NetSquared Athens: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Tech and Nonprofit*

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(*But were afraid to ask)

This video comes from NetSquared Athens and Matteo Sisto.

With limited resources (time and money), can you do more for your beneficiaries? Yes, you can! Let me help you to get the most out of digital tools for nonprofit. This video was recorded during the first NetSquared event in Greece “Everything you always wanted to know about tech and nonprofit* (*But were afraid to ask)" !

NetSquared Athens has committed to three events to start —  but is recruiting co-organizers. Let us know if you want to help out.

Chat Log

00:04:15    matsisto:    Welcome
00:07:50    matsisto:    Hello everyone, people are starting to join and we are going to Start at 18.05 if you feel like chatting a bit before I am more than happy to get you know you more
00:11:08    Lemonia Moraiti:    yes!
00:18:26    Ελίζα Κολοβού-Καλοτρόπιο, Κέντρο Στήριξης της Κ.ΑΛ.Ο. Λέσβου:    Good afternoon! Unfortunately I have a problem with my microphone but I thankfully I can hear you perfectly.
00:18:44    533307:    yes
00:18:56    Φύσσας Κων/νος -ΠΑΙΖΟΝΤΑΣ ΑΜΚΕ:    ok
00:19:32    Dimitris:    Hi, is this recording going to be available after?
00:26:42    Eli van der Giessen:    Hi! It’s Eli the global NetSquared Community Manager
00:32:08    Eli van der Giessen:    Want to help as a community organizer? Apply here!
00:34:41    Eli van der Giessen:    How to apply for the Google donation program. First: create your free account at
00:34:52    Eli van der Giessen:    Second: Once you are approved, apply at
00:38:08    Ελίζα Κολοβού-Καλοτρόπιο, Κέντρο Στήριξης της Κ.ΑΛ.Ο. Λέσβου:    Hi all! My name is Eliza. I am a social business consultant in Kalotropio, Support Center for Social and Solidarity Economy of Lesvos., of Iliaktida AMKE My superpower is that I have a good communication with animals.
01:03:31    Ελίζα Κολοβού-Καλοτρόπιο, Κέντρο Στήριξης της Κ.ΑΛ.Ο. Λέσβου:    We are extensively use Workplace 
01:09:00    Panos Antonopoulos:    Forgot to mention mailchimp! really important!!
01:09:10    Panos Antonopoulos:    for newsletter!
01:09:36    Panos Antonopoulos:    Thank you for the kind words Katerina!
01:12:19    Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης:    Forgot also Mailchimp, Joomla and wordpress
01:13:09    Panos Antonopoulos:    Well done Stamatia! We also use Azure for production server but I thought it was too advanced (only developers are happy with those services hahaha)
01:13:43    Panos Antonopoulos:    it was too advanced to mention*

01:15:38    Stamatia K.:    thank you for sharing!
01:17:31    Ελίζα Κολοβού-Καλοτρόπιο, Κέντρο Στήριξης της Κ.ΑΛ.Ο. Λέσβου:    toonly
01:18:26    Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης:    Mailchimp
01:20:35    Panos Antonopoulos:    Powtoon 
01:21:27    Panos Antonopoulos:    Really interesting Dimitris!
01:23:18    Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης:    Dear friend I have to leave you. It would be nice to have the recording or the presentation. Thank you.
01:28:46    Spyros Tsoukalas:    kitepride - the name of the Israeli non profit i mentioned
01:30:28    Alexandra Emirza:    thank you Mateo ! have to go ! kids are calling ????
01:32:10    Ελίζα Κολοβού-Καλοτρόπιο, Κέντρο Στήριξης της Κ.ΑΛ.Ο. Λέσβου:    asana and trello
01:33:12    Ελίζα Κολοβού-Καλοτρόπιο, Κέντρο Στήριξης της Κ.ΑΛ.Ο. Λέσβου:    meistertask as well. thank you!
01:33:41    ORESTIS:    Hello to everyone! Really interesting presentation. Could we have the presentation after the end of the meeting?
01:34:05    Ελίζα Κολοβού-Καλοτρόπιο, Κέντρο Στήριξης της Κ.ΑΛ.Ο. Λέσβου:     project management tools, for enhancing organization
01:43:24    Lemonia Moraiti:    thank you very much for your time!
01:43:25    Ελίζα Κολοβού-Καλοτρόπιο, Κέντρο Στήριξης της Κ.ΑΛ.Ο. Λέσβου:    We thank you!
01:43:53    Stamatia K.:    thank you for this event! and i look forward for the next one! bye everyone
01:43:54    Katerina Kaisari:    Thank you Matteo! Great and Very Useful Presentation!!!
01:44:26    Panos Antonopoulos:



00:02:43.980 --> 00:02:44.430
Matteo Sisto: Hello there.

00:10:33.810 --> 00:10:34.320
Matteo Sisto: Hello.

00:10:58.890 --> 00:10:59.880
Matteo Sisto: Hey guys, can you hear me.

00:11:11.820 --> 00:11:20.700
Matteo Sisto: So that was saying before, like we're going to start at around six or five to allow for everybody to join. So like in the next seven minutes. I'm your host, come up, though.

00:11:21.180 --> 00:11:27.540
Matteo Sisto: And if you feel like speaking a bit before the starting gold event to, you know, anything that comes into your mind who you are.

00:11:28.350 --> 00:11:42.060
Matteo Sisto: What you're doing here which community. Did you follow or if you have any questions for me. I'm more than happy to chat a bit before this consider this is going to be quite Interactive Events. So you have chance to

00:11:43.080 --> 00:11:49.620
Matteo Sisto: Bring forward your opinions, your ideas and most importantly your point of view.

00:11:51.480 --> 00:11:57.180
Matteo Sisto: So at a certain point I will ask you to join and support participate in the conversation.

00:11:59.790 --> 00:12:02.100
Matteo Sisto: Meanwhile, if you want to meet

00:14:49.890 --> 00:14:50.730
Matteo Sisto: Welcome, welcome.

00:14:53.610 --> 00:14:57.330
Matteo Sisto: We cannot hear you yet because like you, you'd need to unmute your

00:14:58.020 --> 00:14:59.430
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: Yes, thank you.

00:15:03.420 --> 00:15:04.980
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: Oh, you can miss it.

00:15:06.030 --> 00:15:07.110
Matteo Sisto: Yes, definitely.

00:15:08.520 --> 00:15:13.770
Matteo Sisto: We're going to be starting in humans just waiting for somebody else to join.

00:15:14.040 --> 00:15:15.810
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: I was expecting from

00:15:15.840 --> 00:15:24.630
Matteo Sisto: 20 people, but you know, you never know on the internet. How many people show up. Thank you very much for, you know, being here, all of you and really appreciate that.

00:15:25.980 --> 00:15:30.360
Matteo Sisto: It was my intention to have a more physical events, but the time is not

00:15:31.890 --> 00:15:33.360
Matteo Sisto: It's not the best one. So,

00:15:35.250 --> 00:15:36.720
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: So your options.

00:15:37.980 --> 00:15:42.870
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: Let me mute my phone and come out to have some coffee and I'll be back soon.

00:15:44.580 --> 00:15:45.810
Matteo Sisto: enough pain. I will speak.

00:16:10.140 --> 00:16:10.890
533307: Hi, how are you

00:16:13.260 --> 00:16:16.410
Matteo Sisto: Very good and very, very good. What about you,

00:16:17.010 --> 00:16:19.830
533307: I'm doing good. How's the weather. You are somewhere in Europe, aren't you

00:16:20.580 --> 00:16:22.560
Matteo Sisto: Yeah, I mean, nothing's right now and

00:16:23.820 --> 00:16:24.720
Matteo Sisto: Yep, yep.

00:16:25.620 --> 00:16:26.550
Matteo Sisto: Very nice.

00:16:27.090 --> 00:16:30.900
Matteo Sisto: Yeah, this is like, you know, the first event of the Net Squared group here, nothing.

00:16:31.710 --> 00:16:34.680
533307: That congratulations. I'm calling from us. I was

00:16:34.980 --> 00:16:40.680
533307: Amazing. I was interested in the subject. So we are talking about technology and nonprofits. Right.

00:16:41.400 --> 00:16:45.090
Matteo Sisto: Correct, correct. This is a very interesting story on events.

00:16:45.720 --> 00:16:54.330
Matteo Sisto: Which like a good represent you a bit. So the main overview of what are the tools, the software and then kind of speak a bit about digital transformation.

00:16:54.600 --> 00:17:00.870
Matteo Sisto: But like the biggest part of the of the event today is going to be monitoring asking questions to the participants.

00:17:01.200 --> 00:17:15.690
Matteo Sisto: So trying to understand with them. What are going to be the one is going to be the contents of the next workshops we are going to organize but like I will explain everything when we start properly so like about a couple of minutes, no more than that.

00:17:16.530 --> 00:17:17.670
Matteo Sisto: Great work from us.

00:17:18.510 --> 00:17:20.460
Matteo Sisto: I'm sorry. We're from us.

00:17:21.060 --> 00:17:22.350
533307: Orlando, Florida.

00:17:22.470 --> 00:17:24.540
Matteo Sisto: Land. I was going to situation there.

00:17:25.200 --> 00:17:26.940
533307: Well, the situation is still saying

00:17:29.220 --> 00:17:32.730
533307: No work. We're not allowed to go to work and that's another essential business.

00:17:34.350 --> 00:17:37.770
533307: And still waiting for the peak of Corona to hit next week.

00:17:40.560 --> 00:17:47.130
Matteo Sisto: Yeah, I'm originally from Italy. I have my family and friends there and lots of colleagues and they're the situation is

00:17:48.000 --> 00:18:04.590
Matteo Sisto: Pretty bad pretty pretty bad they are now starting to be a little bit on a little bit better but it's gonna take time and you know uncertainty behind this sort of things are really hard to see that some more people are joining

00:18:04.950 --> 00:18:05.850
Matteo Sisto: Yes. Yeah, we got

00:18:06.120 --> 00:18:06.660
Matteo Sisto: The loving

00:18:06.840 --> 00:18:07.710
533307: People to hear you.

00:18:08.550 --> 00:18:13.020
Matteo Sisto: Thank you very much. I'll explain everything and just few minutes. Hello.

00:18:14.370 --> 00:18:15.090
Matteo Sisto: Hello everyone.

00:18:16.470 --> 00:18:21.270
Matteo Sisto: I think that with one more minutes. And we can start, start

00:18:23.310 --> 00:18:26.700
Matteo Sisto: In the meanwhile, remove my obviously

00:18:31.980 --> 00:18:32.610
Matteo Sisto: This one.

00:18:34.170 --> 00:18:35.580
Matteo Sisto: Can you see them.

00:18:37.980 --> 00:18:38.850
Matteo Sisto: Can see the presentation.

00:18:43.380 --> 00:18:44.010
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: Yes.

00:18:47.070 --> 00:18:49.890
Matteo Sisto: Stop my video. Definitely not.

00:18:51.600 --> 00:18:52.020
Matteo Sisto: See me

00:18:54.180 --> 00:18:54.660
Matteo Sisto: Okay.

00:18:55.860 --> 00:19:01.650
Matteo Sisto: And without further ado, being six or six in this country.

00:19:02.910 --> 00:19:09.810
Matteo Sisto: I will open their wallets. So welcome, everyone. Bye, sweetie. Thank you very much for being here. I'm your host Mattel

00:19:11.010 --> 00:19:19.440
Matteo Sisto: I'm financially, a man on a mission since I was young, I wanted to make the world a better place. I joined the nonprofit sector professionally in 2014

00:19:19.920 --> 00:19:27.870
Matteo Sisto: And I've been doing all sorts of things from cleaning up to high level strategy. Recently, I started my own venture impact, bro.

00:19:28.350 --> 00:19:37.020
Matteo Sisto: It's a consultancy agency for a nonprofit organization focused on the inbox fundamentally it's the metrics that evaluate the success of your initiative.

00:19:37.710 --> 00:19:43.080
Matteo Sisto: As it is profit or money or business proposition. This is how I feel about that.

00:19:43.650 --> 00:19:51.120
Matteo Sisto: So if you have the time to read the short article I wrote as an introduction. Introduction to these events, probably you know a bit already about me.

00:19:51.390 --> 00:19:57.390
Matteo Sisto: So I'm a big nerd and I strongly believe that there's no profit sector can and need to do more.

00:19:58.050 --> 00:20:12.660
Matteo Sisto: I found out just recently about in that square that is the umbrella organization that is supporting these sort of events or tell you a bit more about that very, very soon. So kind of mentally next squared is a community to share my passion and vision for the nonprofit sector.

00:20:13.770 --> 00:20:18.840
Matteo Sisto: Meaning that they believe that technology can be a game changer for for nonprofit organization.

00:20:21.000 --> 00:20:31.230
Matteo Sisto: Services. It needs the use of technology, the work. It's too important for us to fail to adopt the tools that will make us more effective. That's why in a square dances.

00:20:32.340 --> 00:20:44.040
Matteo Sisto: Every month all over the words that are more than 120 organizer that bring together, NGOs and technology community to muster the tools of the web.

00:20:44.550 --> 00:20:53.130
Matteo Sisto: But will tell you more a bit later on. So I'm really thankful to see you all here. And thank you also to the ones that completed completed the survey.

00:20:56.910 --> 00:21:04.410
Matteo Sisto: I hope it wasn't too long, I must say that Cobain's as a huge impacts on who planning and delivery of disciplines.

00:21:05.010 --> 00:21:18.540
Matteo Sisto: And the format for today's definitely an experiment I ran several participatory workshops all across Europe, but this is the first time I had to do it online on zoom, so please bear with me for any shortcomings.

00:21:19.170 --> 00:21:31.830
Matteo Sisto: One more thing, as many of you unconfined my home. So my internet is not super perfect and like I had a backup plan. So in case if something happens and the connections drop

00:21:33.540 --> 00:21:40.230
Matteo Sisto: You know, like, please stay with me. I'll try to join back very soon. So don't don't get stressed about that.

