. You can also try to use it as a CRM. I saw people using it that way. So like to have it as a database of your audience in general and to use all your relationship there.

02:55:44.250 --> 02:55:56.820
Matteo Sisto: It's not super easy, but it's doable. So fundamentally measurement measurement is like the first step that leads to control. Okay, and eventually to improvement. If you don't know what you're

02:55:57.180 --> 02:56:03.720
Matteo Sisto: Measuring if you don't know where is your data. What did they say you won't be able to improve. Okay.

02:56:05.490 --> 02:56:06.030
Matteo Sisto: So,

02:56:07.050 --> 02:56:20.460
Matteo Sisto: Um, I'm going to show you my own reports from I think like was 10 days ago, something like that. When I finished us a little bit less seven days ago boozer central sun, you know,

02:56:21.210 --> 02:56:34.170
Matteo Sisto: What can you see here. Okay, this is how up there, another page appears there is about five campaigns that sense there are the bottom ones are the automated one

02:56:35.520 --> 02:56:45.360
Matteo Sisto: And there are three campaigns, in a sense, and like two main indicators, you can see opens and clicks the signal. As you can see I have like

02:56:46.530 --> 02:56:58.230
Matteo Sisto: Quite some interesting numbers I think like that at point one 5% of my welcome email and 36.4% of clicks away user who fly higher than the usual email.

02:57:00.270 --> 02:57:01.680
Matteo Sisto: From there,

02:57:03.150 --> 02:57:16.200
Matteo Sisto: Nice was telling you before that two main indicators that you can see on a chip on his the open rates. Okay, fundamentally, how many people have opened your email. The second one is click rates. Click rates is

02:57:16.800 --> 02:57:25.020
Matteo Sisto: How many people have clicked in the email. Okay. It is be can be something like a bathroom link or video or anything that it's clickable.

02:57:27.330 --> 02:57:37.830
Matteo Sisto: This or some industry benchmark that I recorded in MailChimp. I don't know how reliable are dead, so definitely a smaller sample of the world population, but like those are

02:57:38.400 --> 02:57:53.310
Matteo Sisto: Still interesting because like you can compare it to other nonprofit organization. Okay. The open rates for a campaign mentioned for from a nonprofit organization and 25% 17% but the click rate is 2.7

02:57:55.740 --> 02:57:56.280
Matteo Sisto: Okay.

02:57:57.780 --> 02:58:05.040
Matteo Sisto: And like, as I was telling you before open and click rates can give you a good idea of how your campaigns are performing with a particular audience.

02:58:06.000 --> 02:58:15.240
Matteo Sisto: If your open rates strong is usually because like you have a good subject lines or something that really resonates with your audience, you know, like you managed to to hook them.

02:58:15.840 --> 02:58:27.990
Matteo Sisto: If they click rates are cute. On the other hand, means that the message content is relevant to your audience and to the subscribers who open that campaign. So try to be to resonate and to be relevant.

02:58:29.400 --> 02:58:32.640
Matteo Sisto: Okay, um, as I was telling you before. This is some

02:58:34.740 --> 02:58:41.970
Matteo Sisto: This is strictly I always use when like I want to improve a bit my opening rate and and this called recent normal

02:58:42.780 --> 02:58:47.760
Matteo Sisto: This is actually the easiest and most effective action you can take to improve your campaign success.

02:58:48.240 --> 02:58:53.730
Matteo Sisto: And like learn that on a blog that is called the fundraising genius. If you guys are interested, feel free to

02:58:54.570 --> 02:59:05.100
Matteo Sisto: Take a look at this have really interesting education and I learned a lot, both from the content available on the blog and from, you know, like being a participant.

02:59:05.610 --> 02:59:21.810
Matteo Sisto: In all the thing. So this is going to speaking after a couple of days. Males open rates reaches zero this is this okay if somebody hasn't opened on your email after three days. It is very, very, very likely that will we be ever open

02:59:23.160 --> 02:59:33.480
Matteo Sisto: But the great thing within the chimp is that you can talk to people who haven't opened your email. Okay. You go to your campaign page where there is all your campaigns, you click on the right.

