#Austin: openCurrents: Reward Volunteers Like Never Before

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openCurrents was founded in 2017 to give the world a way to value social action.

"We believe that the time we invest for the greater good is extremely valuable and that society as a whole needs more of its awesomeness. The evolution begins from the heart of the Lone Star State: Austin, Texas. We are on a mission to allow anyone to create currency via social action."

On April 26 Nonprofit Tech Club Austin invited Danny Pernik about openCurrents to present on how your nonprofit can track volunteer hours with ease. For each hour worked, volunteers earn 1 Current (Currents are a digital currency generated by social action - you volunteer 1 hour to create and receive 1 Current). Currents can then be used for partial payment with participating businesses. Not only is openCurrents free, but it will help you fundraise!