00:21:41.310 --> 00:21:59.880
Matteo Sisto: Last disclaimer i i don't know how much you know about participated methodologies and how you use to the sorts of formatting for events during the session you will be encouraged to share your ideas and point of view this is not, this is not going to be your usual presentation.

00:22:00.930 --> 00:22:08.250
Matteo Sisto: I'm expecting to engage with you and I prepared some icebreakers and other simple teachings of to to

00:22:09.330 --> 00:22:19.380
Matteo Sisto: Participate so very soon you will be asked to unmute yourself and do some things have not yet if you've noticed I'm not Greek rather Italian

00:22:20.490 --> 00:22:24.600
Matteo Sisto: And English is not my first language and I make a lot of mistakes all the time.

00:22:25.290 --> 00:22:35.070
Matteo Sisto: If for any reason you would prefer to reply or to give a comment in your mother told you can directly speak with my colleague and Co. She is one of the participants.

00:22:35.490 --> 00:22:43.530
Matteo Sisto: That it says available for any questions during the presentation or to translate or to help the translation with your comments and queries.

00:22:44.190 --> 00:22:51.630
Matteo Sisto: So without further ado I introduce you to quickly share everything you always wanted to know about tech and nonprofit, but we're afraid to ask.

00:22:52.500 --> 00:23:01.380
Matteo Sisto: Or rephrasing the wonderful Woody Allen movie. So I always start to the menu, just to give an idea what is going to happen to the people that are following me.

00:23:01.770 --> 00:23:11.730
Matteo Sisto: So like, I'm going to first introduce you a bit about net square, who is this organization and what is doing all over the world and why you decided to become a member

00:23:13.260 --> 00:23:19.530
Matteo Sisto: We're going to go through a bit on using zoo and introduce each other. Breaking the ice.

00:23:20.910 --> 00:23:34.080
Matteo Sisto: I'm going to tell you a bit about what is a digital nonprofits and how digital transformation has had an impact not only in the big corporations in the business world, but like is having a huge impact also nonprofit organization.

00:23:34.530 --> 00:23:46.590
Matteo Sisto: Then we're going to go through work of them work affair is a very simple participatory methodology in which ideally we would have had three table and we're going to a would have had

00:23:47.970 --> 00:23:50.850
Matteo Sisto: Different discussions on different tables and we would have which

00:23:52.020 --> 00:24:05.550
Matteo Sisto: Considering that we are not so many people. And we're online. I think we can definitely just go one question by the other. And so at the end of this of this events or make a small wrap up and tell you

00:24:07.080 --> 00:24:27.180
Matteo Sisto: If by any chance you guys want to stay a bit with me after the then there is usually, you know, like a social moment in this event. So if you fear to share a virtual deal with me. I'm more than happy to speak with you at the end of this talk and now move to this other screen hopefully

00:24:29.820 --> 00:24:30.810
Matteo Sisto: He seen

00:24:33.900 --> 00:24:35.880
This one. Sure.

00:24:37.770 --> 00:24:38.550
Matteo Sisto: Can you see here.

00:24:40.710 --> 00:24:41.610
Matteo Sisto: Okay, great.

00:24:43.050 --> 00:24:43.470

00:24:45.120 --> 00:24:57.390
Matteo Sisto: So as I was telling you this is an event under the umbrella of net squared x squared is a global network of events and digital transformation workshops, brought to you by texture texture is one of the biggest

00:24:58.980 --> 00:25:11.040
Matteo Sisto: nonprofit organization that is trying to bridge the gap between big software to users and artwork producers in the world with nonprofit organization. If you don't know about that. It's a great

00:25:12.180 --> 00:25:30.930
Matteo Sisto: It's a great venture because they offer a lot of free services. So discounted software to nonprofit organizations all over the world here in Greece. This is not very well developed yet but like in other countries in Europe on they offer a whole numbers of software. So what is next squared.

00:25:31.950 --> 00:25:33.810
Matteo Sisto: Down so

00:25:35.340 --> 00:25:41.580
Matteo Sisto: It's a place for nonprofits stuffers as a hope many of you are fundamentally like nonprofits.

00:25:42.090 --> 00:25:51.450
Matteo Sisto: Suffers nonprofit employees people that work in nonprofit organizations volunteer will find a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for those who are experienced with technology.

00:25:51.900 --> 00:25:58.860
Matteo Sisto: And will have many chances to ask questions or two tough questions and understand better how to use technology.

00:25:59.850 --> 00:26:13.230
Matteo Sisto: It's also a place for technologists and consultants and because there are people that we find opportunities to do to get your expertise, the social cues, as well as the potential for lasting relationship.

00:26:14.310 --> 00:26:24.450
Matteo Sisto: And so I Mattel, as I was saying before, I'm your local next squared organizer there a program of tech soup and. NET square is a global network of tech focused Meetup.

00:26:24.960 --> 00:26:33.330
Matteo Sisto: It's nonprofits that help other nonprofits to get implement and you spec effectively, fundamentally, this is the map that shows where is

00:26:33.780 --> 00:26:47.610
Matteo Sisto: Not squared at the moment you see there is still no doc on Greece, but we finally open up this is the first event happening in Greece, and I'm really proud to be you know here and being able to speak with you all.

00:26:50.370 --> 00:26:59.400
Matteo Sisto: Those are the community values of network fundamental in a squared is a community based organization. We should like all volunteers like me and have

00:27:00.090 --> 00:27:12.060
Matteo Sisto: A bit of support from the mother of organization in the US. And those are our values, we welcome everyone. We put community. First, we're here to support each other.

00:27:12.750 --> 00:27:22.110
Matteo Sisto: And we build stronger nonprofits and technologies have one or more invite participation as I told you before, like this is

00:27:22.530 --> 00:27:34.020
Matteo Sisto: It's meant to be a participatory workshop. So everyone in this room in this online group will have something to learn or something to contribute with, and most importantly, for me, we treat each other with kindness and respect.

00:27:36.810 --> 00:27:55.890
Matteo Sisto: Okay, it's a voluntary organization. We need your help. You know, like anyone can plan an event. I am not an expert in event planning. I'm not a marketer. I don't have any of these qualifications or like it's some it's a space for people who are, you know, happy to share and happy to

00:27:57.450 --> 00:28:06.870
Matteo Sisto: Make to see the nonprofit sector grow so like if you feel like joining and supporting Net Squared to increase, I will be very, very happy to

00:28:07.920 --> 00:28:11.520
Matteo Sisto: To welcome you and like bring you up to speed as soon as possible.

00:28:14.100 --> 00:28:24.570
Matteo Sisto: Our local partner here a satisfaction is this giant umbrella organization that it's all over the words here, increase the partner of tech soup is simple hub and

00:28:27.600 --> 00:28:31.620
Matteo Sisto: This is some of the technology that's like

00:28:33.750 --> 00:28:52.050
Matteo Sisto: This is the technology that you can have that you can access from text to this is like through all over the world. I don't know specifically about Greece, but I'm sure that will be discounted so offers from Microsoft Tableau DocuSign bit defender Autodesk and Bob big

00:28:52.500 --> 00:28:56.400
Eli van der Giessen: Tail. Hi, this is Eli here with a. Net Squared global

00:28:56.820 --> 00:28:57.300

00:28:58.560 --> 00:29:00.090
Matteo Sisto: How like how are you

00:29:00.330 --> 00:29:13.980
Eli van der Giessen: Very well. And actually, today is actually a really important day and totally by accident. Just this morning, Google actually extended their Google for Nonprofits program to Greece.

00:29:14.310 --> 00:29:16.590
Eli van der Giessen: So that means now that Greece nonprofits.

00:29:16.650 --> 00:29:30.720
Eli van der Giessen: Are eligible for the free Google suite for nonprofits and they also get access to the Google ad grants program which offers. I believe it's $2,000 us in free Google AdWords credits every month.

00:29:31.140 --> 00:29:39.570
Eli van der Giessen: For every eligible nonprofit and to basically make sure that you're eligible for that. All you need to do is go to tech stoops website.

00:29:39.900 --> 00:29:50.400
Eli van der Giessen: Create your free account. And once you've done that they give you a special little code that you'll use when you apply on Google's website to prove that you're a valid nonprofit and pretty much any

00:29:50.970 --> 00:29:56.460
Eli van der Giessen: charitable organization that is legally registered in the country should be eligible for the program.

00:29:57.180 --> 00:30:03.930
Matteo Sisto: I think this is fantastic. Do you know how much I've been advocating for this sort of thing. And like, I'm really super, super happy.

00:30:04.890 --> 00:30:18.930
Matteo Sisto: Anyway, like I have a slide about that later on, on the presentation and I will definitely mentioned that a bit more as we go on. So, this is fantastic news. Thank you very much. July, and thank you for being here. I'll continue to like gum.

00:30:20.040 --> 00:30:29.670
Matteo Sisto: We got a list of sponsors. There are supporting our, our events offering venue, you know, promoting on their social media giving suggestions to

00:30:30.180 --> 00:30:42.720
Matteo Sisto: What are the topics proposing speakers and like this event has been realized, thanks to the support of his exceeds like the accelerator or an incubator for nonprofit organization here in Greece. It's like an amazing

00:30:43.830 --> 00:30:59.280
Matteo Sisto: Amazing organization that is trying to improve the impact of nonprofit organization in Greece, and they of course they were going to offer us like a venue, but wasn't necessary anymore. Since of coronavirus but they still managed to support

00:31:00.720 --> 00:31:08.160
Matteo Sisto: The whole presentation. And what else we got going to have next events, very soon. One is being

00:31:09.840 --> 00:31:21.300
Matteo Sisto: As a see this is a placeholder nonprofit and SEC and because the topics, they're going to be decided, together with you. This is some of the topics that I thought might be interesting. Interesting. You and

00:31:21.810 --> 00:31:33.570
Matteo Sisto: Internet of some of the topics that are very, very well received by the Community net squares all across the world. So there is digital marketing and technology trends digital fundraising tools and friends.

00:31:34.110 --> 00:31:48.360
Matteo Sisto: I'm pretty sure your can read those things. So going forward, and this is my big ask as I will singular beginning I'm looking for organizers sex scene. I'm not Greek, and this is a local

00:31:49.440 --> 00:31:55.770
Matteo Sisto: Organization. So like in order to be able to be local. You need to be a local and fundamentally

00:31:56.730 --> 00:32:06.870
Matteo Sisto: I'm going to be here, just a few months and I wanted to start up this network group, but I'm looking for people who will take over afterwards. So like if you guys

00:32:07.830 --> 00:32:22.350
Matteo Sisto: As it's written here in the in the in the slides net squares organizers are host. You don't need to be a sec experts just someone who is curious, believe in texts recruits and passionate about bringing people together and

00:32:23.520 --> 00:32:31.170
Matteo Sisto: I'm like, I mean, I'm really, really happy about this collaboration in that square so far, and they provided me loads of support in everything.

00:32:31.800 --> 00:32:38.070
Matteo Sisto: I've done so far. So if the end of the presentation. Some of you want to know more about that please do it.

00:32:38.850 --> 00:32:49.710
Matteo Sisto: And leave you alone my contacts on. You can reach me at my sister got the Atelier or for that must be 36 at or you can send me a message on Facebook on

00:32:50.460 --> 00:33:01.680
Matteo Sisto: We got an x squared attempts page where you can reach me out without any problems or meetup and so thing before anyone can plan an event. Now we can go back

00:33:03.270 --> 00:33:10.260
Matteo Sisto: To the other slide and continue with our today's so

00:33:11.700 --> 00:33:22.290
Matteo Sisto: We're at the menu. Just gonna go through some rules for housekeeping. So like to call them so fundamentally Zoom is it fantastic to

00:33:22.980 --> 00:33:34.140
Matteo Sisto: But we need to have some rules. So there was we go crazy and one of that is mute your microphone when others are speaking for them. The suit. Everybody's too in depth. So that's very well. Don't forget to

00:33:34.560 --> 00:33:42.570
Matteo Sisto: unmute your microphone later on when I was going to ask you some stuff. And if you have any questions you can both writing stuff.

00:33:43.530 --> 00:33:56.100
Matteo Sisto: In the segments. Everyone please don't send private message to random people. Yes, I tend to do it all the time and just be sure to have everyone selected and or raise your hand to ask a question. There is a lot of

00:33:56.580 --> 00:34:06.480
Matteo Sisto: Interesting tools that you can interesting features of the zoo that you can use to, you know, raise my ascension and by all means, there is also my colleague, a fantasy and it is helping me on that.

00:34:07.230 --> 00:34:14.790
Matteo Sisto: Feel free to use emoticons and reaction to signal your life so that like I don't feel too crazy so

00:34:15.780 --> 00:34:25.770
Matteo Sisto: We moved to introductions. Um, let's take some time to get to know each other a bit. So we'll sing before the participatory events. We use a simple prompt

00:34:26.100 --> 00:34:38.160
Matteo Sisto: To break the ice and you know gain a bit of ideas on who you are. I would like each of you to fill the gap and go sentence, I will call your name, or you can, you know,

00:34:38.640 --> 00:34:47.100
Matteo Sisto: And you can unmute and start you can literally say whatever you want, or fill don't take too much brain power on that as we will need it later on.

00:34:48.390 --> 00:34:55.680
Matteo Sisto: Okay, this is the prompts. As you can see, Hello, my name is Mark Dale and my superpower is curiosity.

00:34:58.500 --> 00:35:00.060
Matteo Sisto: Anybody wants to open up

00:35:01.320 --> 00:35:04.140
Matteo Sisto: Feel free to unmute yourself and start

00:35:06.000 --> 00:35:06.510
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: Hello.

00:35:10.080 --> 00:35:15.780
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: My name is Demetrius, I'm for surface foundation in lasers.