02:59:33.990 --> 02:59:42.090
Matteo Sisto: Click on the option next to the campaign. You want to improve and click on replicates. Okay, you don't have the exact copy of this campaign.

02:59:43.200 --> 02:59:45.480
Matteo Sisto: I just strongly recommend you to change.

02:59:47.370 --> 02:59:51.600
Matteo Sisto: So like your industry field, you will select your usual audience with the option segments.

02:59:52.380 --> 03:00:02.580
Matteo Sisto: This will open the logic builder, where you can set the criteria on it. The only thing like I want to stress out that it's not written on them on the slide is that like you should be changing your subject line.

03:00:03.000 --> 03:00:09.030
Matteo Sisto: Okay, you don't want people to know that is the exact same name, the sex is exact same email.

03:00:10.170 --> 03:00:15.300
Matteo Sisto: But rather, you want them to have a different sort of experience, but with the same company.

03:00:16.620 --> 03:00:24.300
Matteo Sisto: Okay, this is how to loops when you follow the procedures. I was telling you before. So like to click on replicates

03:00:24.870 --> 03:00:28.890
Matteo Sisto: And like start to the logic builder. This is the logic built as you can see

03:00:29.700 --> 03:00:40.290
Matteo Sisto: There is lots of options. I left you the slides with them campaign activity with like you can decide if has been opened and clicked sent not open not click not sent

03:00:40.770 --> 03:00:55.620
Matteo Sisto: You can decide if it was from the previous campaign, or more specifically is in some doing that, you know, sending to known opening would be the very same campaign. Okay so campaign activity, not to open

03:00:56.760 --> 03:00:58.170
Matteo Sisto: The campaign, you're replicating

03:01:01.470 --> 03:01:01.920
Matteo Sisto: Okay.

03:01:03.510 --> 03:01:08.730
Matteo Sisto: So another important thing clean up your list. So we need to be aware of zombies.

03:01:11.250 --> 03:01:21.930
Matteo Sisto: So there is no point having loads of contacts, especially when you're limited by numbers of sweetness why they haven't mentioned reason I think up to 2000

03:01:23.040 --> 03:01:24.450
Matteo Sisto: Subscribers to your email.

03:01:25.710 --> 03:01:29.040
Matteo Sisto: And like if if there is a lot of them that are not engaging

03:01:30.060 --> 03:01:35.790
Matteo Sisto: You should you know you should be trying to do something you should be trying to clean up your list because you are limited.

03:01:36.330 --> 03:01:41.490
Matteo Sisto: So after you send some campaigns, please five, you should check on your audience. Okay.

03:01:42.390 --> 03:01:47.250
Matteo Sisto: Click on audience from the minimal scroll down until you reach us seeing engagement.

03:01:47.670 --> 03:01:57.060
Matteo Sisto: section will let you know how much your audience is engaging with your content and to the law to send a mail directly to reactivate re really engaged subscribe you seen

03:01:57.420 --> 03:02:05.520
Matteo Sisto: This is a breakdown is not from my emails, because like I didn't have enough data to have this sort of thing. And also because I want a good weight, but anyway.

03:02:07.440 --> 03:02:20.040
Matteo Sisto: So the content of this campaign should be tailored to your audience, but in general the suggested to ask them what they think about your content. Okay, you're, you're speaking with somebody who hasn't engaged much which yourself.

03:02:21.750 --> 03:02:28.530
Matteo Sisto: Let them know that they're not engaging with your content is also important and give something that can be a value for them.

03:02:29.880 --> 03:02:36.420
Matteo Sisto: And lastly, if they don't reply at all. If there is no sort of interactions just killed them. Okay.

03:02:37.290 --> 03:02:44.580
Matteo Sisto: I'm very strong one that must be realistic, they if they haven't opened an email from from you in the last

03:02:45.210 --> 03:02:57.720
Matteo Sisto: 120 days they're harder to build into your course. And as I was saying, when you have a limit on the subscribers and the emails you sent every month. It can be a good idea to just say bye to them.