00:35:16.860 --> 00:35:17.220
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: And

00:35:18.360 --> 00:35:22.200
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: Oh my superpower my superpower is

00:35:24.030 --> 00:35:26.040
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: Making things happen.

00:35:26.970 --> 00:35:28.350
Matteo Sisto: Oh, that's a cool one.

00:35:41.790 --> 00:35:43.290
Katerina Matiatou: Hello. Hi.

00:35:44.370 --> 00:35:44.790

00:35:46.380 --> 00:35:50.820
Katerina Matiatou: Hello, and my name is Katrina and my superpower actually is eating.

00:35:54.090 --> 00:35:54.390
Thank you.

00:35:59.520 --> 00:36:00.420
Δημήτρης_Θεοδωρόπουλος_ΦΡΟΝΤΙΖΩ: Hello.

00:36:02.790 --> 00:36:03.180
Δημήτρης_Θεοδωρόπουλος_ΦΡΟΝΤΙΖΩ: Me.

00:36:03.750 --> 00:36:14.220
Δημήτρης_Θεοδωρόπουλος_ΦΡΟΝΤΙΖΩ: Yes, yes. My name is Dimitri, Sam from address from an NGO calling for these numbers will perish to unite people for a common purpose.

00:36:16.110 --> 00:36:16.470
Matteo Sisto: Right.

00:36:17.940 --> 00:36:18.540
Matteo Sisto: Anybody else

00:36:24.120 --> 00:36:24.570
Lemonia Moraiti: Hello.

00:36:25.740 --> 00:36:30.660
Lemonia Moraiti: My name is lemon. Yeah. And my superpower is overanalyzing

00:36:34.170 --> 00:36:34.950
Matteo Sisto: That's a good one.

00:36:43.410 --> 00:36:46.890
Spyros Tsoukalas: Hello, my name is spirits. I come from carpool.

00:36:47.190 --> 00:36:48.930
Spyros Tsoukalas: And my superpower is games.

00:36:49.980 --> 00:36:50.460
Matteo Sisto: Game.

00:36:57.600 --> 00:36:58.230
SHA: Hello.

00:36:59.250 --> 00:37:06.570
SHA: My name is ugly. Now I come from Athens where I'm actually now and my superpower is multitasking.

00:37:11.640 --> 00:37:12.960
Matteo Sisto: Definitely something helpful.

00:37:15.870 --> 00:37:16.350
Matteo Sisto: Next one.

00:37:17.610 --> 00:37:24.840
Alexandra Emirza: Hello, I am Alexandra and I'm also from CIGS, nice to see people that I already know.

00:37:25.200 --> 00:37:26.580
Alexandra Emirza: My superpower is

00:37:27.000 --> 00:37:28.440
Alexandra Emirza: Putting things into order.

00:37:43.380 --> 00:37:44.520
Matteo Sisto: Wants to speak, please.

00:37:48.120 --> 00:37:48.510
533307: Go ahead.

00:37:49.260 --> 00:37:54.720
Stamatia K.: Thank you. My name is Timothy and my superpower is organization.

00:37:59.550 --> 00:37:59.970
Matteo Sisto: More

00:38:00.510 --> 00:38:02.820
533307: Hi, my name is of doula I'm from

00:38:03.990 --> 00:38:10.170
533307: Florida United States my superpower is kind of being a connector and a facilitator.

00:38:13.740 --> 00:38:14.700
Matteo Sisto: Very, very helpful.

00:38:18.420 --> 00:38:19.800
Matteo Sisto: Anybody else they go

00:38:19.920 --> 00:38:20.340
Katerina Kaisari: You know,

00:38:20.970 --> 00:38:21.870
Matteo Sisto: 10 people go

00:38:22.080 --> 00:38:29.490
Katerina Kaisari: Hello Mattel I am also from 6am my superpower is learning

00:38:30.990 --> 00:38:31.590
Matteo Sisto: Learning

00:38:38.940 --> 00:38:49.110
Panos Antonopoulos: Panels from partners, I see the consumption from winning to me just enjoying the media and my superpower. I'm organizing a freak.

00:38:54.630 --> 00:38:55.380
Matteo Sisto: Anybody else

00:39:03.540 --> 00:39:07.350
Athanasia Bartzoka: Asia from my cholesterol to send us in the chat.

00:39:08.370 --> 00:39:09.360
Athanasia Bartzoka: hennings razor.

00:39:10.170 --> 00:39:21.600
Athanasia Bartzoka: Social business consultant in color, drop your support center for social economy blessed lives of the, the key, the key and your superpower is that she has a very good communication with animals.

00:39:24.870 --> 00:39:36.870
Matteo Sisto: That's fantastic. So if there is no other person that wants to participate in this more moments we're going to go to the next slide that like is going to introduce a bit more. The topic.

00:39:37.890 --> 00:39:46.560
Matteo Sisto: Okay, like so. The objective of today, fundamentally, as I was saying this is the first of other events of a series of events that I'm organizing

00:39:47.460 --> 00:39:57.570
Matteo Sisto: And I like to make things as clear and transparent as possible. So we've been like quite positive in my life to be orange and to go straight to the point. So I'm not going to change that.

00:39:58.560 --> 00:40:10.350
Matteo Sisto: Said the objective for today is developing together this most useful and rather than learning path for you, meaning that like how I can help you guys

00:40:11.070 --> 00:40:20.820
Matteo Sisto: As a nonprofit professionals to get a little bit more technological by the end of this workshop. So fundamentally, I believe that technology is an enabler.

00:40:21.300 --> 00:40:31.590
Matteo Sisto: And like if we use that correctly, it can really do a lot of wonderful like our organization and eventually to our employees. So this is like a

00:40:32.190 --> 00:40:40.590
Matteo Sisto: Flight that I wanted to remember that we create a technology, you know, like it's not the other way around. We don't need to be scared or three times can be a bit

00:40:41.310 --> 00:40:50.790
Matteo Sisto: Hard to access like it's it's not always the case. And like the more technology is progressing and the more it's becoming easy to use a face to the basic level.

00:40:52.920 --> 00:41:03.600
Matteo Sisto: So this is an older moments of participation. We're going to use a simple to that is called word cloud. I don't know if you're familiar with that and

00:41:04.770 --> 00:41:13.350
Matteo Sisto: It's going to be to write up something on a screen. So I would like you guys to tell me. What are you here for

00:41:14.160 --> 00:41:25.080
Matteo Sisto: And like in order to do that, you can either follow the QR code that is here. Like if you take a picture of that you will be brought directly to the word cloud or otherwise.

00:41:25.500 --> 00:41:42.150
Matteo Sisto: Maybe either in this moment, I can directly linked here with this. That is the page with all the directions. So if you go to medical com and like input the code 5683 to seven. You can reply to those questions.

00:42:06.270 --> 00:42:06.720
Katerina Matiatou: Yes.

00:42:23.070 --> 00:42:33.570
Matteo Sisto: Three minutes. I think it's going to be more than enough for you to find the time I'll just check a bit that Chuck. If anybody has some problem.

00:42:34.740 --> 00:42:36.690
Matteo Sisto: Still need to

00:42:39.270 --> 00:42:42.000
Matteo Sisto: Do with the sitter, somebody is taking advantage of

00:42:44.220 --> 00:42:44.880
Matteo Sisto: Of the tool.

00:42:47.670 --> 00:42:57.480
Matteo Sisto: That's good. You know, like a word cloud fundamentally like will highlight the words that are more use like what's right, we automatically create this nice view.

00:43:01.140 --> 00:43:01.920
Matteo Sisto: Shop in

00:43:03.450 --> 00:43:03.840

00:43:05.730 --> 00:43:06.270

00:43:36.510 --> 00:43:36.930
Matteo Sisto: Create

00:43:43.170 --> 00:43:46.530
Matteo Sisto: One more minute, just for everybody to show something

00:43:47.970 --> 00:43:52.380
Matteo Sisto: But is pretty clear that all of you want to learn and get support.

00:43:58.230 --> 00:43:58.560
Matteo Sisto: To do it.

00:44:08.160 --> 00:44:15.240
Matteo Sisto: So I'm so I'm personally I'm here because I like to share my very limited knowledge around them tech work.

00:44:15.660 --> 00:44:28.500
Matteo Sisto: To improve the impact of nonprofit organization. And because I want to understand better who you are. What are your challenges as nonprofit organization and how it can help you. So this is why I'm here today and why I created this whole event.

00:44:32.730 --> 00:44:33.510
Matteo Sisto: Looks nice words.

00:44:36.600 --> 00:44:39.150
Matteo Sisto: 12 people who participated, or the 19

00:44:40.530 --> 00:44:41.190
Matteo Sisto: Kids

00:45:00.720 --> 00:45:04.500
Matteo Sisto: I think everybody has a chance to write up something

00:45:07.920 --> 00:45:16.110
Matteo Sisto: We continue with our presentation. So we're going to dive down into a big topic of today, that is nonprofit and technology.

00:45:16.650 --> 00:45:28.860
Matteo Sisto: Okay, so what's the deal. Why am pushing nonprofit organization to consider is so vital to their work done. So everything starts with digital transformation. What's that

00:45:29.940 --> 00:45:41.400
Matteo Sisto: Are you familiar with discomfort concerts. It is actually a big fuss, as I like to say, um, it is something to start by taking into consideration the environment around us.

00:45:41.760 --> 00:45:48.900
Matteo Sisto: The word have changed. We are now living in a period that is defined and shaped by our use of technology. Okay.

00:45:49.650 --> 00:46:03.360
Matteo Sisto: smarter people than me would call it the digital age from this consideration we need to rethink and reimagine how organizations can be able to navigate and succeed in this ever changing environment. So this is

00:46:04.650 --> 00:46:12.870
Matteo Sisto: The definition that tech soup. They're going to Nationals telling you about before us when he speaks about digital transformation. So fundamentally, I'd like you to

00:46:14.550 --> 00:46:22.950
Matteo Sisto: Concentrate your focus on three aspects, the adoption of digital technology to create new processes and cultures. Okay.

00:46:25.140 --> 00:46:31.740
Matteo Sisto: So digital transformation fundamentally begins and ends with how you think and engage with

00:46:33.210 --> 00:46:34.860
Matteo Sisto: Your, your beneficiaries.

00:46:36.810 --> 00:46:45.000
Matteo Sisto: As we move from paper to spreadsheets to smart application for managing our organization. We have the chance to reimagine how we do things.

00:46:45.420 --> 00:47:03.540
Matteo Sisto: How we engage our community, you know, donors beneficiaries volunteers with pic with digital technology on our side as we embark on a digital transformation many organizations are taking a step back to ask whether they are really doing the right thing in terms of processes in 10 so

00:47:05.790 --> 00:47:08.160
Matteo Sisto: services offered in terms of a lot of things.

00:47:09.240 --> 00:47:18.690
Matteo Sisto: The first thing you should do is to understand what is possible with digital transformation. That is what I'm trying to, you know, give you a very, very glimpse overview and

00:47:19.800 --> 00:47:33.090
Matteo Sisto: To reiterate, just to take that seems to like small things digital transformation. So fundamentally, it's not only the adoption of technology, even though it's facilitated by technology. It is a radical change.

00:47:34.560 --> 00:47:38.880
Matteo Sisto: Because we need to review the way of doing things, because the things have changed.

00:47:41.910 --> 00:47:49.920
Matteo Sisto: And, you know, like there is some. There's a lot of people that are not very tech enthusiasts, as I am and I totally understand that.

00:47:50.280 --> 00:47:59.430
Matteo Sisto: However, not taking action is not a good idea. I don't know if you're familiar with this sentence, not from Darwin, but it's very strong points, nonetheless.

00:47:59.970 --> 00:48:13.710
Matteo Sisto: It is not the strongest of the species that survives nor the most intelligent. It is the one that is most adaptable to change. I don't know if you ever heard about called duck. If you are as old as me, or like maybe a bit older.

00:48:14.790 --> 00:48:26.820
Matteo Sisto: You will have known Kodak who was like one of the biggest firm in the word selling film for pictures for, you know, like I'm not logical cameras.

00:48:27.840 --> 00:48:44.250
Matteo Sisto: Around the 1980s, something like that their innovation departments managed to create the first digital camera and like that would have been a revolution for them. The big problem is that, you know, as many innovation of certain points in time.

00:48:45.510 --> 00:48:56.520
Matteo Sisto: They weren't ready and since they saw that as a competitor to their own products they decided to kill this innovation and, you know,

00:48:57.390 --> 00:49:10.230
Matteo Sisto: Correct. Now it's a failed company that has been closed for more than 10 years as far as I remember. And it's not a good idea not to take action. So please remember that and

00:49:11.370 --> 00:49:21.360
Matteo Sisto: I been speaking with a lot of nonprofit organizations about death and there is always three big concerns that arise from know mentally. Let's take a look at that, together, we don't have enough time.

00:49:22.260 --> 00:49:31.140
Matteo Sisto: So every nonprofit feel this way and I agree, the great in one sense it's true. If you had more people, more time. You can do incredible work.

00:49:32.040 --> 00:49:43.380
Matteo Sisto: This is actually why innovation and technology. It's so important, your big idea my tree up hundreds of stuff or volunteer, how're that can be applied to more critical issues.

00:49:44.970 --> 00:49:52.500
Matteo Sisto: For example, a domestic abuse organization created a new report in a system system to provide information to external professional

00:49:53.280 --> 00:50:02.550
Matteo Sisto: Those officers have been reaching out to staff member one of the time whenever they need information. Now, they get the information more quickly sending both sides. A lot of time.

00:50:03.150 --> 00:50:10.440
Matteo Sisto: Understand that it's easy to get caught in the Bailey has to have getting work done. I do it myself as well too many times.

00:50:10.830 --> 00:50:22.620
Matteo Sisto: But sometimes just investing an hour to step back and think about the challenge can help you find ways to address that challenge and free up a lot of valuable time. So this is not an excuse

00:50:23.430 --> 00:50:38.430
Matteo Sisto: We don't have enough money okay this again like another big trend fundamentally yeah all nonprofits organizations are usually cast streets. I've been working with loads of them that I've zero budget, but it doesn't mean that you know

00:50:39.690 --> 00:50:42.390
Matteo Sisto: You don't have the resources, he

00:50:43.770 --> 00:50:50.220
Matteo Sisto: Says psychologists have recently identified an interesting phenomenon called the scarcity mindset, essentially it is a come

00:50:50.820 --> 00:50:59.460
Matteo Sisto: Kind of tunnel vision that the marriage were used to focus on something you like. They don't look what you do and neglect older important thing

00:51:00.150 --> 00:51:06.660
Matteo Sisto: So consider the house assets, your nonprofit as beyond money your money they have talented committed people

00:51:07.170 --> 00:51:16.020
Matteo Sisto: You have enthusiasm behind your mission you have tools that can be used in your way, innovation and technology does not necessarily require a lot of money.

00:51:16.620 --> 00:51:20.820
Matteo Sisto: Especially because like there is a lot of great organization like tech soup or like other big

00:51:21.510 --> 00:51:32.010
Matteo Sisto: Software developers that are giving their software out for free to nonprofit organization or very, very highly discounted third one. We don't have the expertise.

00:51:32.790 --> 00:51:38.520
Matteo Sisto: Do you need to be an expert to be an innovator. This is the big question. I'm not necessarily

00:51:38.910 --> 00:51:52.650
Matteo Sisto: You know, like, sometimes the best ideas come from people who aren't experts, because they're not so quick to think about the limitation of an idea general knowledge and a sense of curiosity are incredibly, incredibly useful for innovation.

00:51:54.090 --> 00:52:10.620
Matteo Sisto: In like any new endeavor technology implementation can be risky and the sender, but if you consider the risks up front and the potential benefits might derive Autodesk you'll often find that the risk is more than working so try to innovate.

00:52:12.030 --> 00:52:13.260
Matteo Sisto: So what is fundamentally

00:52:14.520 --> 00:52:23.670
Matteo Sisto: technology. Technology is an enabler that supports since their actual time if something that supports human beings to do more with less.

00:52:24.180 --> 00:52:29.250
Matteo Sisto: So this is why I'm stressing so much that nonprofit organization like start using this technology.

00:52:29.520 --> 00:52:40.350
Matteo Sisto: And these tools, the resources that are available. It's like, it's so important. Our work and why it's so important that we can free up some volunteers time from time to do really critical work and not just

00:52:40.710 --> 00:52:50.610
Matteo Sisto: inputting data from a piece of paper into a computer. This is just like not necessary, and like, I'm pretty sure that all of you have done that in recent time

00:52:51.630 --> 00:52:57.000
Matteo Sisto: So this is a graph that fundamentally explains a bit how digital transformation work.

00:52:58.260 --> 00:53:07.740
Matteo Sisto: Team like this is not a timeline, but it's something that happens organically. This is a circle and it starts at the very center. I like it. Ever since then we have the people

00:53:08.190 --> 00:53:19.350
Matteo Sisto: You cannot bring forward digital transformation. If you don't consider your people. It's the most important factor like associated with that. Those are some benefits. You can see on the right. So,

00:53:20.490 --> 00:53:29.820
Matteo Sisto: It starts with behavior change like can support collaboration across the organization or like a change in organizational model to be more lean and like be able to deliver a better

00:53:30.270 --> 00:53:42.540
Matteo Sisto: Service in less time then it goes to processes. It can be about how we measure things or how we collect certain data and then it goes up to the platform. There is

00:53:43.200 --> 00:53:54.510
Matteo Sisto: The technology, per se. And those are all interesting on content that we can use them so constitution relationship manager fantastic tool that supports the communication between

00:53:55.770 --> 00:54:00.810
Matteo Sisto: You as a nonprofit organization and all your beneficiaries or your stakeholders.

00:54:01.830 --> 00:54:17.970
Matteo Sisto: So, so I'm not going to go through all the infinite possibilities that there are through technology. But I try to keep up a broad overview, what are the tools that I consider important and that I know have a very strong discounts. I see you heard before. From my life, my

00:54:19.980 --> 00:54:39.210
Matteo Sisto: Say like the big mother organization like recently Google for Nonprofits arrived in Chris. This is a great thing I'm going to tell you a bit more about that later on during our conversation, but like, I'll just give you some ideas on how to use some of those

00:54:40.980 --> 00:54:50.580
Matteo Sisto: So if you feel like you need to improve internal communication or team collaboration at your organization. Those are simple tools that you can use, like it's what's up.

00:54:51.330 --> 00:55:02.250
Matteo Sisto: Business telegram slack Facebook workplace or like if you're more into organizing of touch with a lot of free software like fellow Asana myself the support

00:55:03.780 --> 00:55:13.350
Matteo Sisto: The vision of all the tasks that the organization needs to do, and providing checklist and due dates that will really help you to deliver better your

00:55:14.190 --> 00:55:26.580
Matteo Sisto: Service try. Of course we all know Google Drive as reliable thing though, like, now we have also Google for Nonprofits you increase it means that we have the chance to obsess on the business account fundamentally

00:55:27.630 --> 00:55:31.590
Matteo Sisto: That supports the creation of infinite emails that supports the creation

00:55:33.270 --> 00:55:35.100
Matteo Sisto: There is a lot of features behind that.

00:55:36.420 --> 00:55:37.050
Matteo Sisto: Something

00:55:38.310 --> 00:55:54.930
Matteo Sisto: Or you might be more interested in improving the external communication. You know, like digital marketing is one of the first things that can be improved on, you know, nonprofit organization through technology. And the reason is very simple to use, like MailChimp or WordPress.

00:55:56.100 --> 00:56:14.790
Matteo Sisto: Hootsuite and buffer our social media manager tools that will support the scheduling the analytics of all your social media posting at the grant. This is a tool from Google that works with the CEO and like it will support your, your commercial your

00:56:15.810 --> 00:56:16.170
Matteo Sisto: Your

00:56:17.520 --> 00:56:20.190
Matteo Sisto: Communication, your, your external communication by

00:56:21.570 --> 00:56:27.990
Matteo Sisto: appearing at the top rank on Google Search Facebook have official all of your new staff.

00:56:29.370 --> 00:56:33.510
Matteo Sisto: Or maybe you want to improve fundraising. There is like lots of different

00:56:34.830 --> 00:56:40.110
Matteo Sisto: Different tool like Evans, right. This is a tool for events organization. So I just need to drink some water.

00:56:45.090 --> 00:56:54.840
Matteo Sisto: Okay, I was a bit, right. So, Evan bright is a software that supports every management at the same time is a great tool to raise money. This it supports.

00:56:56.760 --> 00:57:10.710
Matteo Sisto: The whole ticketing process and like it sends a reminder to your participants and loads of other automatic features that like we will lose time injuring people there is paper for nonprofits.

00:57:11.370 --> 00:57:22.440
Matteo Sisto: Can give us a discount if I'm not mistaken 1.5% left on all the transactions that we will either do so if you're raising money online, please consider to join people for nonprofits.

00:57:22.920 --> 00:57:25.710
Matteo Sisto: Another tool that has become very, very useful in the last

00:57:26.220 --> 00:57:39.030
Matteo Sisto: Year since appear is Facebook fundraising give the chance, not only to you as an organization, but also to your volunteers donors beneficiaries, whether you can engage to create their own fundraising.

00:57:39.690 --> 00:57:48.060
Matteo Sisto: For any events and like it's great to on Airbnb experience Airbnb has distinguished called experience. It supports.

00:57:48.450 --> 00:57:56.460
Matteo Sisto: The connection with the local community and the reason a lot of organizations that I know that are started to, you know, fundraising through those experiences.

00:57:56.760 --> 00:58:05.850
Matteo Sisto: There is, I'm not kill logical organization that I know in Italy that have started to do this is to action fire and they're raising quite

00:58:06.390 --> 00:58:17.190
Matteo Sisto: A number of money and the whole the whole profits will be ground will be going directly to your organization eBay for charity. Again, if by any chance, somebody has given you

00:58:18.840 --> 00:58:35.100
Matteo Sisto: Some products that you want to auction, you pay for charity will get a discount out of their usual fee and combines another fantastic few that are used to create graphics and like again completely free for nonprofit organizations also the pro version.

00:58:36.390 --> 00:58:46.050
Matteo Sisto: Lastly, I will improve direction it with donors beneficiaries and volunteers, there is 500 1000 different ways to create a database.

00:58:46.920 --> 00:58:57.420
Matteo Sisto: And like a database will support the whole process of communication and like putting down dates people who you met and in this way you will be able to

00:58:58.230 --> 00:59:06.480
Matteo Sisto: Gather those data and use those data in order to improve both your communication or your fundraising effort.

00:59:07.440 --> 00:59:28.050
Matteo Sisto: volunteer management. I don't know if you guys work with volunteers or use volunteers in your daily activities or whatever. But like there is the software that like will support the whole on tasking or training or asking for feedback or organizing and scheduling all

00:59:29.190 --> 00:59:47.550
Matteo Sisto: The work of the volunteers serum out speaking about this before I software that does a lot of things. I'm not going to go into details very much but I strongly suggest you guys take a look at that. And then there is the whole analytics and data points so fundamentally

00:59:48.570 --> 00:59:52.440
Matteo Sisto: Since the word is getting more digital data are becoming more

00:59:53.370 --> 01:00:03.690
Matteo Sisto: Prevalent everywhere. And one of the first tenants of digital transformation, it is to be user centric, meaning that like we can really target people

01:00:04.200 --> 01:00:11.790
Matteo Sisto: As we're speaking, meaning you can create a complete communication faith campaign that is targets.

01:00:12.390 --> 01:00:23.850
Matteo Sisto: On specific people because you have the data, you know that those people will respond better to certain thing and this is all possible through starting a digital transformation. You guys have any question right now.

01:00:25.710 --> 01:00:31.080
Matteo Sisto: We're going to have plenty of time to participate in the next on the next part.

01:00:33.330 --> 01:00:37.230
Matteo Sisto: But if you have any question that I should clarify. I had to Russia bit

01:00:38.280 --> 01:00:39.690
Katerina Matiatou: Of testing.

01:00:40.740 --> 01:00:40.920
Katerina Matiatou: On

01:00:42.570 --> 01:00:59.760
Matteo Sisto: Okay, so you have two options, fundamentally, you take the blue pill and the story ends here you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe you can take the red pill, you stay in wonderful Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes it's

01:01:00.870 --> 01:01:10.260
Matteo Sisto: You know, I, meaning that you need to take your decision. I strongly am a big supporter of technology in nonprofit organization, but it's up to you.

01:01:10.890 --> 01:01:21.330
Matteo Sisto: I think I gave you an idea why it's important to me. So now we're going to move into the World Cup and we're going to be discussing three big questions that are related to, you know,

01:01:23.610 --> 01:01:24.000
Matteo Sisto: There.

01:01:25.800 --> 01:01:35.700
Matteo Sisto: If you have any tools that you're using at the moment it feel important for you. What are the challenges your organization is experiencing and

01:01:38.040 --> 01:01:46.470
Matteo Sisto: If you had anything you want to talk to me. So we're going to slow one question or the time I'm gonna be

01:01:47.700 --> 01:02:01.560
Matteo Sisto: I'm going to be opening the new slides with the question, and we're going to be timing this activity, just to be a bit more time you say a safe 20 minutes it's enough for each question and

01:02:11.340 --> 01:02:22.020
Matteo Sisto: So which tools do you use out your organization, the floor is yours. I'm just here to facilitate the discussion and to possibly listen to a lot of different people's opinion.

01:02:23.310 --> 01:02:24.330
Matteo Sisto: Nobody wants to start

01:02:43.980 --> 01:02:48.120
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: So for our organization, we used to use GC.

01:02:49.680 --> 01:02:50.640
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: What's up,

01:02:59.490 --> 01:02:59.850
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: Yeah.

01:03:00.780 --> 01:03:04.290
Matteo Sisto: And like he used to sweets. I guess the, the basic version.

01:03:06.510 --> 01:03:07.860
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: We have a paid account.

01:03:08.760 --> 01:03:14.460
Matteo Sisto: You have a paid account. And did you hear about the possibilities to have a free account now.

01:03:15.960 --> 01:03:19.950
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: We are, we try to do it before but

01:03:22.110 --> 01:03:22.980
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: No.

01:03:24.930 --> 01:03:26.850
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: hear it from you so

01:03:28.920 --> 01:03:30.690
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: Take it some

01:03:32.130 --> 01:03:34.230
Matteo Sisto: Great, so many save some money.

01:03:38.970 --> 01:03:40.200
Matteo Sisto: Anybody else want to

01:03:41.340 --> 01:03:49.650
Matteo Sisto: Add like what is your. How would you describe your competence with these, um, I mean like he's trailer that is on a task management.

01:03:51.330 --> 01:03:55.530
Matteo Sisto: Application, fundamentally, how, how is your experience so far with those

01:03:58.080 --> 01:04:04.950
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: For my opinion is a very good tool very useful. He

01:04:06.150 --> 01:04:08.580
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: Has something he hasn't

01:04:09.810 --> 01:04:14.160
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: The calendar option, but maybe we can find it.

01:04:15.360 --> 01:04:21.150
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: Somewhere. So now we are trying to see how our son is working.

01:04:22.830 --> 01:04:23.940
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: But we have

01:04:26.130 --> 01:04:29.370
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: We haven't taken dinner.

01:04:31.380 --> 01:04:36.720
Matteo Sisto: And now you're using WhatsApp business, by any chance, or just like basic version to communicate with people.

01:04:38.040 --> 01:04:39.510
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: Basic version. Yes.