03:02:59.340 --> 03:03:04.350
Matteo Sisto: What you can do before that's is again to Kim, you can craft a reactivation campaign.

03:03:05.490 --> 03:03:24.150
Matteo Sisto: Or reactivation campaign. It's something again that can be easily automated automated with logic birder builder. I personally prefer to start on paper for these sorts of things. I guess again see better the logical network and also because machine doesn't allow you on a free

03:03:25.230 --> 03:03:27.150
Matteo Sisto: On the free setting on the free

03:03:29.310 --> 03:03:42.720
Matteo Sisto: On the free version to do it with more than one logic. Okay. The simple four months, ie, you can use for reactivation campaign can start to the Mr email to your really engaged group.

03:03:43.260 --> 03:03:55.080
Matteo Sisto: With a clear call to action that will trigger a welcome back chemo. Okay. So email, we miss you trigger action welcome evil back. You let some days bus.

03:03:56.220 --> 03:04:11.130
Matteo Sisto: Usually like around five or six should be more than enough, and if no action is taken another email sense to remind about that. Okay, so. So remind you read some more time and then finally mail the final notice

03:04:13.620 --> 03:04:23.280
Matteo Sisto: If nothing happens. If no action is taken throughout all this process, there'll be an automatic and subscription of the conduct of the user. Okay, this is very important.

03:04:23.640 --> 03:04:38.970
Matteo Sisto: So like from this, from this simple we miss your email, you can create nice on reactivation campaign that will either end with your user reactivated. So like engaged in a better way, or out of your list.

03:04:40.650 --> 03:04:44.130
Matteo Sisto: So another thing that is really important and segmenting your audience.

03:04:45.000 --> 03:05:00.240
Matteo Sisto: Okay, the more as I'm standing and before stressing that solos. So the more you know about your audience and the button, you will be able to prevent it right valid. And since we're working to develop a relationship with your audience. This will result in a better engagement.

03:05:01.290 --> 03:05:01.740
Matteo Sisto: And again,

03:05:02.910 --> 03:05:08.940
Matteo Sisto: As much as possible, try to automate segmentation basis, based on specific actions, your audience, take

03:05:09.750 --> 03:05:22.470
Matteo Sisto: Give you some ideas doesn't just like really partial just wanted to give you an idea, but if you write segmentation nonprofit email, you'll find lots of examples. Lots of really great material out there.

03:05:23.760 --> 03:05:36.870
Matteo Sisto: So you can segment for possibilities you can segment for people who attend your events, you can segment for lots of users lives users or users are, you know, not engaged anymore like they're out of your cycle.

03:05:38.310 --> 03:05:40.380
Matteo Sisto: Demographic that's also important.

03:05:42.900 --> 03:05:57.240
Matteo Sisto: different age groups speak differently. This is like part of culture and like if you want to be successful in developing a relationship, you need to be able or like you need to have a ballpark idea of what's their age. This way you'd be able to

03:05:58.680 --> 03:06:14.910
Matteo Sisto: adapt your communication style to the person you have in front of you, location, again, it's a great, great idea for segmentation. If you're doing an event in Athens. It doesn't need to be be sense to people that are in. I don't know.

03:06:16.440 --> 03:06:23.190
Matteo Sisto: In the sonic still five, they won't be able to attend gender also just like a simple segmentation. You can create

03:06:23.820 --> 03:06:34.230
Matteo Sisto: Then again donors, those should be, you know, really treated as the important people. They are for your organization. So a lot of times, and like, I'm really furious when I see this

03:06:35.880 --> 03:06:40.650
Matteo Sisto: That nonprofit organizations, especially the ones I volunteer work collaborate

03:06:42.210 --> 03:06:46.800
Matteo Sisto: Don't treat donors, as they should, you know, like they just receive an email.

03:06:47.940 --> 03:06:50.280
Matteo Sisto: Received a donation and goodbye.