01:04:44.400 --> 01:04:46.140
Matteo Sisto: I get back to you soon. The see

01:04:46.440 --> 01:04:47.070
Matteo Sisto: Anybody else

01:04:48.840 --> 01:04:49.260
Δημήτρης Μουρατίδης: Thank you.

01:04:50.220 --> 01:04:50.610
Thank you.

01:04:56.850 --> 01:05:00.030
Matteo Sisto: Who's using workplace unmute yourself and speak a bit

01:05:02.190 --> 01:05:02.520
Matteo Sisto: Ah,

01:05:04.710 --> 01:05:08.940
Matteo Sisto: It's almost like they're having problems to pick the person they're using workspace.

01:05:12.030 --> 01:05:13.560
Matteo Sisto: Anybody else want to chip in

01:05:14.160 --> 01:05:27.150
Panos Antonopoulos: And hello hello again. I'm sorry. So, okay, intermediate to where technology also we use we use many tools and we try many tools every day.

01:05:28.650 --> 01:05:41.550
Panos Antonopoulos: But, you know, in one main one and say a yeah we use that whole office 365 or for Microsoft and, you know, we sold the tools that

01:05:42.810 --> 01:05:50.070
Panos Antonopoulos: Teams calendar. One Drive a tasks flow you know everything, all that and

01:05:51.210 --> 01:05:53.340
Panos Antonopoulos: Yeah. What else, of course.

01:05:54.540 --> 01:06:00.150
Panos Antonopoulos: Some Google some some Google tools and about the project management. We use fried chicken.

01:06:01.530 --> 01:06:02.580
Panos Antonopoulos: The last few years.

01:06:03.030 --> 01:06:03.990
Matteo Sisto: We read come

01:06:04.470 --> 01:06:13.800
Panos Antonopoulos: Freedom. Yes, I can write it. Yeah, it's yeah like that. The I'd say also a free for for NGOs.

01:06:14.520 --> 01:06:17.370
Matteo Sisto: Okay, I didn't know about that. I knew about base camp.

01:06:17.520 --> 01:06:18.300
Matteo Sisto: But a nice down

01:06:18.810 --> 01:06:19.110
Panos Antonopoulos: When you

01:06:19.470 --> 01:06:20.610
Panos Antonopoulos: Have used based on to

01:06:20.940 --> 01:06:21.540
Panos Antonopoulos: So, and

01:06:22.110 --> 01:06:22.530
Panos Antonopoulos: You know,

01:06:23.760 --> 01:06:37.320
Panos Antonopoulos: Web also use open source platforms like WordPress or a WordPress or Moodle and not anymore. But yeah, this is about office management. This is what do you use

01:06:38.250 --> 01:06:41.550
Matteo Sisto: And like you said your attack NGO, I mean like

01:06:42.660 --> 01:06:46.710
Matteo Sisto: What, what kind of activity. Do you, do you guys

01:06:47.370 --> 01:06:49.140
Panos Antonopoulos: Actually, we realize

01:06:51.000 --> 01:06:53.580
Panos Antonopoulos: Tools for for knowledge transfer web

01:06:54.810 --> 01:06:58.650
Panos Antonopoulos: Applications storytelling tools, things like that.

01:06:59.460 --> 01:07:00.120
Matteo Sisto: And we raised

01:07:00.540 --> 01:07:06.300
Panos Antonopoulos: We must love open source of course we are open to do everything by themselves.

01:07:07.350 --> 01:07:11.220
Matteo Sisto: But that's really interesting and can ask you something about office 365

01:07:12.150 --> 01:07:14.070
Matteo Sisto: He showed them.

01:07:14.640 --> 01:07:21.960
Matteo Sisto: The analytical tools. I recently had a quite interesting experience with them, you know, like the dashboard and

01:07:22.860 --> 01:07:27.180
Matteo Sisto: The visual visually. She's like di fundamental the business intelligence tools.

01:07:28.650 --> 01:07:29.190
Panos Antonopoulos: Hmm.

01:07:32.340 --> 01:07:33.690
Panos Antonopoulos: Yeah, so

01:07:34.860 --> 01:07:36.000
Panos Antonopoulos: There was a question there.

01:07:37.200 --> 01:07:44.040
Matteo Sisto: Yeah, me like I was asking if you use it and like in case he uses that would have asked you, you know, how, how it's going with the data and like the whole thing.

01:07:44.880 --> 01:07:58.080
Panos Antonopoulos: Okay, that was tricky. To be honest, I will try it, but I'm not quite. Not quite sure. And yet, because we we were accustomed to Google Analytics.

01:08:00.930 --> 01:08:08.130
Panos Antonopoulos: And it's really difficult to to to make a transition from one to this is specific to the other.

01:08:12.750 --> 01:08:13.020
Matteo Sisto: Or you

01:08:14.280 --> 01:08:15.030
Panos Antonopoulos: Know in the future.

01:08:16.830 --> 01:08:18.030
Matteo Sisto: I'll definitely ask you again.

01:08:19.530 --> 01:08:20.820
Matteo Sisto: Anybody else want to chip in

01:08:35.160 --> 01:08:35.400
Matteo Sisto: Are you

01:08:43.020 --> 01:08:53.520
Katerina Matiatou: From Higgs. Um, well, I'm actually amazed within their media well done guys. Have a jealous. So we use

01:08:54.960 --> 01:08:56.550
Katerina Matiatou: Will all the G. Sweet. The

01:08:58.140 --> 01:09:00.030
Katerina Matiatou: Features and the Microsoft

01:09:02.040 --> 01:09:15.210
Katerina Matiatou: Office tools. We also have kind of recently started using slack. So it's taking up some time for us to adjust. But I think in the long run will really help. Um,

01:09:16.230 --> 01:09:32.430
Katerina Matiatou: What else, who do we use. Well, we do have the library in the newsletter male chimps and stuff, but I don't think they're relevant. I'm not sure if they're relevant right now. And of course, the social media. I think that more or less. These are the ones that we mostly use

01:09:42.900 --> 01:09:43.560
Matteo Sisto: heard the voice.

01:09:44.730 --> 01:09:46.230
Stamatia K.: Yeah, I'm stomach dia

01:09:47.340 --> 01:10:04.620
Stamatia K.: Mila yeah we are from the Erasmus to the network of Greece and we use a couple of the mentioned ones like the sweet. We have tried a semi trailer. Now we're trying out notion

01:10:05.820 --> 01:10:11.850
Stamatia K.: We have applied for the office 365 because they have a really good

01:10:13.680 --> 01:10:14.310
Stamatia K.: Training.

01:10:15.390 --> 01:10:25.350
Stamatia K.: Kind of thing where you you can learn about how to use Excel, PowerPoint and word better like they show you

01:10:26.970 --> 01:10:38.850
Stamatia K.: Some features, um, other than that, we have the canvas for NGOs and when it comes to our website and our services that we have

01:10:39.690 --> 01:11:03.030
Stamatia K.: Because we have a couple of them were really we are quite young people in the organization. So it's like ages 2225 so we are we like to do things online. And since we are all over Europe we. It's the only way we can communicate. So we have invested in a lot of those things and we use

01:11:04.080 --> 01:11:04.680
Stamatia K.: The

01:11:06.300 --> 01:11:14.310
Stamatia K.: The Amazon Web Services and the Microsoft for our servers and things like that.

01:11:14.880 --> 01:11:15.360

01:11:17.220 --> 01:11:19.950
Matteo Sisto: Can you tell me a bit because like I never use

01:11:21.090 --> 01:11:28.800
Matteo Sisto: Maybe AWS Amazon Web Services like I had no idea what they can to commit bit about that. Well,

01:11:28.860 --> 01:11:30.420
Stamatia K.: Basically it

01:11:32.250 --> 01:11:44.250
Stamatia K.: You can manage your servers. From there, and the cost for NGOs, if I am correct is like 10 cents per month. It's not really

01:11:44.340 --> 01:11:45.360
Matteo Sisto: Expensive than

01:11:46.290 --> 01:11:47.610
Stamatia K.: 10 cents, I think. Yeah.

01:11:48.450 --> 01:11:51.120
Matteo Sisto: That's pretty great. Like, how much space do you have

01:11:53.760 --> 01:11:57.420
Stamatia K.: I have, I will have to look it up, that we have

01:11:58.500 --> 01:12:01.080
Stamatia K.: A lot of websites and a lot of data.

01:12:02.220 --> 01:12:13.290
Stamatia K.: That we host, we have like seven websites. Also, we use the panel for other management.

01:12:15.210 --> 01:12:16.920
Matteo Sisto: For the CMS for the

01:12:18.660 --> 01:12:19.410
Matteo Sisto: And everything

01:12:19.980 --> 01:12:31.770
Stamatia K.: And we have, yeah. Also, our local sections. They use it for their email and the more national level uses G sweet for our email.

01:12:35.130 --> 01:12:35.880
Matteo Sisto: Thank you for sharing.

01:12:37.980 --> 01:12:39.300
Matteo Sisto: Anybody else want to chip in

01:12:40.620 --> 01:12:41.910
Spyros Tsoukalas: Yes, I would like to add that

01:12:43.680 --> 01:12:44.730
Spyros Tsoukalas: I'm spirits, I

01:12:45.870 --> 01:13:02.370
Spyros Tsoukalas: introduced myself. Very good. So, um, as far as our, our organization is concerned were quite small. So for now, we usually use our personal accounts and the free tools that are available for people not a NGOs, so the word that

01:13:03.750 --> 01:13:09.180
Spyros Tsoukalas: When I go to expose personally would expose to texture and they realized how many tools.

01:13:10.200 --> 01:13:15.600
Spyros Tsoukalas: We can use and get benefit from them because they are free for NGOs and got really impressed.

01:13:16.200 --> 01:13:23.670
Spyros Tsoukalas: For now, I haven't made that transition yet, but I would like to add a couple of tools that might be useful for others of course like Dropbox isn't obvious.

01:13:24.660 --> 01:13:35.280
Spyros Tsoukalas: Solution that many people might use but they it hasn't been mentioned yet Dropbox and apart from the ones that have already been mentioned, I think that project.

01:13:36.120 --> 01:13:49.440
Spyros Tsoukalas: loon noun is a database of free icons that can be used these Lee everywhere and it's called Project and noun and noun spelled us no un

01:13:50.370 --> 01:14:11.700
Spyros Tsoukalas: And also totally I recently made the conversion for the company. I was tempted by their advertisement and I bought the subscription for life. It's called totally at the low and why and it helps you make animated leaders.

01:14:12.750 --> 01:14:14.700
Spyros Tsoukalas: So we are planning to use it.

01:14:15.840 --> 01:14:16.320
Spyros Tsoukalas: For

01:14:17.970 --> 01:14:23.310
Spyros Tsoukalas: Short videos that explain to our users, how to use our tools and what to do, how

01:14:24.360 --> 01:14:25.830
Spyros Tsoukalas: Etc. Now,

01:14:26.130 --> 01:14:29.970
Matteo Sisto: There is another very interesting tools like this one, you mentioned right now.

01:14:31.080 --> 01:14:46.260
Matteo Sisto: That supports you know like also for very bad graphic designer or like people with zero artistic touches. I am like to create videos that are engaging or like animation. And this is what well no, Tom. I don't know the software.

01:14:46.890 --> 01:14:55.050
Spyros Tsoukalas: To only it's only 12 as well as another tool that I have heard that haven't used it and the one that we use is called only Tw O n and why

01:14:58.350 --> 01:15:03.720
Spyros Tsoukalas: If you start digging on tools that are available because I come from the stop startup world there are like

01:15:04.830 --> 01:15:22.740
Spyros Tsoukalas: Many, many, many, many, like a beyond imagination numbers of tools that can be used and help you do stuff. But there's learning care, but you have to get through. And sometimes, as you mentioned earlier time or money is a is a factor of discouragement.

01:15:23.850 --> 01:15:33.450
Matteo Sisto: It is up to a certain extent, I mean like there isn't a lot, a lot, a lot, a lot of discounts or free software that a free piece of software that

01:15:34.260 --> 01:15:40.830
Matteo Sisto: Are provided to nonprofit organization and like what they usually do you know like I i tend to contact the mother organization.

01:15:41.430 --> 01:15:50.190
Matteo Sisto: Trying to ask, you know, like I'm a non profit. I'm working for a non profit organization on. Can I use your software for a longer for your periods or like, can you give me a discount

01:15:50.520 --> 01:15:55.680
Matteo Sisto: But it doesn't cost anything to ask, like most of the time I had great success on that so

01:15:56.640 --> 01:16:02.940
Matteo Sisto: Don't be discouraged by that I know that's also a tool that like us becoming prominence in that develops.

01:16:03.480 --> 01:16:14.850
Matteo Sisto: Developers word is called the Twilio. I don't know if you guys heard about that fundamentally it's a bit complex and what it does but it supports them the ultimate decision or like

01:16:15.510 --> 01:16:29.640
Matteo Sisto: sending messages to multiple people and add loads of other things and they provide a huge discount on profit organization so he can start using it without any problem. Somebody else wants to share so that other people can be informed.

01:16:50.250 --> 01:17:03.900
Spyros Tsoukalas: At another organization, not through the one that my partner and I have established, we used to use base camp and we we contacted them to get it for free because it's very useful for

01:17:04.590 --> 01:17:19.920
Spyros Tsoukalas: Project Management and communication at the same time, but we couldn't get the discount more than 10% back then. And it was pretty expensive. So we stopped using it, but based on like it's very easy to use and in case somebody gets full access. It's like

01:17:22.440 --> 01:17:24.960
Spyros Tsoukalas: Your hands are no longer tied on that.

01:17:26.760 --> 01:17:27.600
Spyros Tsoukalas: Matters.

01:17:28.530 --> 01:17:36.420
Matteo Sisto: If I'm not mistaken, they improved their nonprofit offers. I don't remember the exact number, but like a

01:17:37.800 --> 01:17:53.550
Matteo Sisto: Piece a year ago I saw that there was like very good offer for nonprofit organizations so so with base camp and to the people that mentioned about MailChimp. You guys are using. I guess the free version or the paid one correct

01:18:00.840 --> 01:18:01.440
Katerina Matiatou: Yes.

01:18:03.690 --> 01:18:08.190
Matteo Sisto: Yeah, because like the pro version is a bit too expensive and

01:18:09.420 --> 01:18:12.810
Matteo Sisto: Somebody wants to share something else in terms of tools or like

01:18:15.270 --> 01:18:26.040
Matteo Sisto: Especially if you want to express I felt that local organization who spoke on had a lot of tech experience and like they can share with the other two don't have and

01:18:27.450 --> 01:18:36.120
Matteo Sisto: Especially if you had, you know, some positive experience or negative experience with technology. This is the right time to tell something about

01:18:39.870 --> 01:18:43.440
Lemonia Moraiti: Um, I would say that a handbook role.

01:18:44.670 --> 01:18:52.110
Lemonia Moraiti: Is I think a lifesaver. If you need to make graphics and you don't have a graphic designer or you don't know

01:18:53.340 --> 01:18:54.840
Lemonia Moraiti: How to do many things and

01:18:55.920 --> 01:19:05.370
Lemonia Moraiti: If you haven't tested it and you're looking for a way to make images, any kind of images, um, you should try it. Even the free version before you get

01:19:07.200 --> 01:19:09.510
Lemonia Moraiti: Like registered as an NGO is very useful.

01:19:11.100 --> 01:19:12.360
Matteo Sisto: I love come by so much

01:19:12.450 --> 01:19:16.380
Matteo Sisto: So much has helped me make like decent looking face.

01:19:17.280 --> 01:19:20.040
Matteo Sisto: Since a couple of years, and like I will never go back to something

01:19:20.040 --> 01:19:20.220

01:19:21.270 --> 01:19:28.680
Matteo Sisto: Really, really simple to you like you can do literally everything I think recently have introduced also animated

01:19:29.550 --> 01:19:32.490
Matteo Sisto: Videos. Yeah, great, really, really great.

01:19:37.080 --> 01:19:51.420
Panos Antonopoulos: Um, can I add something panelists again because we mess on canvas and animations. We also use a platoon is a really nice and you may animation platform, of course, is not free.

01:19:52.650 --> 01:19:53.940
Panos Antonopoulos: I'm not sure it has

01:19:55.230 --> 01:20:09.030
Panos Antonopoulos: NGO discount. But this really has a free version of course, and it's really is a really user friendly and you can make a really amazing videos with templates or, you know, customize

01:20:14.070 --> 01:20:25.770
Spyros Tsoukalas: Some of the tools that we mentioned like platoon we used only instead of putting but the many tools offer a free trial when you start. So we tend to use different emails to start again the

01:20:26.220 --> 01:20:44.370
Spyros Tsoukalas: Free trial and get there. Get access again and again in the tools, but don't I have used in the past for a competition of we will be displayed with a video and I I I point out that because it will have used as well.

01:20:46.470 --> 01:20:46.860
Matteo Sisto: Great.

01:20:50.370 --> 01:20:51.960
Matteo Sisto: Anybody wants to share something else.

01:20:55.590 --> 01:21:07.650
Spyros Tsoukalas: We deal with language. So we tend to use language related tools which are kind of irrelevant for most organizations, but we have used their tools like glaus bath no longer speak.

01:21:09.960 --> 01:21:13.590
Spyros Tsoukalas: But they are usually free for free completely for free but

01:21:16.440 --> 01:21:19.470
Matteo Sisto: But that for translation like for websites or

01:21:20.460 --> 01:21:26.820
Spyros Tsoukalas: Another exactly we we deal with languages. So we need to get words in different we use them for translation and

01:21:28.020 --> 01:21:33.090
Spyros Tsoukalas: And transforming words from one alphabet to another and stuff like that.

01:21:34.680 --> 01:21:35.670
Spyros Tsoukalas: Gloss Belgium.

01:21:36.690 --> 01:21:36.960
Matteo Sisto: But

01:21:37.200 --> 01:21:40.050
Spyros Tsoukalas: Usually such a relevant for us.

01:21:42.120 --> 01:21:49.620
Matteo Sisto: I mean like after you know after this conversation. Would you guys have put down my own suggestions and like I have a quite a big list.

01:21:50.160 --> 01:22:10.620
Matteo Sisto: Of tools that I use and use or just in general like I'll make it available to all of you. So we'll have we can have like a bigger pockets of knowledge. If you guys are fine with with this section, we can go a little bit down to what are the challenges that you're experiencing experiencing.

01:22:11.730 --> 01:22:21.600
Matteo Sisto: So what is your problem as a nonprofit organization as a non profit volunteer professional or whether it's your role.

01:22:23.970 --> 01:22:25.140
Matteo Sisto: What are you struggling with

01:22:27.300 --> 01:22:28.230
Matteo Sisto: The floor is open to you.

01:22:38.550 --> 01:22:51.420
Spyros Tsoukalas: I would like to address something that usually small organizations in the early steps that face and and it's a trust. So it's a long process until you start

01:22:52.080 --> 01:23:05.190
Spyros Tsoukalas: Having results and deliver results in order to receive trust from bigger organizations that are able to help you to get there to the next stage is, for example, we got established in September.

01:23:05.670 --> 01:23:20.160
Spyros Tsoukalas: And since then, I have written many proposals participate in programs, etc. So, and a big consideration for that. It's something that I realized later after founding the organization that you have to build a

01:23:22.350 --> 01:23:38.100
Spyros Tsoukalas: Footprint before you start getting into real projects on or it's a business in a way. So it's something that many organizations like Higgs a help you fight and

01:23:39.600 --> 01:24:02.970
Spyros Tsoukalas: Thank you for that. Katrina and the other members of the team and the trust is not only a matter when you are participating. When you look for corporations in from other organizations, but in order to even participating in programs, you have to start from Larry Really low and really small.

01:24:04.440 --> 01:24:15.900
Spyros Tsoukalas: Proposals or tenders and then start getting into bigger ones for us know how we will probably participating a bigger one. But then we have to have worked a lot until we reach that states.

01:24:16.500 --> 01:24:28.260
Spyros Tsoukalas: And it would be nice if there was some kind of community helping or coordinating NGOs that are small in order to get into programs with bigger ones and stuff like that.

01:24:29.820 --> 01:24:44.730
Matteo Sisto: Well, this sounds really really interesting actually like to do to support the networking and participation of the creation of trust the beginning of every stage organization really, really beautiful.

01:24:45.780 --> 01:24:53.670
Spyros Tsoukalas: An example is that if you get introduced in their organization and you earn their trust, even for once, like it's a big of an opportunity for you to

01:24:54.570 --> 01:25:10.020
Spyros Tsoukalas: Get into a program start doing stuff and stop fighting to create a footprint that might be not that important in the beginning. So you get the opportunity to get directly into real projects and have real impact.

01:25:10.920 --> 01:25:17.820
Matteo Sisto: And I also feel that, like, come here. The Echo system is pretty different from local countries that I've worked in like

01:25:18.660 --> 01:25:36.780
Matteo Sisto: For example, donation private donation. It's very low. And I don't think it's a very big habit. So like it's really hard for startups nonprofit organizations to raise the initial money and to start getting interest from our community. That's what I had been reading about you guys confirm

01:25:38.700 --> 01:25:40.530
Matteo Sisto: Fundraising is not very well developed

01:25:42.930 --> 01:25:52.500
Spyros Tsoukalas: I would agree, but like something that the world is started taking into account in Greece is sustainable sustainability of the organizations that I

01:25:53.520 --> 01:26:01.050
Spyros Tsoukalas: Grow and exist because the thing that many organizations don't take that really take care of their model and how they

01:26:01.950 --> 01:26:12.750
Spyros Tsoukalas: Are trying to become sustainable in their future steps because it's good if you get money once or twice, but how we live you sustain your organization in the future steps.

01:26:13.320 --> 01:26:27.390
Spyros Tsoukalas: And I had the chance to get exposed to the Israeli echo system of nonprofits in November, and it really changed the way I perceive sustainability in nonprofit projects.

01:26:27.990 --> 01:26:34.230
Spyros Tsoukalas: At a very good example from them. I don't remember the organization's name, but they get, for example.

01:26:35.100 --> 01:26:42.300
Spyros Tsoukalas: And materials from kite surf and windsurf and then turn them into bags that they actually shell.

01:26:42.870 --> 01:26:53.820
Spyros Tsoukalas: And not only do they have an environmental impact through that because they sell so they actually get money back. And they reinvest but the people they hired to run this organization are people that come from.

01:26:55.230 --> 01:26:56.010
Spyros Tsoukalas: Oh, what's the word

01:26:57.570 --> 01:26:58.080
Matteo Sisto: Background

01:26:59.400 --> 01:27:04.380
Spyros Tsoukalas: Not, not only even more specific and find the word, let me translate

01:27:12.120 --> 01:27:16.110
Spyros Tsoukalas: From play get a people that have a lead left the presentation.

01:27:16.950 --> 01:27:25.020
Spyros Tsoukalas: So they have a impacting two three aspects and at the same time they managed to be sustainable by selling the

01:27:25.140 --> 01:27:26.220
Spyros Tsoukalas: Products that they build

01:27:29.160 --> 01:27:36.720
Matteo Sisto: That's that's really positive like also employing the people actually in the production of these sorts of things. So it's really, really.

01:27:37.680 --> 01:27:50.910
Matteo Sisto: Interesting. I think there's like there is an organization. I don't know machine increase that it's called idea. Good idea that like works with homeless and like I think they do something similar with a newspapers that they

01:27:53.280 --> 01:28:04.650
Matteo Sisto: Recycle debts and create new products that then they will sell something that is you can also hear anybody else wants to say something on the challenges your organization is experiencing.

01:28:15.930 --> 01:28:18.390
Matteo Sisto: You'll have loads of fun.

01:28:20.520 --> 01:28:23.790
Matteo Sisto: Fantastic amounts of engaged volunteers.

01:28:25.560 --> 01:28:27.420
Matteo Sisto: Lots of time to do everything.

01:28:28.650 --> 01:28:29.130
Matteo Sisto: And

01:28:30.750 --> 01:28:31.050
Matteo Sisto: Now,

01:28:37.530 --> 01:28:37.980
Panos Antonopoulos: And

01:28:39.060 --> 01:28:39.780
Panos Antonopoulos: That is funny.

01:28:41.850 --> 01:28:51.630
Panos Antonopoulos: You know, whatever. Of course, I think most of the majority of the organizations here. Have you know more or less the same process and problems and

01:28:52.740 --> 01:28:55.230
Panos Antonopoulos: For us, I will say is

01:28:56.670 --> 01:29:08.100
Panos Antonopoulos: How to have many to have many project, who have okay but not you know the biggest theme. So yeah, it's the productivity and their organizational productivity issue.

01:29:08.580 --> 01:29:30.450
Panos Antonopoulos: And of course, fundraising and yeah and also the, the human factor against against them and volunteers, as you said, it's really important. And because we we try to have to organize many events and some big events in patterns in Greece, it's no

01:29:31.860 --> 01:29:34.890
Panos Antonopoulos: Really area talents really to do that.

01:29:37.170 --> 01:29:40.020
Matteo Sisto: To manage the volunteers per se or

01:29:40.290 --> 01:29:43.050
Matteo Sisto: There is some little volunteers increase

01:29:43.110 --> 01:29:47.430
Matteo Sisto: That's not on a Friday I understood that social sector that is not super

01:29:48.660 --> 01:29:55.170
Panos Antonopoulos: I wouldn't say fine. I will say that the problem is to find the volunteers, but Manson and give you know keep them.

01:29:57.630 --> 01:29:58.980
Panos Antonopoulos: Interested interested

01:30:10.320 --> 01:30:13.500
Matteo Sisto: Anybody else wants to say something in this area.

01:30:21.690 --> 01:30:30.240
Matteo Sisto: Okay, I'm fine with that. I was expecting a bit more of you guys speaking a lot about this and you know told me everything about the challenges.

01:30:32.040 --> 01:30:32.940
Matteo Sisto: Tonic summed it up.

01:30:34.320 --> 01:30:37.080
Matteo Sisto: And you're going to go through this third

01:30:39.360 --> 01:30:47.130
Matteo Sisto: Question. Okay, so, following the presentation. Is there any tool that you will do like to try or learn more about

01:30:47.670 --> 01:30:55.170
Matteo Sisto: And please consider also like the other things I said at the beginning of the presentation. That's like there is a lot of topics for which

01:30:56.160 --> 01:31:09.120
Matteo Sisto: Me a. Net Squared in general can provide information, knowledge, and you know support in general to nonprofit organizations, starting from this is all marketing up to

01:31:10.230 --> 01:31:17.250
Matteo Sisto: I don't know, analytics, or whatever you guys need there is something that you would like to know about more

01:31:23.100 --> 01:31:30.900
Lemonia Moraiti: Absolutely, because of the position I currently hold them in terms of communications and I think that

01:31:32.190 --> 01:31:34.800
Lemonia Moraiti: Managing social media analytics and

01:31:36.180 --> 01:31:40.350
Lemonia Moraiti: Like Facebook ads and more insights and all of these things.

01:31:41.850 --> 01:31:44.250
Lemonia Moraiti: Are kind of what I'm expecting to take away

01:31:45.150 --> 01:31:55.140
Matteo Sisto: That's great. And like can ask you something. Because like on this topic. I have some ideas that I wanted to give you back. I will be, I don't know, like I'm, I'm thinking about some

01:31:55.980 --> 01:32:10.650
Matteo Sisto: Make like the make the next event on SEO that. Do you think it's something that could be interesting for you, like how to use for example Yoast SEO plugin and to create a strategy that will support your containing

01:32:11.580 --> 01:32:12.990
Lemonia Moraiti: I think that would be very interesting.