03:06:51.300 --> 03:07:00.840
Matteo Sisto: I'm not saying you should be, you know, following them and like glorifying them, but try to acknowledge them you will never know what can happen out of that can be, you know, can be

03:07:02.370 --> 03:07:10.260
Matteo Sisto: A role to more iterations can be a road towards and bustle shifts and promotions, so please do keep that in mind, it's really, really important.

03:07:10.740 --> 03:07:26.850
Matteo Sisto: And another idea for segmentation if he's feel if you have board members or staff or advisors or like people you engage often, it could be a good idea to create segmentation. What I do for segmentation in Mitchum

03:07:28.530 --> 03:07:33.990
Matteo Sisto: I tried to use both the tags and some extra questions.

03:07:35.820 --> 03:07:53.010
Matteo Sisto: So as I was saying before, like I in my welcome email. There is a survey from the mental that people have to take in which there is lots of questions and like very happy when they answer and I have quite a good number of replies so far. So really happy about that. But there is

03:07:54.870 --> 03:07:58.530
Matteo Sisto: There is a lot of information that will help me to segment and I about to

03:07:59.220 --> 03:08:09.150
Matteo Sisto: Give birth. So to have an idea when it's their birthday, so to send them an automatic email every time is the birthday to say, you know, we know his birthday was very powerful and right

03:08:09.870 --> 03:08:27.570
Matteo Sisto: Proper shaded and and what is their location and what's not. And, and, on the other hand, my organization works both with other organizations and young people, so like I have tux to differentiate these different groups, different audience.

03:08:28.980 --> 03:08:48.090
Matteo Sisto: Or within MailChimp. And this is done not automatically because like from the survey doesn't feed back into mention because like I cannot, I will need the paid version I like it's still, it's a great tool to to segment that's inappropriate way. Oh, this is the last suggestions.

03:08:49.800 --> 03:08:56.370
Matteo Sisto: Make nice graphics. Okay, this is not just for the emails. I think it's important for every sort of communication, you will have

03:08:57.450 --> 03:09:05.940
Matteo Sisto: If you're going to use images cropping. Be sure to look good. I'm personally terrible with this and like I've been trying to use

03:09:08.190 --> 03:09:18.930
Matteo Sisto: Photoshop and other tools like that. And I was really struggling to create anything out there. But in the last five, six years as like them. The numbers of

03:09:20.220 --> 03:09:22.380
Matteo Sisto: technology tools have developed so much

03:09:23.490 --> 03:09:31.710
Matteo Sisto: Also something else. Right. And like I personally use come back, but there is plenty of others. I'm reading really good tools that you can, guys, you guys can use

03:09:34.200 --> 03:09:45.300
Matteo Sisto: And as I was saying, it's super easy and like the veal of nonprofits. You can get a pro account for free. Like the other things I really use a lot. It's an answer blush and pixels for images.

03:09:46.830 --> 03:09:51.600
Matteo Sisto: Or damages. So here are from those two websites that offer free

03:09:53.340 --> 03:10:12.420
Matteo Sisto: Copyright free images to use in your presentations in any sort of graphic, you will ever want to create and this is the last thing. So, in the few the last email some create like I haven't seen it yet, but like I'm creating and trying this new thing. So just before that the footer.

03:10:13.440 --> 03:10:30.810
Matteo Sisto: I added the way to rate my email. So I created, it's like three smiles and a simple wish question. That is a bit bigger than the other texts in the bother the body. What do you think about these email and threes minus not quite on

03:10:32.430 --> 03:10:34.950
Matteo Sisto: Is to understand there is a green, yellow and a red

03:10:36.180 --> 03:10:47.250
Matteo Sisto: And this is a way again for me. There's not a lot of information out there are like it's a way for the audience to engage give them some ways to engage or a newer and they will be more engaged.

03:10:48.900 --> 03:10:55.320
Matteo Sisto: Thank you very much, guys, that's all, folks. And thank you sing with me until the end.

03:10:56.550 --> 03:11:04.380
Matteo Sisto: Will ask you all the questions you guys I will try to get to the question books and see what something

03:11:09.540 --> 03:11:12.630
Matteo Sisto: So the question is from Samir

03:11:15.570 --> 03:11:18.570
Matteo Sisto: Samir so I'm evaluating Hootsuite

03:11:23.160 --> 03:11:34.800
Matteo Sisto: I don't have a strong opinion on how you haven't been used seeing Homewood suites in the last two to three years. And as far as I know, it has changed a lot. A lot. Also, in terms of pricing.

03:11:36.000 --> 03:11:51.000
Matteo Sisto: And I cannot give you a strong suggestion on that are personally, I will always try to use software that is built for the specific action you know if your

03:11:51.990 --> 03:12:07.290
Matteo Sisto: If your idea is to find a tool that will help with social media posting or strongly suggest you go for Hootsuite or buffer or for something whose main you know first objective is to manage your social media.

03:12:08.340 --> 03:12:18.510
Matteo Sisto: Hook MailChimp is I think it's recently starting to roll out these sorts of things, but I haven't tried it and like I cannot give you a strong

03:12:19.800 --> 03:12:27.210
Matteo Sisto: suggestion that starts with Dex. You guys have any other question also that, you know, I try to make it really really

03:12:28.020 --> 03:12:47.220
Matteo Sisto: Basic on a certain level, because like I felt that was necessary, but I can go a little bit seat or if you're interested in looking at some examples or research around debts. I'll be happy to speak with you guys, or get

03:12:49.800 --> 03:12:50.280

03:12:57.930 --> 03:13:03.240
Matteo Sisto: Go back to my camera. I think you can see me now. Wonderful.

03:13:05.880 --> 03:13:28.530
Matteo Sisto: Said published an Action Center before my resume and promoting the link, not just that's, um, I mean like also integrating doesn't your website through day an email from the sign up for you will be having both arm a link, as you said, but like you can also create

03:13:30.990 --> 03:13:43.110
Matteo Sisto: Embedded form on your websites. Um, the other part that I suggested was to connect that with the Facebook top that's really easy procedure but like

03:13:43.620 --> 03:14:00.570
Matteo Sisto: But it probably doesn't work on on on mobile, but there is no disruption to have the tubs from Facebook on your mobile. And since then, you know, communications, move to mobile a lot more than last years, and like, that's the trend that we're seeing.

03:14:02.040 --> 03:14:06.990
Matteo Sisto: It is less effective. But I strongly suggest to use it as much as possible.

03:14:08.130 --> 03:14:12.450
Matteo Sisto: Yeah, social media everywhere websites, all sorts of information.

03:14:13.830 --> 03:14:19.020
Matteo Sisto: Was out of them signup form. There is also the chance to create a QR code.

03:14:20.070 --> 03:14:25.170
Matteo Sisto: That I printed on all my flyers events.

03:14:27.150 --> 03:14:45.480
Matteo Sisto: Sign up sheets and all this sort of stuff. So two people to actually sign up and if I have anything else comes straight into my mind for leading to the question, but I think that was it us another way

03:14:47.550 --> 03:15:00.810
Matteo Sisto: No worries. No worries, Ben. Thank you for the questions guys, I'm really, really happy to try to try to provide what I do. And as I was saying, this is just from my experience, and I'm not an expert. I just try to read and

03:15:01.950 --> 03:15:05.250
Matteo Sisto: To see what works. This is like really my, my goal.

03:15:07.230 --> 03:15:09.840
Matteo Sisto: If there is not other question I will

03:15:11.220 --> 03:15:24.390
Matteo Sisto: Thank you again I will remember you that if you want to join us. We cannot have another event on the 15th of May. If you have any idea on what you guys would like to learn

03:15:25.290 --> 03:15:35.280
Matteo Sisto: And be happy to try to organize the content, according to your needs. That's something that I always try to do, of course, I mean like it's roski about how to create

03:15:35.940 --> 03:15:47.910
Matteo Sisto: An artificial intelligence will do machine learning for your data and they'll be every bit hard for me but like I tried to documents. And yeah, thank you very much and

03:15:49.080 --> 03:15:51.930
Matteo Sisto: Let's bring nonprofits to the 21st century.