01:32:14.520 --> 01:32:27.120
Matteo Sisto: So like there is a lot of topics that can be covered through like a communications and like also I mean there's another topic of thinking about that is I don't know if you're familiar with the words on

01:32:28.200 --> 01:32:40.170
Matteo Sisto: Pillar content methodology. It's like something that was created by an American guy that's that works with CEO, fundamentally, it is to create

01:32:41.850 --> 01:32:59.670
Matteo Sisto: A big piece of big article. This will answer a lot of different questions around a single topic and in this way you will be able to, you know, run up in the long run better in Google. And that will, you know, benefit from through all of them.

01:33:01.200 --> 01:33:02.370
Lemonia Moraiti: I wasn't familiar with that.

01:33:04.560 --> 01:33:07.080
Lemonia Moraiti: I think I can say yes.

01:33:07.110 --> 01:33:07.770
Matteo Sisto: Yeah, I'll

01:33:07.860 --> 01:33:11.100
Matteo Sisto: send you some awesome somebody about everything that I've talked about. So like

01:33:11.820 --> 01:33:12.810
Lemonia Moraiti: You know now.

01:33:12.840 --> 01:33:19.170
Matteo Sisto: Don't worry, no need to write down anything and somebody seeing some in general, my status as well.

01:33:20.640 --> 01:33:27.780
Matteo Sisto: Can you tell me a bit more of what you would like to learn. I mean, like, how can I help you, this is my question from them, actually.

01:33:52.740 --> 01:33:56.730
Matteo Sisto: Tell me what she wants to learn what you want to go in there in two weeks time

01:33:59.130 --> 01:34:09.630
Matteo Sisto: There is really 1000 different topics that we can touch upon and I will. I would love to support you project management tools for non GMO guys

01:34:11.190 --> 01:34:21.720
Matteo Sisto: I would really love to, you know, to know better what to give you is like this. This first event was really introductory and like I wanted to learn better. Who are the people that had in front of me.

01:34:23.070 --> 01:34:25.410
Matteo Sisto: And tell them what we can do together.

01:34:28.950 --> 01:34:36.900
Lemonia Moraiti: It's fine. My add something I think also the aspect of the management of volunteers. Sounds interesting. It's something that

01:34:37.710 --> 01:34:50.850
Lemonia Moraiti: We don't really do in a professional way because we all have very informal friendly connections with with everyone. We are about 500 volunteers in Greece. Now, or less. We know it's Heather.

01:34:51.750 --> 01:35:07.710
Lemonia Moraiti: But when it comes to training or information flow keeping volunteers engaged and all of these things. I think it's kind of time to step it up and maybe see what we can do for our human resources.

01:35:09.150 --> 01:35:15.540
Matteo Sisto: Sounds interesting. Um, do you use any formal process. I mean like onboarding you mention trainings and

01:35:15.870 --> 01:35:19.800
Lemonia Moraiti: Whatnot um, the thing is that we're

01:35:21.600 --> 01:35:37.350
Lemonia Moraiti: Kind of an umbrella organization and national umbrella organization for more local sections that are 90 in organizations in Greece, and they try and have them and it's one is based in a higher education institution in a university and it's one of them has its own procedures internally.

01:35:38.730 --> 01:35:40.260
Lemonia Moraiti: So it's a bit of a complex

01:35:41.640 --> 01:35:44.850
Lemonia Moraiti: Thing going on, but there are a few

01:35:46.170 --> 01:35:54.090
Lemonia Moraiti: common strategies that it's local section does when it comes to onboarding and now let's transfer

01:35:55.650 --> 01:35:57.750
Matteo Sisto: Um, do you use any particular tools for

01:35:57.750 --> 01:36:00.540
Matteo Sisto: That. So I mean, like, or just volunteer. So, you know,

01:36:00.960 --> 01:36:03.180
Matteo Sisto: For more like just to get better.

01:36:03.840 --> 01:36:04.530
Matteo Sisto: When you give you

01:36:04.950 --> 01:36:12.060
Lemonia Moraiti: Um, it's mostly offline when it comes to the sections. It's mostly offline. So you have physical meetings and

01:36:13.530 --> 01:36:24.270
Lemonia Moraiti: We also have national training events happening where we have the chance to actually see where what the level is and pass on more know let's

01:36:25.260 --> 01:36:46.290
Lemonia Moraiti: We use a forum for internal communication and to discuss current issues. So we do have a forum as the main Information Portal, but when it comes to management and training. It's mostly just forum and then informal Facebook groups where we can bond and get to know each other.

01:36:47.340 --> 01:36:48.870
Lemonia Moraiti: So no specific platform.

01:36:50.370 --> 01:36:51.150
Lemonia Moraiti: For onboarding

01:36:51.180 --> 01:36:51.630
Matteo Sisto: Or just

01:36:51.870 --> 01:36:58.620
Matteo Sisto: You know I'm it makes sense to me like I was just, I have some ideas in mind and like I wanted movie, be sure you're, you're not using anything

01:37:01.530 --> 01:37:07.530
Matteo Sisto: And somebody else wants to tell me what you guys would like to know better about

01:37:11.430 --> 01:37:27.570
Stamatia K.: If they could add to that, I would really be interested in information flow and how can we make people more not only others but also ourselves more accountable for example.

01:37:28.980 --> 01:37:33.150
Stamatia K.: We have tried to Santa. We have tried tread low we use Slack.

01:37:34.770 --> 01:37:46.050
Stamatia K.: As the except for forum that we use for our entire organization and the same organization as pneumonia. The previous speaker, but for more

01:37:46.530 --> 01:38:03.360
Stamatia K.: formal communication between the national level, we use Slack, but we have a problem when it comes to smaller tasks and that's why we go back and forth between our son in law.

01:38:04.410 --> 01:38:06.390
Stamatia K.: So information flow and

01:38:07.440 --> 01:38:08.070
Stamatia K.: Maybe some

01:38:08.100 --> 01:38:11.280
Matteo Sisto: What would you mean by it. I mean like internal communication. You mean

01:38:11.940 --> 01:38:13.320
Stamatia K.: Yeah, I think.

01:38:13.650 --> 01:38:24.780
Matteo Sisto: Not Sorry sir, because like when you said information. I was started to think about, you know, knowledge management and like data strategy is to gather data and then analyze I was completely out of

01:38:25.410 --> 01:38:25.770

01:38:27.210 --> 01:38:30.810
Stamatia K.: That will also be very useful because sometimes it's

01:38:33.480 --> 01:38:39.450
Stamatia K.: Between the national and local levers. We try to breed that

01:38:40.590 --> 01:38:56.580
Stamatia K.: With our forum, but still there is also an international level and you see there is a bit of complex way of information to flow and we would like to get some tips about

01:39:05.850 --> 01:39:07.200
Matteo Sisto: Okay, anybody

01:39:09.630 --> 01:39:12.510
Panos Antonopoulos: Mattel and really interesting

01:39:15.330 --> 01:39:30.000
Panos Antonopoulos: In tools, how to invest money metrics, how to measure the impact of our organization, our initiatives everything know a to keep tracking of everything in order to make it, make it easier

01:39:31.680 --> 01:39:34.530
Panos Antonopoulos: And our boards and see

01:39:34.650 --> 01:39:43.470
Matteo Sisto: I had recently done something on this side. And it was really, really interesting and like and started to use data studio

01:39:44.760 --> 01:39:58.110
Matteo Sisto: In order to visualize that you create dashboards. Also my records on Google Analytics Facebook and all social media is something that's you thought you wanted, or you had something more specific in mind.

01:39:59.250 --> 01:39:59.550
Matteo Sisto: Hmm.

01:39:59.880 --> 01:40:18.540
Panos Antonopoulos: Yeah, that's that's insane. That's the thing, because if you want to do this, you need to gather all the information you know for many different aspects of this presentation a data digital social media. So it's really tricky and difficult sometimes

01:40:19.680 --> 01:40:25.620
Panos Antonopoulos: For some for us because we have a different the written differently, the actual beneficial.

01:40:26.940 --> 01:40:34.860
Panos Antonopoulos: And emerging in the online world in the physical world. So sometimes it's difficult to to gather everything to I can find actually your, your impact.

01:40:36.210 --> 01:40:43.080
Panos Antonopoulos: If we try really hard to do that. So I would really love to find a tool or a combination of tools to make it easier

01:40:47.670 --> 01:40:49.800
Matteo Sisto: Okay, maybe we can speak a bit about that.

01:40:50.760 --> 01:41:05.430
Matteo Sisto: Because like that's in my inbox and individualized. It's not super easy. So topic and a nice to be able to do it in a couple of classes or whatnot, but I can give you a first. You know, like an introduction to these things.

01:41:06.510 --> 01:41:16.560
Matteo Sisto: Without much problem, but like, maybe you know say say with me two seconds at the end of the presentation and like will will speak a bit about that.

01:41:17.190 --> 01:41:19.320
Matteo Sisto: Again, for me, but thank you.

01:41:20.160 --> 01:41:28.110
Matteo Sisto: Anybody else wants to chip in what you guys would like to do, I'm going to also send out some in our questionnaire trying to understand what you guys really want to

01:41:28.650 --> 01:41:40.410
Matteo Sisto: Do you already gave me a baseline idea of through the survey through today. And if there is nobody else wants to speak, which is totally fine. We can close up this part.

01:41:41.850 --> 01:41:43.440
Matteo Sisto: Will give you the most second

01:41:53.760 --> 01:41:54.780
Matteo Sisto: Thank you very much.

01:41:57.390 --> 01:42:00.180
Matteo Sisto: Let's move back to the last

01:42:02.520 --> 01:42:03.630

01:42:05.430 --> 01:42:10.170
Matteo Sisto: Points so so seeing wrap up. Let's get all of this together and

01:42:10.890 --> 01:42:19.530
Matteo Sisto: I really wanted to thank the people that remained until the end to listen to my annoying voice so long and thank you for the input you know like

01:42:19.980 --> 01:42:37.440
Matteo Sisto: Even if you just say a couple of words that was really important to maybe it's like it helps me to get a better idea of what we'll do together and said there was going to be another event on the 30th of April topic to be decided something probably

01:42:38.520 --> 01:42:39.690
Matteo Sisto: Digital Marketing

01:42:41.190 --> 01:42:55.680
Matteo Sisto: And the other one will be a little bit more. I will have a little bit more time to prepare. So like we can think about something of the very interesting points that you guys raised in terms of tools that you would like to explore if if somebody wants to stay few minutes after

01:42:57.000 --> 01:42:58.950
Matteo Sisto: The end of this presentation that it's now.

01:43:00.540 --> 01:43:05.970
Matteo Sisto: Feel free to, you know, to stay up be very happy to chat with all of you that wanted to stay but

01:43:06.990 --> 01:43:22.680
Matteo Sisto: As it is, it's 730 we're perfectly in time to finish our meeting. I'm really happy. Thank you guys for for your participation for being with me. During this experiment, and I hope I didn't bore board you too much.

01:43:24.270 --> 01:43:26.070
Matteo Sisto: So, see you next time.

01:43:31.290 --> 01:43:32.250
Spyros Tsoukalas: May ask a question.

01:43:33.090 --> 01:43:34.080
Matteo Sisto: Yeah. Yeah, please.

01:43:34.140 --> 01:43:50.010
Spyros Tsoukalas: How, how can we get informed, like I know where thing where the researchers FOR THE NEXT DAY ACTIVITY IS OUR. But how could we get a for more regularly about such events from you guys from

01:43:51.750 --> 01:43:52.680
Spyros Tsoukalas: That's where the

01:43:52.980 --> 01:44:04.050
Matteo Sisto: Human from Net Squared, I think, okay, there is a definitely a global community where you I can send you a link. Let's put it this way, if you register through Meetup.

01:44:05.430 --> 01:44:08.010
Matteo Sisto: I have all your, your emails.

01:44:09.210 --> 01:44:19.500
Matteo Sisto: And I should be able to send you on a sort of follow up from everything we said today, and like a definitely make sure to include all that. But if you go to next

01:44:20.820 --> 01:44:25.500
Matteo Sisto: If I'm not mistaken, it should be finding all the events.

01:44:26.910 --> 01:44:40.020
Matteo Sisto: With Net Squared organized and I said this is some international group. Most of the events are in English because they have done in Silicon Valley or like in English speaking countries.

01:44:41.280 --> 01:44:47.790
Matteo Sisto: And they go towards really deep in terms of technology. I mean, like, one of the last event.

01:44:48.720 --> 01:44:56.400
Matteo Sisto: I was looking at it was about some how to use artificial intelligence and chatbots to, you know, to engage better with your beneficiaries.

01:44:56.790 --> 01:45:09.900
Matteo Sisto: And that was really interesting. A bit too high level for me. But like, this is really interesting to know that these sorts of things exist and you can actually adapt that to your own organization so i think thats related to your question.

01:45:11.310 --> 01:45:11.670
Spyros Tsoukalas: Thanks.

01:45:11.730 --> 01:45:12.090

01:45:14.610 --> 01:45:15.900
Matteo Sisto: Nobody else wants to say

01:45:46.710 --> 01:45:48.900
Matteo Sisto: Maybe somebody else wants to listen to

01:45:53.430 --> 01:46:03.120
Matteo Sisto: We're starting something so like I I really would like to create a community that interested about these things and I'm just here for this so I'm to your complete disposal.

01:46:04.170 --> 01:46:07.770
Matteo Sisto: Let me know what you tell me what you, what, what can I can do for you.

01:46:09.060 --> 01:46:20.040
Panos Antonopoulos: You know, first of all, thank you for your presentation on the horn incentive really interesting and do for me. I'm an ID so gay I'm accustomed to using tools and

01:46:20.550 --> 01:46:42.660
Panos Antonopoulos: Developing passwords everything. So yeah, I was really interested to say a citizen of other organizations in Greece to so yeah and i think i have seen a gap, you know, in its using NGOs in Greece and center or, you know, of course, based on the on the actual

01:46:45.240 --> 01:46:46.950
Panos Antonopoulos: Say section of

01:46:48.210 --> 01:46:54.450
Panos Antonopoulos: Their work into. So the thing is, yeah, there is a gap, especially with older people and

01:46:57.600 --> 01:47:07.830
Panos Antonopoulos: Also, based on the the sector, but I think it's really important to do what you do and try and make them.

01:47:09.360 --> 01:47:23.490
Panos Antonopoulos: make introductions to other tools or to create a community and everything. So yeah, it's curious to see how it goes. And I would really love to see more people

01:47:24.030 --> 01:47:32.550
Panos Antonopoulos: From organizations, they don't use, they don't know how to use tool so that they they have an actual problem, you know, actually. So yeah, that's

01:47:33.600 --> 01:47:42.420
Panos Antonopoulos: That's something tricky because if they maybe it's difficult for them to be in here in, zoom, you know, and

01:47:43.440 --> 01:47:43.650
Panos Antonopoulos: You

01:47:43.980 --> 01:47:45.210
Panos Antonopoulos: Correct and ask questions.

01:47:46.260 --> 01:47:48.780
Matteo Sisto: That's why, that's why we usually have those events.

01:47:48.840 --> 01:48:06.120
Matteo Sisto: Physical you know like net squares. It's built up to organize physical events, of course, nowadays is not possible. And I would really prefer to have a physical events because I'm more youth, but now I'm you know I had fun on zoom but you definitely, definitely. So what she said. I mean, like,

01:48:07.230 --> 01:48:20.970
Matteo Sisto: People with older age have different propensity to use technology and like tools like zoom might be a barrier to them, you know, like I was really not shocked about, you know, impressed to see the level of like

01:48:22.410 --> 01:48:31.830
Matteo Sisto: Digital awareness and use of digital tools in the organization that spoke. I was expecting to have way lower level of

01:48:33.810 --> 01:48:37.380
Matteo Sisto: digitalization let's put it this way. So that was quite cool.

01:48:43.620 --> 01:48:46.650
Matteo Sisto: So before you asked about impact. Correct.

01:48:47.550 --> 01:48:49.470
Panos Antonopoulos: Mm hmm. Yeah, you know,

01:48:49.500 --> 01:48:57.600
Panos Antonopoulos: What one. We're seeing a yeah the the impact is sometimes we're talking, you know, with the team, how to do that.

01:48:58.380 --> 01:49:12.720
Panos Antonopoulos: Because it's reasonable for us to create a to keep tracking the beneficiaries and to measure the impact we have, you know, direct or indirect and also to create the annual reports that are really important for

01:49:14.760 --> 01:49:22.020
Panos Antonopoulos: For evaluation or for a get fund funding. So, of course,

01:49:23.550 --> 01:49:37.650
Panos Antonopoulos: It's difficult to every time to remember to just, you know, put a number or to do that. So yeah, it's a really a really talented to do that for the whole you know the whole last year, for example.

01:49:39.450 --> 01:49:51.210
Panos Antonopoulos: Yeah. And we really we have created, you know, some tools, but I will love to if if there is a specific process or a combination of tools. So, you know, some

01:49:53.190 --> 01:49:55.050
Panos Antonopoulos: Ideas. I love to hear about that.

01:49:55.680 --> 01:50:04.140
Matteo Sisto: No, no, definitely investigate that a little bit more. There's like a bit crazy for metrics and these sorts of things.

01:50:04.620 --> 01:50:05.370
Matteo Sisto: And like

01:50:05.460 --> 01:50:13.320
Matteo Sisto: I've been. I've been studying starting this whole process of technology and digital transformation for nonprofits organizations, one with

01:50:13.860 --> 01:50:26.880
Matteo Sisto: The idea to bring their the Lean Methodology into the nonprofit organization lean methodologies and methodology for startup or like no like business organization that's like it's really strong on using metrics.

01:50:27.780 --> 01:50:45.750
Matteo Sisto: You know, validate them and try to understand if what you're doing is working on our iterative levels. So like it's a cycle that starts with, you know, building measuring learning. But again, doing better. And like I think that this is what nonprofit organizations would need a bit more so.

01:50:47.100 --> 01:51:00.600
Matteo Sisto: I'll definitely try to find if there is an easy way to do it. I, I know that there are some software for reporting that are quite interesting. However, all the ones I know don't have

01:51:01.110 --> 01:51:10.800
Matteo Sisto: You know their their their paid software. It's mostly time. So, but I would definitely investigate a bit more. And what I wanted to tell us this like again like forum.

01:51:11.820 --> 01:51:24.210
Matteo Sisto: For everything that is about metrics for life visualization of results and trying to understand a bit better. The impact of nonprofit organization I use data to do that. It's quite simple, like a doesn't have

01:51:24.540 --> 01:51:30.420
Matteo Sisto: A lot of you know power in terms or engine. It's not a business intelligence.

01:51:30.870 --> 01:51:37.680
Matteo Sisto: Software, but some for many organizations we work by fine you know like if you need to do a robust statistical analysis.

01:51:38.070 --> 01:51:48.840
Matteo Sisto: Or some sort of regression or anything, you will use something else. If you just need to have a software that automatically connects with your data entry point from your website.

01:51:49.140 --> 01:51:56.070
Matteo Sisto: Your Facebook and like all the other software, you have this is perfect. And I have a template I wanted to share with you but like I am.

01:51:57.150 --> 01:52:07.410
Matteo Sisto: There is a new GDPR thing and like there is a 500 things that I need to review and I cannot access this now, or like it just send everything. Fine.

01:52:08.580 --> 01:52:11.490
Matteo Sisto: But click Accept. Let me go on. No.

01:52:28.260 --> 01:52:28.950
Matteo Sisto: Okay, we're done.

01:52:38.100 --> 01:52:38.820
Matteo Sisto: Coming up

01:52:42.030 --> 01:52:43.200
Panos Antonopoulos: Just said something great.

01:52:46.920 --> 01:52:47.700
Matteo Sisto: Okay.

01:52:51.450 --> 01:53:08.370
Matteo Sisto: To do like template us from hallway it's like super amazing organization that deals mostly with communication technology and nonprofit organization and they've created this template that it's really customizable. It's free. Like does

01:53:09.510 --> 01:53:15.600
Matteo Sisto: The knife fight. Yeah. So you see like this is other material connected with my

01:53:17.160 --> 01:53:18.060
Matteo Sisto: Google Analytics.

01:53:20.790 --> 01:53:25.890
Matteo Sisto: And we showed those in this very special monthly exists.

01:53:27.510 --> 01:53:36.990
Matteo Sisto: And should be connected also with other things. I don't know if this is something that's like I could be of interest to you or like with like a bitch. Your

01:53:38.130 --> 01:53:39.600
Matteo Sisto: Questions or anything.

01:53:43.980 --> 01:53:46.530
Panos Antonopoulos: It's it's a there's pros.

01:53:47.880 --> 01:53:51.150
Panos Antonopoulos: To connect say whatever you can. There

01:53:52.320 --> 01:54:02.400
Matteo Sisto: Yeah, you know, like come not all the connections are free, meaning that you know like another studio, you need to have a data source, and then

01:54:03.840 --> 01:54:11.670
Matteo Sisto: Obviously session. Okay, those are all pieces like this is a piece that's like I put here because they needed that and like

01:54:13.020 --> 01:54:22.530
Matteo Sisto: It feeds all the data directly from my Google Analytics account. And I can also connect the bodies of this social network that like a you

01:54:24.330 --> 01:54:24.870
Panos Antonopoulos: All

01:54:25.290 --> 01:54:32.430
Matteo Sisto: Worth connect the dinosaurs with this program are free and like I tried a couple times to do it.

01:54:33.510 --> 01:54:42.450
Matteo Sisto: By myself, but it's a bit tricky. Especially if you move a lot of data that's in this way. So for example, I was doing that with my whole

01:54:43.590 --> 01:54:47.610
Matteo Sisto: Facebook account and like it was 500 1000 lines of

01:54:48.780 --> 01:54:56.070
Matteo Sisto: 500 data points and like just crazy. I went a bit mad but if this is something that would interest you all

01:54:57.240 --> 01:54:59.910
Matteo Sisto: Read it up a little bit more about that.

01:55:00.930 --> 01:55:04.320
Panos Antonopoulos: seems really they're saying, I'm going to take a look into that. Thank you very much.

01:55:06.570 --> 01:55:09.330
Panos Antonopoulos: I feel bad, you have for keeping you here.

01:55:09.930 --> 01:55:13.950
Matteo Sisto: Only one another. No, I'm really hear me, like, this is my

01:55:14.370 --> 01:55:26.790
Matteo Sisto: Like my parents and my pleasure, all I got. I'm happy that there is somebody I can so use me as you like and also your email I got it.

01:55:28.980 --> 01:55:46.440
Panos Antonopoulos: Thank you very much. And one more thing I would like to serve you, because I let's say I'm in the same position. The last three weeks because you know all the people, many organizations men people their child racing to me in to us organization to ask us

01:55:47.670 --> 01:55:53.970
Panos Antonopoulos: How to do things on the web, you know, because of the coronavirus tracer because they didn't have the capacity to

01:55:55.620 --> 01:56:03.720
Panos Antonopoulos: Do rates, the beneficiaries. They have internet and they don't know how to, you know, stream or how to have it worked hard to have a webinar.

01:56:04.290 --> 01:56:14.460
Panos Antonopoulos: Or a learning everything. It's what we do. So yeah, I know. I think no one message that maybe they know how to do it, but I really think it's

01:56:15.240 --> 01:56:28.890
Panos Antonopoulos: going viral right now. And I think many organizations, they will be interesting. Interesting. The in this, how to to stream and how to make a webinar like let's now zoom folks. Oh.

01:56:30.390 --> 01:56:42.270
Matteo Sisto: Yeah, no, that's definitely a good topic, you know, like I it's very hard for me to find a topic that would be of interest to other people because I tend to read so much. I'm like, I'm a huge nerd. You know, like

01:56:42.690 --> 01:56:52.140
Matteo Sisto: I really spent 70% of my life just reading and getting to understand what's out there. So, like, to me, those things have been done so many times that became boring.

01:56:52.440 --> 01:57:07.560
Matteo Sisto: And, but, like, No, you're right. I mean, like, this is the sort of feedback that I need some people are not like me. That's the first thing I should go and of course like this is something that is booming. Not all the people that are working nonprofit organizations are

01:57:08.700 --> 01:57:15.930
Matteo Sisto: You know proficiency, or like a Fitbit desire, you know, like basic thing. So that's definitely also something that's

01:57:19.560 --> 01:57:29.850
Panos Antonopoulos: That's what we hear and what I'm hearing and what they they says for the search for know they asked, they asked for it for learning webinars and

01:57:31.050 --> 01:57:42.840
Panos Antonopoulos: Streaming or a combination. I want to do this interview or two to hold this webinar. But how can also streaming, for example, it's, you know,

01:57:43.980 --> 01:57:50.910
Panos Antonopoulos: It's an interesting area for many for many people, they actually sounds really new for them.

01:57:53.010 --> 01:58:01.620
Matteo Sisto: Hundred percent. I mean, like, I see that with my own parents, you know that I've never had that zoom conversation and now they're forced to have it or whatever. But some

01:58:02.070 --> 01:58:09.600
Matteo Sisto: Also something that might have been off putting. For the people to participate in. So that was everything was in English. You know, like I

01:58:10.980 --> 01:58:14.160
Matteo Sisto: Might my Greek is not even basic my greatest novel.

01:58:15.090 --> 01:58:24.210
Matteo Sisto: And I think that, of course, is a barrier. So that's why I'm also trying to, you know, create a community of people that can actually be local. Because this is what is needed.

01:58:24.720 --> 01:58:32.400
Matteo Sisto: It's not me coming from outside. It's somebody from your community speak your language to actually have any I'm here, just as a

01:58:33.930 --> 01:58:37.260
Matteo Sisto: Starting point I want to. I'm a big bang.

01:58:38.610 --> 01:58:47.160
Panos Antonopoulos: So thank you again for everything and probably say next time I I tried to be here again. And they also promote the next event.

01:58:48.180 --> 01:58:48.570
Matteo Sisto: Very much.

01:58:50.760 --> 01:58:50.940
Matteo Sisto: Thank

01:58:51.000 --> 01:58:52.140
Matteo Sisto: You. Thank you. Thank you very much.

01:58:52.410 --> 01:59:03.510
Matteo Sisto: And if you, you know, like I am I don't like to be a one man show. Actually, I mean like my knowledge is limited and like I get very bored and speaking too much with people about complex topics.

01:59:03.960 --> 01:59:11.820
Matteo Sisto: And if you feel like you know being a speaker in one of those events is definitely something that is possible. You know you already mentioned about

01:59:12.960 --> 01:59:15.480
Matteo Sisto: The webinar that everybody talks to you about that.

01:59:15.660 --> 01:59:17.490
Matteo Sisto: Some more than happy to

01:59:17.640 --> 01:59:23.310
Matteo Sisto: If you want to collaborate or she wants to do anything to give you some place.

01:59:23.910 --> 01:59:32.280
Panos Antonopoulos: That I can be the same. The only thing is, you know, then they limited time. I love to do that. Let's listen. Let's talk about that.

01:59:33.210 --> 01:59:35.580
Matteo Sisto: Yeah, no, we don't we don't rush me without

01:59:37.230 --> 01:59:37.590
Panos Antonopoulos: Again,

01:59:37.830 --> 01:59:42.180
Matteo Sisto: Thank you very much, and I wish you a good day and

01:59:42.420 --> 01:59:43.590
Panos Antonopoulos: You're doing it to my friends.

01:59:44.490 --> 01:59:46.050
Matteo Sisto: Take care. That's how

01:59:46.530 --> 01:59:47.010
Panos Antonopoulos: My mind.